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Communists from the past and Present Differing attitudes handling the issue.

BAD POLICIES, RACISM:From Siti Aishah to Azahari, Chin Peng - what‘s wrong with M'sia
 Different handling of  Communists from our past? What is the difference ? Is it in the names.? 

From Siti Aishah to Azahari to Chin Peng ? 

Simon Neoh.

The Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said there was no need to arrest Siti Aishah Abdul Wahab if she returned to the country.

Although Siti Aishah was on the ‘wanted list’ in Malaysia in the 70’s for her involvement in ‘extremist (I repeat, extremist) communist activities,’ Malaysians who have read about her plight being a slave for 30 years in London, would agree with Khalid to welcome her return with an open heart.

TV3 would probably be flashing the human interest side of the story as part of its version of Jejak Kasih, and everyone would forget Siti Aishah’s earlier years as a leftist.

She is after all a fellow Malaysian, who had her sets of beliefs. They do not call it ‘puppy love’ without a reason. Yes, it was a threat back then, when communism was very much alive. Today, a frail woman of 69, the only way Malaysians should respond is to allow her to be re-united with her family on humanitarian grounds.

Azahari and Noordin Top

Two Malaysians, Dr Azhari Husin and Noordin Mohammad Top were believed to be the masterminds behind several bombings in Indonesia — the 2003 JW Marriott hotel bombing in Jakarta, the 2004 Australian embassy bombing in Jakarta, the 2005 Bali bombings and the 2009 JW Marriott – Ritz-Carlton bombings, and perhaps, even the 2002 Bali bombing.

If my memory does not fail me, when one of them was killed during a police raid on his hideout in Indonesia, the Malaysian government ordered for a special RMAF flight to collect his body for a proper Muslim funeral in Malaysia. This had initial shocked me, when the death of a “wanted” terrorist was given such a “heroic” treatment that some of our soldiers would dare even to dream of having.

“Gosh! What would our American friends think about Malaysia, a land of the terrorists?” I had asked myself, when I read it in the news. “And what becomes of a government that glorified the ‘martyrdom’ of its citizens out there operating as terrorists?”

But then again, when you think about it, what can a dead man do? Going by the thwarted logics of some, wouldn’t the return of his dead body revive the spirit of terrorism in this nation? Common sense tells us that a dead man for whatever cause he believes in, is as good as gone.

At least, on humanitarian ground, the wishes of his family should be granted that the dead body be given a proper burial in his home ground amidst grieving relatives.

Chin Peng

What a big contrast the political scene was less than six months ago, when an ailing 88-year-old Ong Boon Hua, born and bred in Setiawan, Perak, was hoping to return to Malaysia, but was refused entry by the Malaysian government.

The former leader of the now-defunct Malayan Communist Party (MCP) had fought against the British and Commonwealth forces in an attempt to turn Malaya into another independent communist state. He then waged a campaign against Malaya after it had gained independence in 1957 but the guerilla warfare ended when the MCP signed a peace accord with the Malaysian government in 1989.

MCP is as good as gone, with the collapse of the Berlin wall, the break-up of the former USSR, and the adoption of capitalism by the world’s only surviving Communist government. Double-headed UMNO Baru politicians, while establishing the full diplomatic ties with Communist China, told us that the return of Chin Peng, who operated mainly from Beijing, China, would open up the wounds of its veteran soldiers.

One of my own relatives was a Special Branch with the Royal Malaysian Police in the seventies, and his assignment was to fight the communist insurgency. While Siti Aishah, born and bred a Malay, is known for her ‘extremist communist activities’ in the 70s, UMNO politicians have time and again equated Communists with the Chinese. I wonder why!

During Chin Peng’s exile, although the MCP was a Malayan branch of the worldwide communist influence, the communists under him had also fought with the Thai army. Yet, the retired Thai army general was forgiving enough as to advise his counterpart in Malaysia to allow Chin Peng to return to his place of birth, but to no avail. It makes me wonder if Thai’s Buddhism has taught its people better, while UMNO Baru’s brand of Islam has only created more division amongst the people.

Instead of allowing the ailing communist leader back to his hometown, there was a big flare up of emotion, understandably of certain families who were killed by the Communists during the Insurgency. But which Chinese family did not have a relative killed by the Japanese Army, yet when former prime minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad looked East, were the Chinese ever resentful?

Stretching this further, one has to ask: Doesn’t the word ‘forgiveness’ exist in the Malay dictionary? If Allah is great, and He is merciful, even to those who are wicked and evil, who are we to condemn Chin Peng before the great Judgment Day? In legal terms, we have committed a prejudice, or forming an opinion before a case has been brought before the judge.

Instead, Chin Peng, a Malaysian citizen, was buried in Bangkok, Thailand, much to the shame of the Malaysian Government!

What is the Big Difference?

The question is: “What is the big difference between Siti Aishah, Noordin Top, Azahari Husin and Chin Peng?”

This question has to be asked. All four of them believed in ideologies that were not friendly to Malaysians at large, but why the special treatment given to one and not the other?

To call this another form of racism is unfair to most Malaysians, because most Malaysians would in fact frown upon the Home Minister’s recent statement that he would not even allow Chin Peng’s ashes to be smuggled back into the hometown.

You can say that I am out to debunk Zahid Ahmad Hamidi’s anything but shallow thinking. If Chin Peng’s ashes would not escape the immigration checkpoint, the country should not be burdened with tens of thousands of illegal immigrants!

