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Chin Peng remains barred from Malaysia

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said the government will not consider any request from the family of Chin Peng to bring back his remains for burial here.

He said the former communist leader who died in Bangkok on Monday would be remembered as a terrorist who was involved in cruelty towards the people and attacks on the security forces.

As such, he stressed that the government would not be involved in the  funeral of the former secretary-general of the Malayan Communist Party (PKM) whether here or in Thailand.

“We will not allow him to be buried in Malaysia because of the black history he had created. Furthermore, Chin Peng is not a citizen of Malaysia.

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Seems as if there is some comical commie conspiracy going on, so much so they are even afraid of a dead commie’s ashes?
A form of McCarthyism in Malaysia. With insinuations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason if the very dead chin peng is let back in, without proper regard for common sense..What are they afraid of ?
During the insane McCarthy era in the US, thousands of Americans were accused of being communists or communist sympathizers and became the subject of aggressive investigations . So illogical was the commie paranoia and to a degree, this Chin Peng issue is like another form of McCarthyism..especially the paranoia of communism .will these mindsets ever mature intellectually and be able to move on?

Chin Peng was from an era when idealogy was a very powerful reason for many to bear arms and were willing to die in their struggles for their beliefs..but now in this day and age, communism is as out moded as the cassette player or typewriter. if we are willing to forgive and try to forget the genocidal Jap imperialism when they were here in Malaya, what is Chin Peng deeds in comparison? .
We do not wish to be reminded of the evil atrocities commited ,regardless of who did it , so many years ago , in a different age and totally different world from today..

But on the other hand , wish someone can have a clearer understanding and enlighten and inform us what this issue is really about why UMNO is deliberately making a big stink over it?

What is in the design or objective or real intention  of UMNO? Their excuse of  Chin Peng being responsible for many deaths and is unforgivable, also is not very convincing either,

It is  doubtful that  that this is merely about the unwillingness to forgive  or simply  UMNO’s vindictive vengeance. .

The ” black history”  Chin Peng  created is just clearly an excuse for UMNO to use for justification and diversionary purposes .

Mostly  the online environment is arguing why his death should be treated fairly , and allowing decency logic and reason for the treatment of Chin Peng’s death.. but no matter how ironic and valid are counter arguments for Chin Peng. ,it will be on deaf ears..

This issue  is so obviously an UMNO agenda with a racial twist to it related to political the real question is what are they trying to achieve in this plot? And to whom is it targeted at?

Many are still not sure as to the real sinister agenda behind the decision not to allow Chin Peng’s remains back into the country.

So far there seems to be a sneaky suspicion of it  to be another racist propaganda tool , because Chin Peng is Chinese and a communist, but there may be more than meets the eye..cannot put it past UMNO to have some sneaky agenda in using CHin Peng’s name for some sinister diabolical scheme , which probably may explain all the huffing and puffing, but for certain the racist dimension is inescapable…and the issue being blown out of proportion is so blatant and transparently intentional.. no doubt they are up to something but .What and WHY?

Hmmm something reeks of a stench of some kind.

Or is it a BAD guy 1st, Good guy later ploy by UMNO.

“First be Ruthless then feign to be Noble”   strategy.

Or the other extreme” Be Ruthless in wearing down  the psyche of those  who have chosen to be on the opposing side.”.


One can’t help but to think of another angle that has a bit of perverse logic.  because yet again  the issue plays nicely into UMNO’s hands actually. By huffing and puffing on it ,  their Malay support base ,especially  the rural vote bank,  will slowly but surely be annoyed by the seemingly nuisance the  urban voters and also the nons are,  and will look for an outlet / excuse to silence them.

Why do u think voices like Adam Adli, Hishamudin Rais & Khalid Ismath  amongst a few  are still loud as ever irritating no end , allowed to freely scream their dissentting voices?

UMNO may even see them as assets to their propaganda cause. The more controversial and sensitive things they say, the more the conventional masses become irritated.

And in this Chin Peng issue, they may be trying to provoke a response and then  twist the voices appealling for decency and humanity to be perceived as a response that seems to glorify the dead commie and his past deeds.

