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karpal singh and sedition charge?

e-mail address of the UN


I e-mailed UN as a concerned Malaysian citizen. Anyone else thinking of the same and not wishing to sit idly by.. can use the template below
to copy /paste and email.
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Dear Mdm High Commisioner,.
Mr Karpal Singh MP, 73 is a distinguished Malaysian lawyer whose cases include defending Australian Kevin Barlow who was executed in Malaysia in 1986 for drug trafficking. He is also a member of the Parliament of Malaysia and the current chairman of the largest opposition party, the Democratic Action Party (“DAP”) – a member party of Socialist International.
On Friday, 21st February, 2014, Mr Singh was found guilty under the archaic and draconian Sedition Act 1948 for allegedly uttering seditious words against the Sultan of Perak (Ruler of the Malaysian state of Perak) at the height of the constitutional crisis in 2009. Following application by his defence, his own son, taking into consideration Mr Singh’s medical condition who is wheelchair bound following an accident in 2005, the judge has fixed 7 March 2014 for sentencing. At the heart of the case, Mr Singh is accused of uttering words which have the tendency to create hatred towards the Ruler.
You can find more details of the case here:
Some documents on the said constitutional crisis compiled by a Malaysian lawyer at time of the crisis:
In recent years, the Sedition Act and other restrictive legislation have been allegedly employed to silence critics of the executive. Mr Singh was last tried for sedition in 2002 with charges being withdrawn during trial widely believed to be due to numerous representations from the international legal community. Mr Singh has however suffered imprisonment under Malaysia’s internal security laws in 1987 and again in 1989 widely perceived to be linked to his opposition to then Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir Mohamad.
Amnesty International issued a statement in 2001 affirming Mr Singh, a prisoner of conscience. The statement also strongly criticised the use of the Sedition Act, and other restrictive legislation, to stifle fundamental rights of freedom of expression, association and assembly in Malaysia.
This is a very important trial, not only for Mr Singh, but also for the people of Malaysia who have elected him to office. As chairman of the largest opposition party, the Democratic Action Party (“DAP”), Mr Singh is a core pillar of Malaysian opposition politics. The Malaysian constitution disqualifies anyone imprisoned for more than a year to sit in Parliament for a period of five years beginning with the date on which the convicted person is released. The alleged orchestrated removal of Mr Singh will therefore be tantamount to putting an end to opposition politics in Malaysia.
Several groups have issued statements on this matter, amongst them:
The International Commission of Jurists:
The Malaysian Bar:
Lawyers for Liberty (a Malaysian organisation):
As a freedom loving Malaysian citizen, I humbly request that you consider issuing a statement in support of Mr Singh who is not only a distinguished lawyer and politician but also a father like figure to all freedom loving Malaysians.
                                                                                                         From a concerned Malaysian citizen.
International law experts say Karpal’s conviction violates freedom of speech

The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) has joined the Malaysian legal fraternity in disapproving the High Court’s decision in convicting lawyer Karpal Singh of sedition, saying the conviction was inconsistent with international law and standards on the free expression of opinion by lawyers.

ICJ’s International Legal Advisor on Southeast Asia Emerlynne Gil said this conviction sends out a message that lawyers in Malaysia are not free to express their opinions about legal issues.

Gil said Karpal’s conviction was based on the fact that during a press conference in early 2009, he had allegedly uttered “seditious words” when he questioned whether Sultan Azlan Shah had the legal authority to remove the then Perak Menteri Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin.

“This case is another sign of the lack of respect of the Malaysian government for the principle of free expression,” said Gil in a statement.

She said Karpal acted in fulfilment of a core function of the legal profession, which is to contribute to the public discourse on matters of law.

The United Nations basic principles on the role of lawyers specifically provide that lawyers, like ordinary citizens, are entitled to freedom of opinion and expression.

She said lawyers have the right “to take part in public discussion of matters concerning the law, the administration of justice and the promotion and protection of human rights” without fear of suffering professional restrictions or repercussions due to their lawful action.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian Bar said the right of a citizen, and in this case, a senior and experienced lawyer to voice an opinion on a constitutional point of law, was clearly within the scope of the freedom of speech and expression guaranteed under the Federal Constitution.

“That constitutional right must be interpreted liberally while any limits on it should be interpreted narrowly,” Bar vice-president Steven Thiru said in a statement.