If the return of Chin Peng’s ashes would lead to the building of a monument to remember him, then our museums should remove all traces of the colonial days and play up only the glories of the Malacca sultanate, with big names like Tun Perak, Sultan Mansor Shah, Puteri Hang Li Po, Laksamana Hang Tuah and his four comrades with the same surnames.

When one compares this treatment against Chin Peng with other incidences and controversies, what comes out clearly is that we are allowing a minority of people to run the country with a blinker mentality. If we continue to live with such narrow minded people, we will all just go bonkers, won’t we?

UMNO elite few, who are helming the government, make their decisions based on what is politically expedient only for their own survival. While they and their cronies continue to get richer by the seconds, majority of middle and lower income Malaysians are now being increasingly burdened with higher cost of living. Period.

The goodness of GST has suddenly become a religious topic. Gosh, guns – all 44 of them – got flushed down the toilet bowl! Jets without the engines could still soar up the sky. A Sin Chew reporter was arrested under ISA for her own safety and the Mamak Prime Minister which this country had for 22 “ugly” years, for want of cheap publicity, suddenly turned his topic to talk about his erective dysfunction, much to the shame of the Kutty family tree from Kerala.

It’s time for Malaysians everywhere, including Sabah and Sarawak, to wake up! UMNO has a membership of 3 million, so it claims. This is equivalent to about 10 percent of the country’s population, but the powers that are vested in the elite few are far too great that it has led to unending abuses. And, we Malaysians have ourselves to blame for being too timid and not speaking up enough to stop this minority few from further destroying this harmony of the races in this country.

I am personally impressed with blogger Hishammuddin Rais’ courage as a person. Despite being intimidated a number of times, he soldiered on. He was also not ashamed to say that he knows Siti Aishah personally. A friend in time of need is a friend, indeed!

If Hishamuddin can stand up for a good cause, why are we so afraid to speak up? By remaining silent, this is how the perpetrators of injustice can get away easily in this “safe” side of heaven they call Malaysia, while the rest of us would in one way suffer the consequences of their wrongdoings.

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Malaysian Commie Ghosts from the Communist Past. 
Just when we think the Chin Peng fiasco has died down and the guy can rest in peace , along comes up the name of Siti Aishah to stir up sentiments again related to the communist ghost from our past that makes a comeback haunting yet again.
If one were to be a superstitious and belief in ghost and spirits then it will not be much of a stretch to imagine  Chin Peng as  a very restless and cynical spirit wandering about with a smirk on his ghostly face
 Different handling of  Communists from our past? What is the difference ? Is it in the names.?
 Fortunately  for all , this Siti Aishah incident is revealed to the public knowledge only after a decent amount of time has gone by post the controversial death of Chin Peng and the adamant stance of the BN goverment not to allow his remains back into the country. Not wishing the prospects of creating a martyr from the community.
There  would have been another front on the political war  zone. Splitting public opinion as never before, especially with the already tense environmental sentiments  along racial division , largely perpetuated  by UMNO .
One fire starter of a issue will be this Siti Aishah situation, if UMNO will have their way and figure out how to milk this by increasing the intensity of the flames.
 With a sinister will, there will be a nefarious way.
Two birds with one stone , as the all forgiving of their own kind , welcoming back  those who may have been led astray. Scoring brownie points on an emotional issue relating to their own  ethnic community,Strengthening perception of representation.
And at the same time ,with the same objectives , the vindictive vengeful nature can be exhibited with glee , against those who are different , to prove that point.
Asserting the dominance of the keTuanan rhethoric.
 Because whether they themselves believe in it or not is irrelevant. More importantly is to get the targeted mindsets to buy into it.

The one thing that is for certain will be that if she decides to come back, she will be paraded and displayed like a trophy for UMNO/BN , because she happens to be the right skin colour, showing the magnanimity and forgiving nature of UMNO to the wayward. never mind her idealogy of the past, an old lady like her now is absolutely no threat not to mention that communism / Marxist/Maoist idealogies is in death throes and soon to go where Chin Peng is at now..
She is not Chin Peng afterall. But she or her name  has the potential to be another expedient political instrument to milk for all it is worth.

Personally , she should just be another Malaysian , and deserved to be  treated like such , caught up in uncommon circumstances  of a past best overlooked.

But judging from the publicity,it is doubtful that UMNO’s instincts is going to let this slide without capitalizing or exploiting it to their advantage


Ai..Yo..Yoh Samy…!

The quotes you are about to read below are all based on source and they are mainly for entertainment purposes. If you are easily offended or confused, it’s best if you close the window.