There is a bit of clarity with this reasoning and may  explain a little on why  they seem to play up this Chin Peng issue amongst many other controversial issues that had been blown out of proportion lately, along race/religion.

Their target may not have been the opposing side but aimed at their very own, irritating them no end and maybe even winning over some from the other side.

Accurately deciphering  that the sentiments /emotions are just too easy to manipulate and mould into their nefarious design.

If we are to follow this  line of thought,  the puzzling reason of the  overhyped huffing and puffing over the Chin Peng issue may not be too baffling after all , if the intent was deliberately designed  to anger and irritate their own Malay support base and subtly or subconsciously driving another wedge into the racial divide  via insinuation through association.

Communism  means Chinese to/in many Malaysian mindsets , making them perceived as  co conspirators in some diabolical drawn out  plot to overthrow the status quo in goverment .


on another line of thought, could this be the initiation of their own  drawn out conspiracy planned over few years to vilify their political opponent  party.. phase 1 is to paint the picture of CPM as evil incarnate, then phase 2 is to incriminate them ,particularly DAP, by associating them and their idealogy with the CPM.

The power of suggestive thought is very effective and damaging on simple and easily manipulated mindsets , doesn’t need to be true. making the  opposing political party  lose credibility among their own supporters and resented by fence sitters and hated by non supporters.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, my  rambling thought patterns is just having a field day mulling over the plausibilities.

Whatever it is, using the name of a deceased person whose deeds are a part of the country’s past , for selfish political design is just not right,morally and otherwise.




We ought to watch this   SLIPSTREAM VIDEO    again with an intepretation and narrative of the visual imagery and perhaps we can be more appreciative of what we are today as Malaysians and be reminded of our unique identity in the world.






Dr. Azly Rahman

We need to explore the story behind the armed struggle to understand the ideology behind the movement. We might denounce the atrocities of the communist insurgents/Malayan co-freedom fighters, but we must also recognise the intellectual value and power of the Marxist critique of society as a legitimate, systematic, liberating, humanising and praxical (the translation of theory to practice) body of knowledge that has evolved into an organic discipline itself.
The story of the Malayan nationalist leader Chin Peng interests me academically.  I hope his story may one day be given the chance to be examined in Malaysia’s universities,  discussing his story on Malaysia’s struggle against imperialism.After 50 years of Independence, we still cannot tell the difference between say, communism, Marxism, socialism or anarchism.
We are well versed in the foundations of crypto-corporate-cybernetic-crony capitalism, of the inner workings of the capital markets, and on how to get cheap labour and squeeze profits out of modern-day indentured slaves from countries impoverished by the policies of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.We are good at talking about ‘global economics’ and the ‘globalisation’ of Wall Street and Silicon Valley industries.
What we think profitable at the global market we import into our local economies, and what we see profitable in our country, we force our farmers and labourers to produce for the global economies.We then complain about the evils of globalisation without realising that the big capitalists amongst us are the new globalisers of our own labour.
At a time when we are exploring the possibilities of becoming a ‘bio-technologised nation’ (whatever that means to the padi planter/farmer in Changlung, Kedah or Tambun Tulang in Perlis), we still have not explored the meaning of ideas we ‘fear’.We still equate communism only with armed struggle – just like some Western media conglomerate’s tendency of equating Islam with terrorism, and many other concept/word associations that are not accurate and dangerously misleading.We need to explore the story behind the armed struggle to understand the ideology behind the movement.
We might denounce the atrocities of the communist insurgents/Malayan co-freedom fighters, but we must also recognise the intellectual value and power of the Marxist critique of society as a legitimate, systematic, liberating, humanising and praxical (the translation of theory to practice) body of knowledge that has evolved into an organic discipline itself.
One must engage in a systematic study of Marxism in order to be well-equipped with the understanding of what ‘national development’ means. Without this knowledge, we will forever colonise ourselves by importing more and more members of international advisory panel of any national project we blindly embark upon.We need to ask these questions:

