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5 shot  dead in Penang

GEORGE TOWN:  Five men were shot dead during a police raid at an apartment in Sungai Nibong here at dawn today.

All five were ethnic Indians. Police claim they were members of a notorious secret society wanted for several murders and firearm offences.

In the incident which happened at about 4.30am, police shot dead the five in the unit at the 11th floor of an apartment, located near the Pesta Site.

The five were said to be involved in several fatal shootings that took place across the country.

My Rambling Thots:

Like  a  gang war on the streets of Penang . Armed criminals shooting and killing each other but criminals with badges?  That is a  scary enforcers and law breakers at war, and the casualty is – the LAW – that is supposed to be upheld by the PDRM – our men in blue- yet they risk getting labelled as criminals in the blue uniform.

For if the police act and behave like the criminal low lives who are capable of shooting and killing in cold blood, then there is no distinction on which side of the law they are on..And the respect, appreciation, honor and admiration for the police force or their role as law enforcers and that they risk their lives protecting the publics’ security and upholding the sanctity of the laws of the country risk being diminished  and dissolved if they are perceived to be  as vicious assasins executing criminals in trigger happy cold blooded whims , making them as vicious –  as brutal and as violent as the criminal elements they hunt down , having no regard nor respect to the sanctity of the laws which they swore to uphold , serve and protect..

And if it is so, then what is the difference between crooks and cops? Police need to always be on the moral high ground. Law enforcers cannot have a same mentality as that of law breakers.. policemen/ law enforcers cannot work along similar mindsets that vicious cold blooded criminals/law breakers   possess.

Criminals have no respect for the  laws of the land, which is precisely why and where the principles of law enforcement is needed to preserve the sanctity of the country’s law and order via the respected PDRM as the enforcers , but surely not in violation of  some of the laws the PDRM institution  seek to enforce along the way.. That will be like an exercise in futility and utter contempt of the country’s laws..

Many among the public  may probably feel the 5 guys deserved what they got because they are hardened criminals, so they deserved to die , put down like animals?
But horrors, if allegations of an execution are founded, that these 5  guys were indeed mercilessly gunned down ,
and that they were disarmed and neutralized but still got what they “deserved” –  “whacked” in cold blood and then had the “justification” for the gleeful trigger happy execution romp , planted?
Wonder if the public opinion will stay the same and that the  5 crooks still deserve what they got?

Who cares about the laws anyway?
Just shoot and kill them all wherever the criminals are found ,  legal or not , makes no difference ,  only then Malaysian streets and households and our wives and kids and families and friends will be much safer. Society at large will have more sense of security.  So , let’s allow  them  to be judge – jury and executioner. No need for even courts or prisons..! Even the laws will be made redundant..!

There is such a fine line between what/who  is a criminal and a law abiding person . Although Lady justice may be blind she but has a very clear distinction between the two.

To her ,matters not  whether it be a VIP or uniformed cop or any ordinary common person – violate  the drafted laws  designed for the protection of society and public order and they are known as criminals.. It is that straightforward and simple !


Will bringing back detention without trial Preventive laws work?

All manner of draconian preventive detention, will not be so effective to curb crime and syndicates operating with impunity, ( even crime enterprises can be run by a masterminds within prison walls as has been know to happen) or hardcore criminals running loose despite very tough detention without trial long as there isn’t any will to tackle the malaise that corruption begets….guns , drugs , and looking the other way, all the scourges that money can buy….as long as there are takers, and pay offs ,criminal enterprises will only be too happy to obliged and they can make tons of illegal money again and again , and pay others to look the other way, never ending vicious repeating cycle, even if tough laws are reintroduced, it may just filter out the small frys and occasional sacrificial offering.
.Money politics and the vicious interlinked web of corruption that entangles the criminal , the enforcers and influential powerful figures although may prove difficult to completely dismantle ,doesn’t hurt to at least make things less threatening..bringing down the security threat level few notches.
Like perhaps focus n introduce much tougher punitive laws on areas where abuses are done by those entrusted to upkeep the laws, or those who misuse their influential positions for nefarious means – as deterrent or reminder,that they risk losing all n still be severely dealt with if found to be abusing their positions for treacherous gain and they are deemed to be menacing or having a harmful effect to society.



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