1. Samy Vellu on Pos Laju Malaysia – “Besok Kirim, Hari ini sampai”
2. Samy Vellu was commenting on his modesty – “Ini perkara banyak memalukan saya. Sebenarnya, Kemaluan saya sangat sangat BESAR”
3. Samy Vellu commenting on drugs – “Orang orang mude sekarang banyak suka hisap dade”
4. Samy gave a speech on a ceramah – “Kita akan bina satu jambatan untuk orang-orang kampung di sini. One of the villagers asked; Tapi Datuk, sini tak ade sungai, buat apa bina jambatan? Samy gloriously replied, Kalau tak ade sungai, kita bina sungai”
5. Samy’s favorite quote on national television – “Toll naik sikit, marah sama saya. You ingat ini semua toll saya punya bapak punya kah?!”
6. During the water shortage crisis – “Semua orang diminta jangan membuang aiyeer”
7. During the blood donation campaign in Sungai Siput – “Marilah kita semua menderma dara”
8. During the opening speech of various functions – “Selamat datang saudara mara semua” It’s suppose to be saudara-saudari
9. At an opening ceremony – “Mempersilakan Datin Paduka Rafidah Aziz naik ke pentas untuk membuka kain”
10. The funniest among all – “Bagi saya, ini adalah satu pembaziran atas duit rakyat. Kita sepatutnya tidak hantar mereka ke bulan, tapi hantar mereka pergi ke MATAHARI! Barulah USA dan Russia respect sama kita!
The journalist then replied – “Tapi Datuk Seri, matahari kan panas, macam mana mahu pergi?”
Samy Vellu then replied – “Itu pasal you takda jadi menteri, saya sudah 30 tahun jadi menteri, mesti ada penyelesaian. Kita jangan pergi siang, banyak panas. Kita pergi malam baru ada sejuk!
Credits to – Chloe Goh for the article

The Allah issue and the UN stance straight from Geneva

25 November 2013

GENEVA (25 November 2013) – The United Nations Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, Heiner Bielefeldt, today urged the Government of Malaysia to reverse its decision to ban a Catholic publication from using the word ‘Allah’ to refer to God, warning that the case may have far-reaching implications for religious minorities in the country. 

“Freedom of religion or belief is a right of human beings, not a right of the State,” Mr. Bielefeldt stressed. “It cannot be the business of the State to shape or reshape religious traditions, nor can the State claim any binding authority in the interpretation of religious sources or in the definition of the tenets of faith.”

In January 2009, the Ministry of Home Affairs ordered the newspaper Herald-The Catholic Weekly to stop using the word ‘Allah’ or face losing its publication permit. The newspaper argued the ban was unconstitutional and won an appeal in the Malaysian High Court. 

However, in October 2013, the Court of Appeal unanimously ruled that non-Muslims cannot use ‘Allah’ to refer to God. The Court of Appeal stated that the usage of the name ‘Allah’ is not an integral part of the faith and practice of Christianity. “Such usage, if allowed, would inevitably cause confusion within the community,” the appeal court judges ruled. The case is currently pending consideration at the Federal Court level. 

The Bahasa Malaysia, or standard Malay, translation for one God is ‘Allah’, which entered the language from Arabic and has been used by Christians in the region for many centuries. Mr Bielefeldt cautioned that “the current case may affect the right of all non-Muslims in Malaysia to use the word ‘Allah’ while referring to God.” 

United Nations Independent Expert on minority issues Rita Izsák and United Nations Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression Frank La Rue echoed Mr. Bielefeldt’s call.

“Discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief constitutes a violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and in this instance is a breach of the rights of a religious minority to freely practice and express their faith as they have done for generations. Such actions may present an obstacle to friendly and peaceful relations between faith communities,” Ms. Izsák said.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs and the Government of Malaysia should take necessary steps to secure immediately the right to freedom of opinion and expression of Herald – The Catholic Weekly and withdraw unconditionally from further litigation on this issue,” Mr. La Rue underscored.

sourced from UNOG..(United Nations Office at Geneva)

12 year old attempted suicide because My Kad denied

Mahalachime a/p Suburamani showing her birth certificate during a press conference.

Mahalachime a/p Suburamani showing her birth certificate during a press conference.


S. Mahalachime, who in her birth certificate is stated to be the child of V. Kamlla and P. Suburamani, is unable to register for secondary school due to not having an identity card.

Kamlla added that the department had confiscated Mahalachime’s birth certificate supposedly to investigate the matter when they went to the department at the Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) two months ago.

“Why should I subject my daughter to testing when she is indeed my flesh and blood?” she asked during a press conference at the Perak DAP headquarters on Wednesday.


PETALING JAYA: A 12-year-old girl and her mother in Perak was told by the National Registration Department (NRD) to undergo a DNA test before getting her a MyKad.

The reason; she looked fairer than her mother.

The mother, V Kamala, 60, told Tamil daily Tamil Nesan  that the Perak NRD asked her to undergo a maternity test to prove that she is the biological mother of S Mahalachemi, due to the difference in skin complexion.

“I was shocked when the so called officer asked(me) to do maternity test just because we have different skin colour,” she said.

However, Kamala refused to comply on the matter and questioned NRD on the need for the test when they have all the documents required to apply for a MyKad.

She added that the NRD is deliberately delaying the application for unknown reasons.

“Why would they require us to do a DNA test for a MyKad when my daughter has a valid birth certificate?” Kamala asked.

On the wide age gap between her and Mahalachemi, Kamala said that she gave birth to Mahalachemi when she was 47 years old.

Contacted later, Buntong assemblyman A Sivasubramaniam claimed he witnessed how NRD treated Kamala.

“I was the one who brought the family to the NRD department after the latter seized the daughter’s birth certificate in their previous visit.

“However, we managed to get a new birth certificate for Mahalachemi. During the second visit, the deputy director, known as Premah, told the family to undergo a DNA test before applying for MyKad,” he added.

Sivasubramaniam urged the NRD to issue the MyKad immediately as Mahalachemi would be attending secondary school next year.

NRD: No such thing

Meanwhile, NRD public relations officer Jainisah Mohd Noor dismissed Kamala’s accusation, saying NRD never told the latter undergo a DNA test.

“NRD has no need for such a test since Kamala is Mahalachume’s biological mother (according to birth certificate),” she told FMT.