He said the constitution allowed Putrajaya to make laws, including the Sedition Act, that limited the right to free speech; but stressed that such laws “must be interpreted restrictively to ensure that the fundamental right was not rendered meaningless”.

Steven said the sedition law enacted in 1948 was an “affront to the rule of law” and designed to suppress and persecute the citizens.

“The Act is antithetical to democratic principles and ideals as it stifles and criminalises genuine, temperate and reasonable discussions of important national issues,” said Thiru, whose organisation represents about 13,000 lawyers in the peninsula.

Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) executive director Eric Paulsen said Karpal’s conviction reaffirms the return of authoritarianism and political persecution.

Paulsen said this was apparent following the dismissal earlier this week of P. Uthayakumar’s appeal, also for sedition.

He said the return of authoritarianism and political persecution followed a brief lull during which Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak made a series of democratic reforms which turned out to be a rebranding exercise and ultimately – false.

Yesterday, High Court judge Datuk Paduka Azman Abdullah found Karpal guilty of uttering seditious words against the Sultan of Perak at the height of the constitutional crisis in 2009.

The sentence has been deferred to March 7 for Karpal’s defence team to prepare mitigation to obtain a lighter sentence.

Under section 4(1) of the 1948 Sedition Act, Karpal now faces a fine of up to RM 3,000 or imprisonment of up to three years.

The conviction may force Karpal to give up his seat as a member of the Malaysian parliament as the constitution stated that an elected representative was disqualified from office if fined more than RM 2,000 or jailed for a term exceeding one year.

Karpal, 73, has provided legal defence in several high profile cases, including that of opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, whose trial on charges of sodomy had drawn heavy criticism in Malaysia and internationally. – February 22, 2014.


Kajang move..this insight makes the most sense so far



Malaysian Chinese are still celebrating the Year of the Wooden Horse. Noticeable, there were fewer shoppers this year. The main culprit – high prices of goods. Instead of spending and showing off at restaurants, many chose to spend time at home during reunion dinners. Instead of chatting about (*yawn*) skyrocketing cost of living at the dinner table, they found a new “refreshing” topic – Anwar Ibrahim, the opposition de-facto leader, as the new Selangor Menteri Besar.


Yes, many were caught in surprise over the shocking resignation of Anwar’s own party assemblyman Lee Chin Cheh, in a so-called strategic move to enable Anwar to contest the seat. Tons of speculation are choking the cyberspace over the motive of such a bizarre move. Was it to resolve the infamous feud between existing Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim and ambitious PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali? Was it to punish the efficient but stingy Khalid? Was it to wallop all the billions stashed in the state’s coffer?

Kajang by-election - Multiple Reasons

Was it because power-crazy Anwar couldn’t wait any longer thus wanted to taste the power of a Chief Minister now, since he couldn’t possibly become the prime minister? Was it because of Anwar’s sodomy case hence the needs to make him as indispensable as possible? Was it because the federal government BN succeeded in the Selangor Langat 2 water treatment plant project, indirectly portraying MB Khalid as a weak leader when comes to negotiation?


Perhaps the answer is all of the above. That would kill many birds with a stone. But that would put Anwar in the same league as Lim Guan Eng or Mukhriz Mahathir. That’s a demotion and this is not something which is very auspicious especially when you’re welcoming the new Year of the Horse (*grin*). Come on, Anwar is better than that. If he wanted the smell of a Chief Ministership, PM Najib can offer something much more better than that – any senior minister portfolios – in exchange for Anwar’s entire PKR party defection.

Kajang by-election - Selangor Richest State for Grab

Heck, PKR can even retain the present chief minister post in addition to some federal ministership if they’re ready to defect. To hell with Mahathir’s resistance. So, why would a giant such as Anwar be fielded to contest in Kajang, and presumably he could defend the seat, be proposed as the new Menteri Besar? Why would Anwar agreed to such a so-called “strategic” move and in the process be called power crazy ciplak no better than the dirty corrupt Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders? Heck, that is worse than calling him a homosexual ready to pounce on any cute boys on the street.


Sure, the present Menteri Besar Khalid is no angel but he’s well liked by many due to his transparency and efficiency. But that’s all about him. He’s merely a corporate person. He’s not a politician. In fact, he’s a novice politician whom the federal government BN loves because whenever the latter unleashes dirty politics of race and religion, Khalid will be stunned and can do nothing as can be seen by the latest “Allah” controversy. Khalid does not know how to counter BN’s dirty politics and that’s a big no-no in this country’s politics.


