Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Just off our heads, names roll, off the tonque ,

police brutality , deaths in custody  .. Kugan , Dharmendran ,

Shooting Execution by PDRM of 5 suspected criminals in Penang.

The random shooting by police of — Norizan (not a criminal)

Shooting and killing of a 15 year old boy  boy …  Aminul Rasyid,

Unexplained deaths/ murders  of innocents  political aide ..Teoh Beng Hock , K. Murugan. ,

Shooting and attempted murder..     Sanjeevan

The horrific  rape and murder of marketing executive –Yap Chee Gaik

High profile Murder of foreign national… Altantuya  .

Google the above names and you may be horrified at the shocking gross injustice and violence commited on them.,and the justice they deserve but denied to them and their families..

Alleged falsifying and planting of incriminating evidence by the PDRM to dodge accountability because they may have commited mistakes but have no desire to come clean.. Denying the truth , lying and making false statements to blame the innocent victims by insinuating guilt onto the victims.

Have they no conscience or remorse ? Isn’t it enough they have caused much suffering , grief , must they worsen the situation by maligning the good name of those they mistakenly or intentionally inflicted harm.traumatizing more innocents with the vindictive vicious character assasinations conjured to make the victims look bad as if they deserved what they got.

Maybe , some of the shootings were justifiable, in the case of the 5 suspected criminals. but what about the 15 year old Aminul Rasyid , shot and killed in the car he was driving, unarmed. A hundred justifiable shootings cannot make up for the one disgraceful attempt of cover up perpetuated by the top brass, going so far as to allegedly plant incriminating weapons in the car and accuse the boy of criminality. Falsifying statements to protect the  shooters. Allegations so shamefully shocking , it is immoral , unethical and downright evil..

If they had come clean and admitted what was a terrible tragedy , things may have been different, reparations to the families made, accountability of actions to the public.

The PDRM reputation can be salvaged , the public initially outraged but eventually forgiving if there were confessions made in good conscience by those reponsible , admiiting to a terrible misjudgement/miscalculation that resulted in a  terrible tragedy that claimed the live of a innocent 15 year old teen.  Then just let  the public opinion run its course , surrendering their fate to the courts. But no court of law will want to be harsh and amplify what is already a terrible tragic incident. They should have just trusted the laws that they are sworn to uphold / protect and enforce  , on anyone who breaches them,  not disrespect it and try to bypass and ignore  it , they are subject to the same laws as we all are,

Imagine how much respect the PDRM institution will  gain if they show by example the reverence for the law expected of them that they do not compromise , more so when it involves their own.

But what they allegedly did to cover up the incident and dodge accountability is disgraceful and unforgivable in any decent law abiding society that has high regards for  integrity / ethics / basic human morality / decency and human  conscience, attributes that good governance are guided by and live by..

These cases are just tip of the iceberg, all the above have a dubious explanation and non accountability.. Lacking in a satisfactory conclusion. And the list can dragged on to hundreds of names easily if we really dig deep enough, but point being…

How many more victims before they clean up their act and start to act more responsible and accountable to the people..


The families of victims who died at the hands of the police gathered at the Home Ministry in hopes of giving a memo to the minister Hishammuddin Hussein, only to find he wasn’t there or so said his aide

We as the concerned citizens need to wake the Goverment up from their stupor..This inaction just will not do.. A message need to be sent from all of us concerned citizens. The onus is on us to spread the alarm we feel to as many people as we can to create the awareness that this is happening and we want some thing to be done,

Talk about the issues , remember the names , details of the cases. Some of these are really shocking and easily get people to be interested  when we fill them in what we know.

And the attitudes of the goverment or respective departments  ministers /ministries. The arrogance or the ineptitude or the displays of ” just can’t be bothered” ” we have better things to do”.  It is unacceptable by the public.

The overbearing arrogance and pomposity of some of our ministers and MPs in their public demeanour and when they exhibit their characters in public or make statements for public consumption , it can be very hard to swallow  and digest.

Unbearably annoying,  grating on all our  5 senses that we just feel very strongly to shoot them and put us out of our misery.

Consistently targeting our common sense and assaulting our logic and rational minds with absurdity and illogical insanity that often times , upon listening to the statements , we just throw up our hands in despair and leave them to a higher divinity to hopefully jolt them with better sense.

May be even times instead of hoping it to happen , we try harder and pray for it to happen. fervently praying that our prayers of the likelihood of them getting jolted by lightning to shock them out of the self induced  power stupor is the miracle of the day.

(or hope they fry)

They are placed there to serve the people. Not be mesmerized with power that the power is used to bully and intimidate with heavy handed arm twisting . Or totally disrespecting and disregarding the well being and wishes of common folk  for profit , self gain , ambition , greed or enrich their own via nepotism , cronyism etc.

While the poor suffer in poverty and the dispossessed has more of their hope and aspirations denied.The ones who feel they are discriminated against gets more aggravated.The sentiments of resentment intensified by constant irrational policies and things done by the goverment to appease one quarter in expense of all the other quarters

The people need to come up with the initiative to start something to address these. And stop the  thinking that it will not make any difference or are afraid of consequences and repercussions.

The things that galls or two or a dozen voices may not have much effect but when it takes on momentum , collectively the concerns will be heard and felt. As it reverberates like a stone cast into a pond and generates a ripple . The concentric ring expands outwards , becoming bigger ,  coming into contact with more minds as the waves  of the ripple expands larger and influencing more thoughts more minds as it moves , eventually the ripple wave will have passed by  the whole length and breadth  of the pond..

So we talk about things that has us flustered, acts done by the authorities we find repulsive / repugnant.  we tell people , anyone who will listen, discuss the pros and cons in public cafes . Office colleagues , casual work acquaintances etc

We share on social media . We write to the news organizations .to our politicians, we blog about it, Whatever it is that we feel ought to be public knowledge , simply because…….! And there are many prospective topics that will have the same effect on others as it had on us when we 1st heard about it.

What is outrageous or clear case of mis-use of power and position , breach of public trust etc. Abuse of power to threatened , extort financial gain. When we witness injustice or violence inflicted needlessly by the authorities.

Discuss it   In our respective communities. Whatever it is that is a legitimate concern . That bothers us psychologically, that we feel we need to get off our chest..

Can we afford to be blase about what ails our community thinking we can’t make a difference. We shouldn”t have an attitude like that. That is precisely what they are counting on. Public opinion is a very effective instrument  and it is the only tool we have.. And when the moral high ground is with the people , then no authority can intimidate or cow us into submission.

We have our kids , friends , family, acquaintances to consider , Their security , their sense of well being. Theirs and our peace of mind. These  may sound all idealistic and naive even but if we don’t even consider them and just sit on our hands, literally speaking. We have only ourselves to blame whenever we come across the gross injustices and horrific accounts of violent crimes and abuses of those who are supposed to be doing something about it..but in fact are tacitly looking the other way, for whatever  reason, greed or self vested interests..

we may not be able to eradicate social ills , it is practically impossible but it does not mean we cannot effect a difference.

WE cannot afford to be passive and remain silent any more !

We can effect policies and influence decisions if we can figure out how to get our voices heard, rather than feel indignation in silence .Not if you love this country and wish a future generation to inherit as close to an ideal of a nation and the society  you/we wish onto them., and try to create as best as we can , starting right now!. We must be  concerned enough to  put somethings into motion..

What kind of legacy would you like our society to allow our kids and future generations of Malaysians to inherit..Good question for another day..!



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