She added that Perak NRD is prepared to give Mahalechume her MyKad as her mother has produced all the necessary documents.

On related matter, Malacca PKR vice chairman G Rajendran urged NRD to conduct a proper investigation on matter.

“Who told Kamala mother to undergo maternity test? This needs to be investigated,” he said, referring to the officer known as Premah, who is a deputy director of NRD at the Ipoh branch.


IPOH: The 12-year-old girl whose application for a MyKad was rejected two months ago attempted to take her own life following abuse from schoolmates and neighbours.

S. Mahalachime swallowed 10ml of bleach at her home in Buntong on Saturday evening.

Mahalachime’s aunt, M. Logalechumi, 28, said she discovered her niece writhing in pain at the kitchen after taking her bath.

“I tried to force her to vomit by putting my finger into her mouth. I also gave her some assam jawa juice so that she would vomit before rushing her to the hospital,” she told journalists at the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital on Sunday.

Buntong assemblyman A. Sivasubramaniam said doctor at the hospital were still checking on her condition and declined to comment on her wellbeing.

“The doctor said they would need to get the surgeons to look at her, fearing that there could be complications to her health.

“She could still talk but she is feeling weak,” Sivasubramaniam said.

Mahalachime is unable to register for secondary school because she does not have an identity card.


This will be a classic example of cause and effect, actions and consequences.

Although it will be difficult to point fingers at anybody to blame on but it can serve as clear reminder to government officials   to really re examine their actions or procedures in the implementing of their  duties. Especially when they are dealing with the public .

To ensure that there are no innocent bystanders who gets dragged in and  victimized by overzealousness of officials in the performance of their duties.

It may be understandable that they are duty bound and obligated to do their jobs but it may be prudent for them to really consider the aspects or implications in their execution of their duties in selective cases .

Dubious nature in all fairness has the obligation to be investigated, yet all things considered, like in this instance,there is a  direct involvement of a minor , the onus is on them to thread more cautiously. And not cause unnecessary grief or anxiety.

More so when there may be a possibility, however remote ,   that the  minors  involved are unwitting victims of circumstances beyond their control. Children are fragile, and innocent of whatever they may be dragged into by adults.

Here  you have the specifics of the case as a 12 year old , who probably have been with the family since she was an infant and for all intents and purposes, they are her family , Parents siblings cousins are all there. .All along she has had a birth certificate acknowledging all that,

She is a Malaysian through and through.. She grew up with her Malaysian family, And  she has no other world than her very own familial environment..

The official may have doubts as to her genes due to her skin colour but there is absolutely no doubt as to her Malaysian ness. Common sense will conclude that.

And even in the off chance that the official has validity in his doubts.Then what?  What will be suggested as a next step. Deport the poor innocent child ? To …Where ?

Deny her the right to be a person with a valid nationality despite her having a birth cert to acknowledged she has been born in this country?

Without proper documents, her right to an education , her right to be a person with a sense of identity of who she is ,, and other priviledges of being a Malaysian citizen is denied, She may be a stateless person, in limbo , all because she was born..through no fault of her own and neither is it a crime..

Why must she be allowed to suffer the consequence of that.?

Why must she be punished ?

She is just 12 years old for Goodness sake. !

That is so cruel to a child who is a complete victim of circumstance. We need to approach  this with a slight bit of our humanity to discern a clear solution that feels right to our   conscience.

It is galling that this is amidst reading about instant ICs being given free ,or that MyKAds can be allegedly bought and sold for a price.

And then there is the security guard, who is actually a foreigner but  who had a MyKad of his own  , how he got it, is a question  yet to answered, and he ended up shooting a legitimate MyKad citizen of course.

And amongst  all these , is this  bitterly ironic circumstance, of  a 12 year old girl  getting  so traumatized because things were made so difficult for her to get a MyKad ,when it  should have been easy and legitimate ,  she  went on the extreme.

Implications of statelessness.

What are the implications of being stateless for a child? Imagine cannot get an education ,ineligible to receive medical aid that  every Malaysian with a MyKad qualifies for, , cannot get a job, (even if you were an adult), no EPF , no scholarships, cannot legally buy a car a house,  cannot get legally married, a never ending list of cannots.!

(goodness, you cannot even qualify to be a tax paying law abiding citizen,if you want to)

Even illegal  aliens  in the  country has more rights that she can claim to have, at least if they were to be caught they can be deported and sent back to the country they came from meaning that they have an identity or nationality .

Unlike this poor  girl who cannot claim to belong to any particular country because the country she lives in now and where she was born at , denies her the recognition that the birth took place, as if it did not happen, refusing to acknowledge and register  her as a citizen by denying her a MyKad,  making her a non entity as a person.

It is not like she is in a crime syndicate, or that she is a key figure in a  corruption scandal involving NRD.

No laws are broken as far as can be determined, or that any  one is asked to look the other way. The papers are in order.

Nobody with good  clear conscience will object  because .

In the interest of prudence and conscionable thought, it is best served if sometimes, certain things are allowed to just slide pass .


Salaries /Allowances of Malaysian MPs compared to other S.E Asia MPs

Why is Malaysia rated as among the very corrupted countries ? Among the many , one reason is likely that our MPs , if they do not look for other sources of income and depend fully on the allowances from the Goverment , they cannot survive, and pay their bills, salaries of staff and miscellaneous expenses incurred from performing their obligations as a public servant representing the ones who voted them into their current positions.