Besides boasting about Selangor state’s billions of dollars in reserve, there’re not much changes that otherwise can be associated with the PR state government. There’re pros and cons of having gigantic amount of money in the coffer. A surplus means you do not have to worry about operation and development costs. However it won’t do any good if you’re too prudent (or rather too stingy). To rival cash-rich BN, PR (Pakatan Rakyat) government needs to spend. Well, at least once in a while, you need to throw in some free dinners here and there (*grin*).


Well, at least that was the perception by PR leaders. Furthermore, weren’t PKR members once UMNO diehard fans? Yes, state funds management is another reason why Anwar was not really happy with Khalid. What if the state were to fall to BN one day? In Chinese, it’s call digging a well so that others can drink its water. All the hard work of preserving the billions will be gone in a blink of an eye in case of a major defection and BN comes back to power in Selangor.


So, is there any other compelling reason why Anwar suddenly fell in love with Kajang Satay? Perhaps the answer can be found within Rafizi’s explanation to the public as to why Anwar needs to become a Selangor assemblyman. Rafizi, said to be the architect of this latest stunt warned that once PM Najib is removed, Selangor state could fall. If you still couldn’t smell what’s cooking, perhaps you can get further hints from veteran newsman Kadir Jasin, who happens to be Mahathir mouthpiece. Kadir claimed it was to prevent defections from disgruntled Selangor assemblymen.


It seems the mighty Pakatan Rakyat (PR), with its more than two-thirds majority (PKR’s 14 seats, DAP’s 15 seats and PAS’s 15 seats) in Selangor, could crumble if the right button is pressed by minority BN. We have said this before and we would like to repeat this again – PAS is as strong as the longevity of Nik Aziz and PR’s strength relies heavily on Anwar gelling the three parties together. Even as we speak, BN is still rubbing shoulders with PAS leaders persuading them to leave PR and “re-join” BN. That’s BN’s first priority – to entice PAS away from PR.

Kajang by-election - Selangor Seats

It’s near to impossible in getting DAP to leave PR, so the second priority is to “buy” as many PKR assemblymen as possible. Let’s relook at the score-chart from last year’s general election results. If PAS were to leave, PKR and DAP would have a razor thin simple majority of 29 seats. Throw in some loose change and you can easily get more than two assemblymen from PKR or DAP or both to defect and voila – BN gets to form a new state government. Could Anwar be informed that UMNO and PAS almost strikes a deal where PAS gets the Menteri Besar post (*grin*)?


Even if the above plan fails, the trick to buy over Azmin Ali and his boys (assemblymen) is equally poisonous. With Azmin Ali’s defection to UMNO, PAS would not think twice about demanding the Menteri Besar post since PAS would have many more seats than PKR. That would make PKR party irrelevant since it also means it does not control any state, drying it from the much needed “rich resources”. Can you see how desperate the situation is in the background? Anwar needs to become the new Selangor Menteri Besar to prevent such coup.

Kajang by-election - Emergency Declaration

Of course the possibility of federal government declaring emergency and subsequently toppling PR Selangor state government is indeed real, considering the federal government doesn’t seems to be serious about ending the highly controversial “Allah” issue. That was the reason Anwar didn’t bother to discuss with either DAP or PAS about his Kajang battle. And the fact that PAS was foaming at mouth demanding for the Menteri Besar post, before even Anwar has the chance to explain his objectives, proves how greedy PAS is.


With Anwar as the new chief minister, Azmin would think twice about jumping over. It’s not because Azmin admires Anwar’s six-pack abs, but rather the latter’s willingness to spend money to make everyone happy. PAS would be equally delighted with a new flow of funds into their respective coffers. That would make UMNO extremely worry because ex-UMNO Anwar knows how to create more problems to UMNO when he has billions of dollars at his disposal.

Kajang by-election - Putrajaya Panic

Already, UMNO is panic as they didn’t expect Anwar’s latest stunt. They keep pulling rabbits out of hat, from bitching about Anwar wasting public money to even declaring Selangor Sultan has absolute power and would not agree to Anwar being the new Menteri Besar. If two-thirds majority of Selangor assemblymen agreed to Anwar becoming the next chief minister, would the sultan simply throws this out of the window? Today is the age of social media and not the iron-fist rule during Mahathir’s era, so go figure what the sultan would do.


