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sad affairs

Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB), Sabah’s second largest church, has assured Muslims that the Catholic church’s appeal against the Allah ruling is not against them or Islam, but against the wrongful conduct of the Federal Government and its officials.

In a communique to its leaders and members today, SIB said the church has never undermined the position of Islam as the religion of the federation

It is more than just about a word; it is about the fundamental right to worship God in the way we have been doing for generations without hindrance.

“The decision of the Court of Appeal against Herald puts new restrictions on our human and constitutional rights to freedom of religion.

A comment from a Malaysian Insider reader:

As a Muslim , let me assure the Christians and other non Muslims that the majority of Muslims in Malaysia are good practising Muslims and we understand the issue fully and that the ban was politically motivated. Only a small number of extremist nurtured by Umno Baru were hell bent in creating religious dis harmony for the greater cause of Umno Baru’s political survival.

And a reply:

I am just sad that many of your fellow muslims do not share your sentiments, and it is not even totally their fault, UMNO has done so effective  a job to whip them into a  religious frenzy and successfully convinced”brainwashed” them into believing that their fellow non muslim malaysians are their enemies and a threat to them that they are seeing conspiracy in everything and suspicious of all those who are not UMNO people, including fellow BUMIs.. it is so distressing to witness how low UMNO will go to retain power  and control, that they are willing to sacrifice the well being of the entire country and the peace  of mind of all its people.


Almost every one in the country with a clear sense of discernment knows what this Allah issue is about and who it is directed in favor for and against ,  the political ploy that it is,  designed to stoke passions on both sides, – 2 birds with one stone – currying favour from Peninsular’s largely Muslim marjority  while sending a subtle message or warning to the non muslims, Christians and non Christians alike-because a very large proportion from this segment had voted against them..-

Christians just happened to be in the line of fire,  giving them “BN/UMNO” a good excuse to launch their tirade conveniently using Allah as guise for their nefarious intent.

The message that it is to their peril and detriment to not support UMNO/BN.

That it is way too much hassle for supporting the other side,.,

And indications are that they will continue this hounding in their attempt to wear down the psyche of the non supporters, whom are mainly from the non muslims .

Thereby UMNO’s   sinister plot is trying to  manipulate  perception to create the impression of ” A cause and effect or consequence of the non support. The equal and opposite reaction from UMNO .”

But they fail to consider that it can be a double edged keris that can cut both sides.

It may not be overly shocking if that happens and they find they have commited politically Hara Kiri with their backfiring scheme.


Malaysians prosper today because of the legacies and enterprises left behind by our forefathers who were building better lives for their descendants ,It is to their credit that we can still interact and trade amongst ourselves and prosper each other, our destinies and lives of all the ethnic communities , so intricately intertwined that in many instances , remove one link from the equation , the chain breaks.Which is what distinguishes us as a nation with a diverse potpouri of ethnicities but collective identity. as Malaysian

The wheel will not spin and turn on its hinge if for instance our Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indians are asked to disrespectfully leave their mother country….Malaysia.

It is high time we acknowledge the  observation that this is a multi-racial, mosaic of a society where we cannot go it alone….take out one part and the whole collapses.

  • So the so called higher ups who spew hatred and cause a disruption of our ethic togetherness are talking pure bull-shit.

Let’s hope the newly formed  NGO  “Harmony”  is able to re-introduce the missing chords of a well- known musical song which is called… Malaysia.



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