Realistically , Rm20k for monthly office rental, utilities , staff salary and own salary from what is left over for own personal bills and expenses , and being an MP, unavoidably there will be social obligations that materialises and need added incurred expenses from the YB’s own purse. .. etc etc..

Surely cannot expect MPs ,or YBs to go around asking/begging for donations..sponsors all the time.. they need to use time productively to  perform the duties they were voted in for ,  in the priority of urgencies.
The pay and allowances of our Mps place them in circumstances that will weaken the strong who try to resist the temptations of money politics, unless they have fortunes already of their own and can afford to sustain the high expenses.

Or they exploit their positions to the hilt which can earn them quiet fortunes if they know how to abuse and mis-use .

Shudn’t be like this, although cannot do anything about the greedy MPs but the Goverment shudn’t make life difficult for those MPs who still have integrity and sincerely desire to serve those who voted them there..

They shud be able to do so without hassle of financial constraints and worries or anxieties and can concentrate their minds fully on their jobs.

Pay MPs what they deserve but put safeguards/regulations to ensure accountability and no room for abuse, for their own benefit to guard their integrity and reputation as well as the public they serve.

We really ought to pay our MPs much more than what they currently earn but at the same time. Two birds can be knocked down with one stone.

Raise the salaries and allowances of the MPs ,by all means, increase it two-fold or even triple if that is what is deemed sufficient to allay their financial anxieties and can allow them to focus more on their public roles in serving.

At the same token , introduce laws and regulations,that gets tough on MPs if they abuse their positions for personal  gain. Very strict laws are needed to get the MPs in line and send them a message that it is not worth their while to mis-behave.

Financial compensation should commensurate with the public service, and punishment ought to be meted more severely to those who abuse and breach the public’s trust that put them in their positions of influence.

We need to draft more tougher laws to regulate the politicians and ensure more transparency and accountability and if an MP has pledged commitment to serve with integrity and dedication, there is absolutely no reason for them to object at all if implementation of stricter laws to regulate them is shown to be in their interests and well being , and with good intentions that is in  the spirit of the new regulations.

Why will they object if they are to be getting  a two or three times increment in earnings and allowances from the goverment unless they are hiding something., and new laws will threaten the status quo of their positions , fearing punitive repercussions of the new laws imposed.

But MPs who have nothing to hide and can show full accountability., will actually benefit from tougher laws regulating the MPs which is how it ought to be,  those who have more sincerity in their desire to serve will be rewarded adequately whereas those who are merely in it for  the money will need to be on guard because they risk prison if they mis-behave and abuse and mis-use their influence and positions and there is ample evidence to prove  it.

Eventually such politicians will get filtered out., upon realization that it is no longer worth their while to stay in the profession and even among those who are thinking of participating for all the wrong reasons.

The prevailing attitude or thought on participating in our local politicsto make money  ought to be ‘Don’t bother, not worth the returns on the millions invested to buy a public profile because, attempts to solicit returns has an added element of risking being sent to prison if the public profile is mis-used..! ‘ It  needs to be  made known that it is tough to make a fortune when you are in politics.

Want to make money , be involved in business , be an entrepreneur, investor but anything but a politician.

But if you seek a comfortable and fulfilling life  with meaning, serve the public . This is a very idealistic and naive trite notion but it doesn’t mean that it cannot be applied to a degree..

Want to make  money , don’t be in politics. that is the message / or should be !



The AMAZINGLY LOW salaries of Malaysian MPs

After the increase of allowances for state assembly members in Kedah, Selangor, Sarawak and other states, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Idris Jala said that as long as it is financially affordable, the federal government also plans to increase the allowances for Members of Parliament next year.

Two years ago, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had proposed the review of allowances for MPs in the Budget 2012, but the proposal was dismissed due to the opposition from Pakatan Rakyat MPs. It was said that Parliament opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim instructed alternative coalition’s MPs to oppose against the proposal with the reasons of economic downturn and inflation.

Since the salaries of Malaysian MPs have not been adjusted for nine years, they are among the lowest in Southest Asia.

According to the then Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abd Aziz, the salaries of MPs in neighbouring Singapore and Indonesia are RM33,589 and RM18,118 respectively, while in Thailand, MPs receive RM11,572 to RM12,590 monthly.

In Malaysia, MPs receive only RM6,508 per month, not including the monthly allowances of about RM10,000.

As a MP carrying great responsibility, is the less than RM20,000 monthly salary, not including the allowance of RM200 per day when they attend meetings in Parliament, enough and reasonable? This is a commonly asked question.

A diligent MP with good quality will have to hire assistants to provide general constituency services while coping with various social activities, and from time to time engage the service of experts to assist in research and analysis for some major policy and governance issues, so that they are well prepared for debates in the Parliament.

All these need money.

In all fairness, the income of less than RM20,000 is indeed low.

As one cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, this has caught some MPs in a dilemma.

However, for a low quality, not servicing and idle MP, the less than RM20,000 income seems too much, instead.

Therefore, the question of whether the salary is enough and reasonable for a MP or not should not be generalised.

The salaries and allowances of MPs are paid by the people’s income tax and the country’s revenues. It must be paid when necessary.

In fact, what the people care about is not whether the salaries and allowances of MPs should be adjusted, but whether the quality of them is worthy of higher pay, and whether the efficiency can really be improved, providing the people with better services after the treatment is enhanced.

If the government can consider raising the allowances for MPs so that they can hire researchers or assistants to assist in handling parliamentary work, it is undoubtedly a good thing and should be supported by both the ruling and alternative coalitions.

