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The latest reviews on the mockumentary, ‘Tanda Putera’, which were garnered from the Internet, describe a badly produced film, littered with howlers.

If the film-producer, Shuhaimi Baba had done her homework properly, she would have discovered that there were many anachronisms, like CCTV and Proton cars.

Must be embarassing  that despite so much  hype around her film, which  most films become box-office hits  from the massive free publicity.

In Shuhaimi’s case, ‘Tanda Putera’ bombed. It deserves the Golden Raspberry Award in recognition for all that is bad in film making.

Shuhaimi Baba was under pressure to produce a propaganda film and the compulsory viewing suggests that Umno Baru is desperate.

Umno Baru is reluctant to let the ghosts of May 13 rest because they are needed to perpetuate the myth that only Umno Baru can “save” the Malays. These ghosts help prolong the fears and insecurities, particularly at election time.If Umno Baru can’t maintain the spectre of May 13, it will become irrelevant and redundant to the Malays, because there will be no “enemy” to defend against.


Just as well if you haven’t seen the movie, you didn’t miss much, it was terrible , save your money on the ticket and buy yourself a good meal, …

.read more  tanda-putera-to-see-or-not-to-see-that-is-the-question/


Comments on: "Fit for Golden Raspberry Award – Biggest Box-Office Flop" (1)

  1. bryanbb said:

    crap is crap, any which way it still smells bad

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