Heck, Najib administration is in such a disarray over Kajang by-election that they couldn’t even decide which party within its coalition to contest till today, let alone the candidate itself. If it’s true that Kajang folks are super angry with Anwar triggering this by-election as alleged, UMNO can simply field Ibrahim Ali, Chua Soi Lek or even Samy Vellu and expect a landslide victory. Just read more silly bitchings from Najib administration in the coming weeks and you can judge how panic they actually are.

Kajang by-election - PAS ro betray PKR DAP

The prospect of PAS defecting to BN is real. The prospect of Azmin and his boys’ defection is also real. The prospect of BN launching an emergency declaration on Selangor is also possible. By hook or by crook, Selangor needs to be taken back, the same way Perak was wrestled. The only difference between Selangor and Perak is the former (sadly) doesn’t have comical froggies such as Hee Yit Foong. Thus, Rafizi’s latest move is indeed brilliant. The only question now – can Anwar win Kajang state seat with a majority higher than 6,824 votes, won by Lee last year.


Forget about Anwar’s marketing talk about why he is contesting the Kajang state seat. He won’t tell you the actual reasons. There’s no way he will expose publicly about PAS’s plan to defect, let alone explaining the cracks within his own PKR party. Going forward, you will read and hear more attacks from two parties – UMNO and PAS – because Anwar’s entry into Selangor state means their grand plan is jeopardized.

Kajang move??

allegations are surfacing that khalid may have sold out to Daim, which in default is akin to selling out to UMNO. It has been suggested by credible quarters ,that to gain more insight on the “Kajang move”, follow the money trail of Khalid, like the recent Islamic bank settlement. To be fair to Khalid, allegations are just that, and benefit of doubt ought to be given.
Yet ,if there is any basis to the allegations, it will clear up so many questions on the many justifications behind this “Kajang Move”. Imagine “Selangor” the bastion of a PKR run state , risks being turned into a proxy goverment of UMNO. In all but name.


Another pertinent question, why did Khalid decide to remove  a whole dept in PKNS that seems to be linked to PK via Azmin /Anwar?

Smells more of a political move than it is about cost cutting…( This  doesn’t seem to be a hasty decision , more like a pre-planned decision)

And then “The Kajang Move”..this looks more and more like the counter move that caught  everyone off guard.

Noticed the body language and speech mannerism exhibited by Khalid during his public appearances with Anwar relating to Kajang. . As if he is still in a painful grimace, from someone whose nuts were/ are being squeezed..?


Theatre of the absurd,politics.The Kajang Move?

Sometimes when the mind starts pondering on many questions that has no logical answer like why the recent ” Kajang” move by Anwar Ibrahim and PKR, and the floodgates of assumptions are opened by a non commital answer that triggers even more curiousity .Then the thoughts  has a tendency to meander into the territory of the absurd or  the implausible.

Very much like watching a  good theatrical show,staged for the very first time, cast of characters that are thrown together , of which among them have a fair share of scandals, infamy, notoriety, controversy and  the script is improvised on the spot as the plot,also improvised with a loose outline but will adapt accordingly to situation,  -the plot, can be shockingly  absurdly implausible , nobody can predict how it will play out or  the conclusion, especially when caught off balance by the twist and turns and  distractions

.More so in the real life political stage where there are usually no clear distinctions but blurred on who are the good guys and bad guys.

The plot unfolds or thickens as we observe

And the far fetched implausibilities are thinking whether all the recent happenings of the political scene in the country are somehow linked.


Anwar bidding for the Selangor MB.. Rafizi’s statements about “political maestro needed” (either that or  it is his innuendo saying that  a politically ruthless mind that can be on an even keel,to scheme as diabolically and be as sinister as the opposing side.)

Tan Sri Khalid doesn’t seem to be that type and perhaps just doesn’t have the stomach for games like these.. that can get heartless, seemingly unscrupulous )

And the “emergency laws “conspiracy Rafizi threw out for the public to digest on…perhaps a bit extreme still ” no smoke without fire”.


Khalid alluding to the well replenished coffers of the Selangor state..and his ‘no more potholes patching ,after doing that for so many years, its time to pave the whole road because can afford to do so now” statement.


Najib’s reticence.. TDM’s offensive on him..another grand game  in itself..Probably spawning a minor league of teams within UMNO playing for the trophy of ultimate control of the party.