Of course, more importantly, the MPs must possess the noble sentiment of prioritising the interests of the country, as well as the people. Otherwise, it will be meaningless even if the best treatment is given.

Hopefully, every MP will involve in every debate much more seriously to speak or ask questions for the people in every major policy and bill tabled before voting, and create a Parliament with better quality and standard!

Sourced:  malaysia-chronicle./ The-Amazingly-Low-Salaries-of-Malaysian-MPs

Proselytization / Islamization of Progressive Moderates?

What is the difference between proselytize and evangelize?

According to definition of proselytize is a verb that means to convert or attempt to convert (someone) from one religion, belief, or opinion to another.. A crime in only one religion of the world – Islam..penalty of which is very stiff.

Apostasy:  the abandonment or renunciation of a religious  belief.Penalty in Islam is death.

The only religion in the world with  such heavy laws  imposed on the followers as a deterrent , to instill a fear so deep that many will not even consider leaving their religion if they reside in a muslim country.

“The punishment by death in the case of Apostasy has been unanimously agreed upon by all the four schools of Islamic jurisprudence.”

A non-Muslim wishing to become a Muslim is encouraged to do so and anyone, even a father or a mother, who attempts to stop him, may be punished.

However, anyone who makes an effort to proselytize a Muslim to any other faith may face punishment.

Islam is a religion that does not like nor  allow it to be questioned or scrutinized.

Islam is a pre emptive submission, pre emptive powering backed by the fear of force under threat from  a blasphemous accusation

In Malaysia , is this the culture Islam is asking of those in relation to it ,  that will be more like a negation of the mosaic of what true  multi- culturalism should be.

Religious diversity can only be achieved under a secular state with godless  constitution,- secularism is the only guarantee of religious freedom.

Malaysia is a country with a multi ethnic religious backdrop that claims  secular outlook to the constitution

But  we seem to have a crisis in authority !

Un-certainty in  how to manage the  diversity can lead to many problems , and it may end up in division because,  there seems to be a  lack of progressive moderate leaders at the national level in Islamic affairs  and it is as if whoever has the biggest audience has the sway   , but these religious authorities all seem to be opposing political organizations and  hence there is no singular authority for arbitration, who carries the  unquestioning  weight of  religious authority and influence.

Political instrumentalization of religion will always be counter productive in the promoting of the true essence or spirit of the religion in question.

Having a muslim marjority and democratization to essentialized critical thinking and transparency in the  process of the  democratization  , is crucial  in evolving into a progressive contemporary  Islamic moderate society.

But the Malaysian  goverment – for those who have been paying attention to developments – has created  the perception that they are perpetuating the fear of mental colonizing of religious indoctrination of a sect deemed extremist  – as seen in their response and clampdown on purported Shia extremist?

Yet , it is  against a backdrop of endorsing  nationally, religious intolerance as witnessed in the Allah fiasco.

Contrasting and confusing rhetorical posturing in their political game plays.

Resulting in a mistrust of goverment’s intentions because these are  reflective on the thinking of the goverment seeming to be more leaning on Islamic religious extremism than secularism and progressive thinking adaptable to religion and governance

(The “who wields  the bigger stick” mentality or strategy seems to be used by UMNO/ BN across the board, whether in religious affairs within the Malay/ Muslim community (think PAS / Pakatan vs UMNO or Perkasa’s latest targets.) ”   or in issues pertaining to other faiths  involving Malaysians , and also racial issues..”UMNO vs the Catholic church/Christians and DAP..”

.One prescription for all the ills –  UMNO just keep reminding   all  the communities by showing how big their “stick” is , And they are threatening to use it.! If they haven’t already, on the Christians  )

Evolving of Muslims into new dimensions of Dynamism

If Malaysians adopt the 3 Ls,   law, language and loyalty. Dialogue initiated by the Muslim marjority society  will mean so much more if the muslims come out and say-” look, we are all Malaysian citizens ,  we abide by the law , respect the constitution , we want – equal treatment, mutual respect, for the rights of discrimination for any religion or no religion at all”.

And it is how it should be , Malaysia as  modern progressive Islamic  society..Acknowledged internationally..

So many years in the making , for the BN  goverment to try inculcating a  better understanding of Islam in schools and workplace and society at large . So many generations of Malaysian non-muslims exposed to their fellow malaysians/muslims, via inter action in private lives/academia  and professional capacities in work. As fellow businessmen , colleagues , as friends , social acquaintances , childhood buddies , fellow students. Foster parents/siblings.

Unique to our Malaysian multi cultural national environment .


 Differing Attitudes and Approaches to Religion

Mainstream media in Malaysia does have content with religious themes .  TV shows that introduced/showcased the attractive side of Islam as a noble way of life and a religion.

Yet conversions from the non-muslims to Islam in the country are  miniscule or practically a non event , an estimated  personal un-informed guess (unless there are more accurate statistics)  is  perhaps less than 0.5 %  in a year from the general non muslim population…yet conversions to Christianity among non muslim Malaysians are high.

Why is that ?

The conversion rate  to Christianity  among Malaysians  has even the authorities worried that the Muslims may defect, that drastic measures or preventive steps  are deemed needed to be  taken to ensure that a firm message is  sent out to the Malaysian Muslims , that it is a heavy offence to repudiate the faith you were born into.

So worried are the Malaysian authorities of muslim proselytization that churches have been raided / holy books confiscated / certain Arabic terms in reference to the Islamic Almighty have been legislated to bar non muslims from using the words, just to make  sure no muslims are ” confused  ? ? ”   or that they risk being converted .