Had the Communists won in Malaya, what kind of sharing of power would there have been?•
How might the character of neo-colonialism have turned out had Malaysian political-economic arrangement been based on non-communalism?
Would there be conspicuously rich and – at the other end of the spectrum – silenced under-class poor Malaysians?•
Would there be a BN? –
what would have been the fate of the monarchy? –
What would have been the nature of the distribution of wealth in society and what might the ‘digital divide’ mean?
How might the reformasi movement learn from the theoretical foundations of Marxism, as a radical critique and restructuring tool of society?
What themes in Islam does Marxism share in the areas of social justice and the social control of greed?•
How might ancient Chinese philosophy be a powerful and non-oppositional force to Marxism?•
How might the concept of Marxist-metaphysicalism emerge from the synthesis of foundational tenets of the Western and Eastern societies?These and many more might help us explore the possibilities of emergent ideas and make our graduate/Masters/Ph.D students smarter and our politicians more learned.Imagine the quality of dissertation topics we will have in the archives of our public universities? These topics should generate interest in looking at the possibilities of newer and better arrangement of base and superstructure of Malaysian society as we develop newer commanding heights, and as we continue to profess our status as an independent nation that is slowly suffocating in the haze of globalisation.Marxism and other ‘isms’I have a few suggestion to create an augmentation to this argument over Chin Peng :I suggest we have our undergraduate students read the variety of ‘isms’ and have them construct their own understanding of what this ‘nebulous of ideas’ means. We must give our students the message that these ‘truths’ must be explored and not be shied away from.We cannot, in this context of the issue, ban books on radical political change anymore. We must even have courses on Marxism, socialism, capitalism and anarchism and encourage our teaching faculty to teach their favourite thinkers such as Karl Marx, Ibnu Sina, Al Farabi, Ali Shariati, Che Guevara, Socrates, Krishnamurthi, Radhakrishna,the French Existentialists, Einstein, Malcolm X, Plato, Habermas, Bourdieu, Foucault, Syed Hussein Al-Aattas, Sukarno, Raden Adjeng Kartini, Jose Rizal, Lee Kuan Yew, Gandhi, Kung Fu Tze, Lao Tzi, and Mao Ze Dong.One could even develop a course around the life and times of the American poet-musician Bob Dylan. Or teach about the struggles of the Malaysian radical thinkers of the Independence movement and create an educational, social, and political paradigm of change out of their ideas.

I believe, we will create better thinkers amongst our students and faculty. Campus authorities will not need to use scare tactics during student elections nor university lecturers need not be fired by vice-chancellors and by extension, the higher education ministry, who are bankrupt of intelligent arguments. We must let a hundred flowers bloom.

“The simplest questions are the most profound,” said Socrates.

CHIN PENG deconstructed …

patriot or not
chin peng was a messenger
of an idea
whose time has come
a man who loved his country
and humanity
more than all the prime ministers
of a nationalist party combined…

wake up
that’s only a lesson
in history
to be cherished
from here to eternity — 

Of Patriots and Nationalistsand what’s a true patriot and a nationalist?
one who fights against the enemies from outside
so that the wealth of the nation can be safeguarded
for the peace and prosperity of the people on the inside
and not those who sells the country
to those outside
so that the wealth can be kept for oneself
and the family and friends and cronies …
and dare call themselves
patriots and nationalists
while lying through their teeth
and taking the people for a joy ride ..

Comments on: "Illogical Commie conspiracy in Malaysian?" (3)

  1. if chin peng’s commies weren’t such a thorn to the Brit imperialist who were bleeding malaya of it’s natural resources dry back then, would they have dragged their feet in giving independence? will be a good question to ponder. probably them Brits may have decided to bleed malaya some more till they hand over an empty in all probability, the nuisance of a rogue to them, Chin Peng may have something to do with Malaya getting an earlier the Brits just threw a hot potatoe in the CPM back to the locals and let them “sort” themselves out.

  2. resent his idealogical struggle but why hate one individual man n exact retribution on his name? is there a purpose n meaning or aim to achieve something?. so many evil men have commited worst atrocities in human history.

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