(An afterthought–in the spirit of the absurdity of the kajang move, Tun M shud join in the fray n hint himself as a possible candidate against Anwar..he just has to say” thinking about it” like Zaid, to gage response..and probably all hell will break loose..”battle of the century.-clash of the titans.” kind of thing , to foil Anwar, since TDM is so hell bent to keep Anwar at bay. We need some exciting entertaiment on the political front, and this will sure rank as an all time greatest show on the Malaysian earth)


And god knows what else is happening within UMNO’s  internal politics of  “The Young Turks vs The Old School”. Each trying to outmanuevre the other , trying to dislodge the other , Jostling for positions, that can be very lucrative or attempting to install a continuation of  mini dynastic hierachy.

UMNO may not be as united as it seems. They are almost resembling a larger version of Hindraf, or what they successfully accomplished in manuevering Hindraf into Uthaya and Waytha camps  vs MIC, with their “killing with borrowed knife strategy” straight off the page from the 36 Chinese Strategems..

Difference is that  UMNO being a much bigger entity ,  has manuevered themselves into more than 2 camps. All with a respective team captain, Team KJ , team Zahid , team Hiham, team muhyidin team Mukhriz , etc  jostling to align behind either team Najib or Team TDM


On the political front recently,
my  imagination is running wild , wondering if Taib’s sudden resignation -that came from out of the blue, totally unexpected , is somehow connected to some grand sinister development, “deal strucked”. or Taib’s hand forced ?  Or is it a separate issue..? Also , what prompted his remarks keep ” UMNO out of Sarawak ”   bitterness, feeling betrayed?  Warning to UMNO of some intent? followed almost immediately by Muhyidin – sounds worried-.”no intention of going ” as if to pacify things.?

DAP , PK PAS, each party represented by a MB , helming  richest hence most powerful states, combine the ruthless scheming  “talents” of the MBs esp Anwar and LGE and senior,and their teams of some of the best and brilliant young minds,  impressive intellects in political science, law and the constitution, especially economics and by no means “kangkung-nomics”Many with valid degrees or “PHDs”backing them up, assisting in the strategizing, and with access to the resources of which has accumulated from 2 terms of the very wealthy industrialised states of  Selangor and Penang ,and a weakened UMNO in Peninsular and waning influence of their fixed deposit states.
As things are now , if GE14 were to be next month, BN will very likely be buried.!!

Timing at the moment seems so right for the durians to fall

YUP, A fertile imagination can conjure a lot of fantastic scenarios, in the power game plays of the political parties. If Anwar gets to be MB, it may get very interesting, Who is going to scuffle with who and who will be on what team. In a theatre of the absurd ,esp in a political production of Malaysia, .nothing is implausibility!

Who knows, there may well be a radical shift in Malaysian politics or perhaps a  power shift sooner than we expect and not via the conventional means that we expected!.

And since the public is still in the dark as to the true designs and intentions of the Kajang Move by Anwar and PKR,, it s lot of fun  to try to read between the lines as events unfold and see which are the dots that can be connected!.


Power to Islam, a response to Power to the people.


Dr Norzila Baharin, MM 

Too many of us Muslims have kept quiet for too long. Islam has been humiliated, trampled on, slapped left and right, called all sorts of things, allegedly unfair to women, denying people their right to practise their cultural and social norms and also banning ideas of pluralism, secularism, feminism and liberalism as they were threats to Islam.

It all began more than 1400 years ago when Prophet Muhammad saw first received his revelation from Allah in Hira’ cave, asking him to propagate Islam initially to his family and close relatives, then to friends and society at large. During that period, society were like pagans, no holds barred, no rules, pleased to do whatever they desired including usury (riba’), adultery ( zina), and unfair trade practices. Women were treated lower than men and were merely regarded as sexual objects. Islam came and abolished all these bad and unlawful practices, giving women their rights similar to men, therefore bringing the light or ‘Nur’ of Islam to extinguish the darkness of ‘Jahiliah’ or the period of ignorance. Most of them reverted to Islam because they knew that Islam was brought for the good of mankind.

Nowadays, however, because many sort of inherited the religion or were born into Muslim family, when the family do not practise Islam, a lot of the Islamic values and practices are forgotten or not passed down, they are therefore Muslim by name only. This is sad actually, because they usually say they are Muslims and they know what Islam wants, when in reality, they have no relationship with Allah, they only act according to their desires and their small amount of intelligence. They may say they were educated overseas, but in actual fact, whatever knowledge they have, will never compare to Allah’s knowledge, not even by a finger.

Forget about the rising number of unwanted pregnancies and children born out of wedlock, these teens just want to fulfil their whims and desires while ignoring Shariah law. Islam has forever banned adultery or zina since the beginning of time.