In the zeal of religious piety and insistent stubborn rigidity of mindsets convinced of being in the morally high position..the religious zealots or purist have basically chosen to annihilate from their indoctrinated minds of racial and religious supremacy , the very basic concepts of mutual respect and acceptance of all Faiths and cultural or ethnnic backgrounds,the very uniqueness that gives us our identity as  a  multi cultural nation , the essence of being a Malaysian.

Is there a Crisis in principles or morality?

Either that, or our ruling politicians are so completely dis oriented in governing that for the sake of political expediency, they rather be without scruples, sacrifice their principles and the harmonious well being of all Malaysians, pitting the communities against each other ,so they can retain their power base.

Intentionally looking for all sorts of petty but controversial issues to stir up , that are emotional to the people, that will be sure to pinch on nerves , but serves no purpose whatsoever  in fostering  better relations among the communities , but on the contrary, serves to polarize and create friction and mis-understanding even more..

Another  classic “Power and retaining it , takes precedence over everything else”.!

If indeed, it is the design, then the nation’s governing establishment is already  “Bankrupt”  in principles and morality and the nation’s financial situation  is tenuously  very close  behind , and  might suffer the same fate as well.


Yet why not the other way around? Why can’t it be that Islam can attract such large following and convinced many to follow the religion, why is it not the same with Islam.?

Unless you were born into the faith , the likelihood to convert into the Islamic faith in Malaysia among the non muslims are very slim. .

An attitude stemming from where and based on what sentiment ?

Just seems unbalanced between the churches and the mosques in the respective effort to win over hearts and minds of souls for God/Allah.

The marjority faith with the aid of Goverment  have had so many years and facilities at their disposal, that if there was a concerted subtle effort to proselytize without compulsion , emphasizing  on the virtuous compassionate peaceful side of the Islamic  religion and using a modern approach of interpretation .Whom knows what the results may have been.

As with certain sectors in Christianity , the energy seems to be irresistable , for those who have been converted , they are absolutely convinced that  the Christian God is so overwhelmingly enchanting powerful and intoxicating that the allure to want to follow such a magnificent  supreme being and devote one’s  life to HIM comes as a natural choice , when their spiritual yearnings and curiousity is aroused and  get convincingly answered.

Which in the case for Islam , a beautiful religion . Seems to have suffered a raw deal at the hands of strict fundamentalist and the violent extremist and the ways of doctrinal interpretation that gives it an aura of authoritharianism  and a very strict un-compromising, no-nonsense regime , imposing laws on limiting all sorts of liberties  that  may be the very stumbling block to those who are curious to seek to have a deeper understanding of the religion.

A most unfortunate circumstance and a misunderstood religion. Adherents to the faith don’t seem to possess as much zeal as their christian counterparts in efforts to bring the knowledge and spiritual intimacy of their faith and interpretation of God to the masses.

Still mired  in their arrogant and stubborn ways of old . Unwilling to adapt to the pulse of modernity that can bring  a whole new dimension to Islam that may strike a note to millions , so entrenched are the muslim clergy , set in their ways that any attempt to do so will be seen as imposition or worst blasphemous or insult.

as  long as this attitude is in the  pervasive midst ,  it is difficult  that the faith will have many openly receptive to receive it. Perceiving it  as a arrogant chauvinistic religion , segregating and  asserting superiority and dominance of gender and also sanctity of scriptures cannot be challenged nor interpretated relevant to the times but must be literally taken in context despite the facts that the laws were designed for a whole different civilization/cultural value system ,  thousands of years past.

If Islam as with Christianity , allows itself to  be modernized and teachings adapted to blend into the evolved modern society and retaining the core spiritual and humanistic values, it will indeed be so very appealing.

All religions champion the same values , philanthropic causes , charities or neighbourly and local community help.

Like the modernized version of Christianity , more so among the Protestant denominations, that has chosen to keep up with the fast pace of a evolving society’s cultural values and especially   the youth energy , taking up many of the philanthropic causes and giving it high profile which also inadvertently contributed to their appeal, for the many who desire to have a contributory role in these meaningful philanthropic or charitable causes .

Thereby the churches managing to capture the essence of the core spiritual values  in a setting that appeases the very humanistic instinct or  yearning to do good and be charitable to our fellow beings who needs aid –  (a selfish motivation in a way, because the realization of one’s  own  self  and actions is  a direct /indirect causative factor in alleviating hardship or giving cheer ,  is a tremendous boost to our own feelings of self-worth, meaning and gratification.)

These “Causes”  captivates the exuberance of youthful energy and pulsing life ,recruiting or engaging their contributions to meaningful things , as it were,  and that has enabled  the churches  to   grow from strength strength.

The Christians , in this  regard , seem to have identified the formula on  reconciling faith and the spiritual dimension  with modernity and recognized it’s effect and impact on the psyche of a post modern society , and have a measure of success in seeking out and address the segment that has spiritual yearnings and desires  spiritual answers , that is sensible/rational and acceptable  in the current day and age of technological advancements driven by science.  And have thus  gained a massive popular  following worldwide.

The Muslims’s reluctance and stubborn rigidity in doctrines that refuses to stray far from the original . Laws made in and for desert civilizations  of  the then warring violent desert  nomadic tribes people , are mental obstacles but that they seem to be in denial of and reject, when pointed out as a factor to merely consider.