Forget about the increasing incidences of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases due to the different modes of sexual orientation practised by lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals (LGBT’s). From the Quran we are told that, during Prophet Lut’s reign, some members of his tribe practised homosexuality, he frowned upon it because it was against Islam and he tried to persuade them to forsake their practice, they refused, and as a consequence, they were punished severely by Allah in the form of an earthquake.

Forget about the claims made by COMANGO, because these groups or NGO’s think they are doing it for the good of the people and that they are actually defending the rights of women and children and thus empowering them. Islam has empowered women and children since it was first revealed to Prophet Muhammad saw. Look closely at the Shariah laws and you would be blind not to notice it.

Forget about kalimah Allah being used by Christians, shower them with gifts and flowers, to help them to understand Islam and instead attack the Muslim NGO’s who are actually protecting the sanctity of Islam.

Heck, forget also about the damage being done to our children and future generations who will not be able to differentiate Allah ( believed by Muslims) and their friends’ Allah ( used by non Muslims) because their parents who practise liberalism, secularism and pluralism tells them it is alright to do so when in fact, Allah has revealed in the Quran that Islam is the complete and perfect religion suited for all mankind.

The list goes on and on, especially now, the increasing cases of heinous crimes such as rape, sodomy and murder towards women and children alike. It’s so alarming that there’s nothing to laugh or even smile about.

I fear that certain groups and organisations are plotting to bring down Islam altogether and abolish it in Malaysia or at least to liberalise it to conform to their ideas and desires.

These liberal, secular and feminist organisations are targeting certain Muslim NGO’s and portraying these NGO’s as extremists, that is as the bad ones who are out to condemn anyone or any group not complying to Syariah law. The fact of the matter is, these Muslim NGO’s are trying to do the right thing by making Muslims realise that Islam is actually under threat and that they and their future generation will lose out if they prefer to stay calm and not do anything.

And Malaysia wants to be a secular and liberal nation by 2020? No way Hose, not while I’m still alive and ISMA still exists with its thousands strong members fighting against this and God willing, Allah will not allow this to happen as long as there are Muslim organisations or ‘jemaah’ protecting and guarding Islam and upholding Syariah laws making sure it survives the test of time.

Sure, we respect the rights of others to practise their beliefs and culture,

but they must also acknowledge that Malays are the dominant race and Islam is the religion of the Constitution. We will not allow Islam to be compromised or be tampered with in the name of pluralism and diversity.

* Dr Norzila Baharin is the Kuantan chief of Wanita ISMA.

** This article is in response to Zainah Anwar’s recent piece….Power-to-the-people-time-to-voice-out-our-stand/


the writer’s insecurity of her own sense of ethnic id and faith seems approaching crisis level. since everything is perceived to be threatened and under siege. guess she has a right to be outraged,since according to her, so many of the evils were perpetuated by them,the “conspirators”.
LGBT (almost responsible for many STD diseaseS.) teen pregnancies etc. its their fault they are ignorant , and peace offering in flowers..thats selling out…betrayal !

The Comango people have misplaced idealism /priorities, just because most of them are educated and well informed, she is saying , that can be a curse or blessing
but because ,many have different interpretations/understanding from hers, then they may be wrongly informed.
What is the worry? surely not that the grand conspirators,” will succeed in their sinister designs..or she herself or her descendants risk getting proselytized because they are too weak n confused hence their faith is not strong enuff to resist?

Why fall into their trap of hate when we can show love.

The Deviants
  The behaviour of the protesters yesterday reminds us of religious fanatics in Afghanistan or deepest Pakistan.

The deviants who claim to be Muslims and who wish to preserve the dignity of Malays by offering a reward to anyone who slaps Seputeh MP Teresa Kok are deranged.

These deviants have also insulted the memory of Bapa Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman who was born on Feb 8, 111 years ago. If he was alive today, he would have shed tears to see the country which he led to Merdeka being destroyed by men who are not worthy to be called leaders.

The men who claim to represent the Council of Islamic NGOs slaughtered four chickens and then daubed blood on the faces of opposition representatives, portrayed on a banner. They were upset by Teresa’s satirical video..

Their behaviour reminds us of religious fanatics in Afghanistan or deepest Pakistan, who have just beheaded a man, and in their euphoria, celebrate by shooting their AK-47s into the air. (although slightly extreme on the description but still Ms Mariam is angry and sure can sense it)


Zulkifly and his ilk are being used by Umno Baru leaders to create disharmony in Malaysia. Their target is you, the rakyat.

These deviants may claim they are protecting the good name of the leaders but why are they quiet when leaders are alleged to be corrupt or to have broken the law?

A few years ago, similar deviants sent death threats to Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching and left a dead chicken at the entrance to her office. Teo was reaching out to her constituency, including making visits to the mosque, to find out how her constituents could be better served.

The recent spate of violence is threatening the harmony of Malaysia, its stability and its economic future.

Thursday’s group of deviants want to create chaos and to strike fear into our hearts by harping on May 13. We should not let them take control of our streets and our minds.

Ordinary Malay and Muslim voices have the power to stop this madness. If a few Malays/Muslims were able to defend a church in Shah Alam, I am confident that thousands more Malays and Muslims could march in solidarity with their non-Muslim peers, to protect the true spirit of multi-cultural Malaysia.

Full article commentary here .. Deviant Sect.


Get That 1200 rm , Teresa Kok.!

Zan Azlee

Time and time again I have said it. Malaysians have no appreciation for satire, sarcasm and humour. And that is just so laughable that it just is not funny.

Everyone is now familiar with the parodic Chinese New Year video produced by Teresa Kok, the DAP MP for Seputeh, and her team.

I was very amused by the video and found it hilarious, and quite true too (my Cantonese is atrociously mediocre, but I think I got a bit of the nuances!).

Okay, fine. I can accept the fact that not everyone would understand the video and that many might even be offended by it. That is okay.

These people have all the right and freedom to oppose and object to the video. They can write articles, make statements, or even hold peaceful protests.

Heck! I think the best way would be to actually produce another video to mock or even oppose the video by Teresa Kok and her team.

But then a group of so-called Muslim NGOs came out to prove my thought that Malaysians do not seem to have the intellectual capability to comprehend satire.

By offering a cash reward to commit violence (RM1,200 for anyone who slaps Teresa Kok and provide photographic evidence) cannot be very Islamic.

One of the most common phrases in Islam is “Bismillahirahmanirahim”, which means “In the name of God, the most compassionate and most merciful”.

That in itself proves that the basis of Islam is about compassion and mercy. And wait a minute! What does “Islam” mean? I think it actually means “peace”!

I am sure that this group, which goes by the name The Council of Islamic NGOs, must be very proud that they are encouraging violence in the name of religion.

But I think I have a suggestion for Teresa Kok to turn the tables around and play another joke. This time at the expense of this so-called Islamic council.

Now hear me out. Their leader, Zulkfli Sharif, has declared publicly that this offer of money to slap Teresa Kok is open to all Malaysians.

So how about Teresa Kok organise a group of underprivileged people to gather and get them each to slap her in the face (lightly!) and take pictures.

Then they can all go and claim their reward. But they better bring their MyKad to prove your citizenship (make sure you know the words to “Negaraku” as well!).

I have got a still camera and a video camera. So if you need my help for that photographic evidence, just give me a buzz. I will be willing to offer my time. – February 7, 2014.



i actually think that this is a  brilliant suggestion by zain azlee..
Personally i think it may help defuse the situation and neutralize some of the venom or bile of their stunt.

Surely we can have more self restraint over our emotions especially when we clearly see attempts of manipulation by unscrupulous, godless people with crisis in conscience and insecurity of their own identities.
So  actually,why play along and feel the way these ignorant idiots want to provoke from their stunt.?

When we can be and do much better n show them real values of humanity..

Since it has been offered and in the spirit of CNY and charity..get a truly deserving cause. and not stop at a meagre 1200 rm only,

there are sure to be  are more generous philanthropist willing to come up with angpows 10 times more to see a “slap of love”,

“like how we gently tap(slap) our kids cheeks when they r naughty-, on Teresa’s or any other high profile politicians face, for a worthy cause.

She /They just have to volunteer”offer the other cheek” .but of course claim the 1200 first,

it can feed or buy a lot of school uniforms or shoes for less priviledged kids in the name of charity .even if they reneged, someone offers to make the amount up,

more out of the spirit of giving than spite back,forget that.!
Turn the whole thing into a light hearted charity cause for less privilidged children and bring some cheers and smiles to them.

So instead of the “Hate” message they try to impart, change the theme into one of love and caring of “ALL Malaysians ” who are less fortunate..Life is too short to bear grudges, forgive the clowns and focus on charities that transcends all ethnic divides.  Happy CNY.