There is a  risk of the Muslims being completely out of touch with the advancing  waves of generations after generations of those who seek spiritual solace in their own backdrops and cultural setting globally , in the everchanging modern times  forged ahead very rapidly  by a rational world  of science and  technological innovation . in effect dulling the emotional enchantment of mysterious religious spiritualism.. It risk obsoleteness if it stubbornly refuses to budge from it’s stance of seeing things and interpretation of sacred doctrines from a 1st -2nd century point of view..

Already there are indications that adherents of the Islamic faith ,in the more moderate or progresssive Islamic nations , are at a  point where they feel  uncomfortable with some of the rigid doctrines and side stepped them formulating or adapting a more relevant interpretation to the modern society / community they live among..extracting  spiritual values that were historically  non-existent but  highly significant to a post modern society , not resisting  re-interpretation of the doctrines to be more adaptive and relevant to the current age and generations.


Demolishing Temples

Demolishng and tearing down seems to be the associative perception of the BN goverment whenever it comes to temples (hindus and taoist)

Cannot say in memory there has been any event of the BN goverment actually constructing or help build new places of worship for the nons

.Or allocating of land for the purpose..
And they probably have spent billions building brand new mosques or suraus across the country. not that there is anything against that, in fact it is a good positive thing for our muslim brothers/sisters to be lauded , just seem that the malaysians of the other faiths or religious inclinations are totally neglected when it comes to any form of aid
(land allocating , financial aid) for the purpose of having proper places of worship for their faiths..

So we have sprouting all, over churches in shoplots, temples under shade of trees or besides busy roads. many likely not having permits in the first place and later has a propensity to  rage into a full blown passionate religious issue when authorities moves in to demolish the structures all because , it was built unhindered in the beginning and there are non-existent regulations to monitor the plight or sincere efforts to help the communities to have or find a more appropriate location that can be more permanent.

so aren’t the religious controversies over demolishing places of worship mainly self created by the authorities and can be avoided ?

But if anything the nons seem to have many obstacles placed in their path in regards to places of worship, even when they want to build and finance at own expense, knowing for a fact there will be nothing forthcoming from Goverment in any shape of form..




Is there some religious conspiracy to deter the constructing of places of worship of other faiths and tear down where possible?

Regarding places of worship, it was recommended that Muslims be given an allocation ratio of 1:800 population with a spatial requirement of 0.4 hectare for a mosque.

For a surau, it is 1:250 and 0.1 hectare. For non-Muslims the ratio was 1:4000 with a spatial requirement of “suitable standards” for a church or temple.

MCCCBHST request that they be treated equally was rejected. However the “suitable standards” was made more specific. Non-Muslims were now allocated 0.2 hectare – half that of the Muslims’. In fact, it is less when considering the ratio remained 1:4000 which is five times the number of people required for a mosque.

Another form of discrimination and suppression was by refusing or making it extremely difficult for non-Muslims to get planning approval for their places of worship. Land was not allocated for places of worship for non-Muslims and burial grounds not provided for in the master plans of some of the new towns.

The Sultan of Selangor commented in 1984 that while he was happy to see many suraus and mosques in the state, he aired his unhappiness that there was not a single place of worship for non-Muslims in Shah Alam. He wondered aloud, tongue-in-cheek no doubt, if non-Muslims ever prayed. He further observed that although land for places of worship for non-Muslims had been identified, its conversion had been stopped, “. . . perhaps by the state government or the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS)” (The Star, 17 January 1984).

The Shah Alam Church of Divine Mercy (often dubbed “the-on-and-off church) is probably the most famous example of how the authorities try to thwart attempts by non-Muslims to build places of worship.

The Catholic Church had applied for a piece of land to build a church in 1977. A 1.116 acre was allocated by the state and sold to the church in 1985 after the Sultan of Selangor’s much publicised comments.

Formal approval to build a church was given in May 1993. Work started on the church in Section 24 of Shah Alam in June the same year.

Almost immediately Muslim NGOs and politicians protested claiming that the church would challenge the sanctity of Islam as the country’s official religion and the position of Muslims. The Menteri Besar Muhammad Muhammad Taib instructed the municipal council to withdraw the approval.

The continued reluctance by local authorities and state governments to cater to the needs of non-Muslims is probably the cause of the sprouting up of ‘shophouse churches’ and temples.

Administrative roadblocks on non-Muslims , Sabah and Sarawak are not exempt

If those in Sabah and Sarawak think that  they are free from this suppression they should look back on the government’s track record in their states.

The Sacred Heart Cathedral in Kota Kinabalu is the most famous case.

Some Muslims in Sabah had objected to the rebuilding the Sacred Heart Cathedral that would have been the biggest Roman Catholic church in the Sabah when completed. The old church had been demolished so that a new one could be built in the same design as the St Joseph’s Cathedral in Kuching and able to accommodate a congregation of some 1,380 in a single sitting.

In Sandakan, Sabahan Muslims objected to the building of a Buddhist temple in Kampung Tanah Merah. The then Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Chong Kah Kiat resigned over the issue of Maru, a Goddess of the Sea statue in Kudat, Sabah, for which approval was granted but later withdrawn when Muslim extremists protested.

In Sarawak, the Sikhs were attacked for building a gurdwara in Kuching.

extracted from:  suppression-of-communities-to-accomodate-the-malaynisation-of-malaysia

Hows and whats ,  the UMNO goverment has done to the ethnic communities to suppress their cultural identities and religion to push their own agenda.

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