“The Kajang Move “and some theories.

“The Kajang Move” with some theories that are roasted and skewered but nonetheless deliciously done.with accompanying sauce..just like Kajang Satay!

click Titles to link to the full articles..


Sandiwara Anwar

Tidak ramai mengetahui sebelum Anwar campur tangan untuk menyelesaikan konflik tersebut, beliau terlebih dahulu menyemak rekod-rekod kesemua Adun PKR dan secara kebetulan mendapati bekas Adun Kajang Lee Chin Cheh bakal berhadapan tindakan undang-undang tidak lama lagi (kesalahan di bawah Akta Pilihanraya).

Maka pada Anwar, “it’s about time!” dan menggunakan kesempatan yang ada untuk bertindak! Justeru, Lee Chin Cheh diminta melepaskan jawatannya sebagai Adun berkuatkuasa serta merta. Beliau tidak mahu sekiranya Lee Chin Cheh dijatuhi hukuman, kerusi DUN Kajang akan dieksploitasi BN sepenuhnya malah cengkaman PKR di Selangor akan terungkai apabila rakan PR terutama PAS memberi tekanan kepada PKR sendiri ..

Muslihat Anwar

Tindakan bagi menggantikan Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim sebagai ‘jalan keluar’ konflik melibatkan MB Selangor itu dengan Azmin Ali.

 sebenarnya bertujuan untuk “check & balance” pentadbiran Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim yang sering berdepan kritikan ahli PKR sendiri  berhubung beberapa tindakan diambil seperti isu air, isu Langat 2, kenaikan cukai taksiran, rampasan kitab bible dan sebagainya.

” mencatur strategi menggunakan ‘jalan belakang’ ekoran kedegilan Tan Sri Khalid berkrompomi hatta dengan Datuk Seri Anwar sekalipun.

” dilihat sebagai  platform terbaik untuk beliau terlibat secara langsung dengan urusan kerajaan negeri mencakupi kewangan yang menjadi punca konflik melibatkan MB Selangor dengan Pengerusi PKR Negeri tersebut.

Selangor diketahui lubuk wang bagi mana-mana parti yang memerintah…justeru Anwar perlu berada dalam kerajaan negeri untuk memastikan dana kepada beliau dan PKR tidak putus.

 Anwar punyai maklumat tentang cadangan kerajaan untuk membeli SYABAS dengan nilai sekitar RM6 bilion..Perkembangan ini menarik minat Anwar untuk turut sama memperolehi hasil yang lumayan sekiranya perjanjian itu dimuktamadkan nanti.

Oleh itu, segala sandiwara berkaitan peletakan jawatan Lee Chin Cheh, pemilihan Anwar sebagai calon DUN Kajang, serta tawaran “Pelan Perdamaian Nasional” @ Rekonsiliasi Nasional kepada Dato’ Seri Najib hanyalah  strategi seorang pemimpin licik untuk melarikan dari dari pelbagai isu  – kes perbicaraan mahkamah berkaitan samannya kpd Dato Nalla, isu anaknya Nurul Izzah dan isu berkaitan penggunaan Kalimah Allah yang semakin membarah di kalangan umat Islam .

 Lagipun Anwar sedar tajaan kepadanya semakin berkurangan setelah janji beliau untuk menawan PUTRAJAYA pada Pilihanraya Umum Ke13 lalu gagal.

 from :sandiwara-anwar/


Mungkin percaturan PKR kali ini akan memakan diri, namun tidak adil menyalahkan PKR semata-mata apabila ada pihak lain yang sama-sama mahukan semua ini berlaku. Siapa lagi kalau bukan DAP…



From      A.Kadir Jasin.

I think there’s something that Rafizi is not saying. He quoted the example of Kelantan. But I think he is actually thinking more of Perak in 2009.

The Pas-led but DAP-controlled PR government of Perak fell when two PKR and one DAP ADUNs left their parties to become independents.

The possibility of that happening in Selangor among the disgruntled PKR ADUNs cannot be dismissed if the factional war between Mohd Azmin Ali and Abdul Khalid Ibrahim continues.

Members of Azmin’s camp are more likely to abandon ship as their camp is seen as the loser. Anwar is caught in between. He is close to Azmin, who is the PKR deputy president and a long time confidant, but Abdul Khalid is said to be better accepted by the DAP and PAS.

So Anwar’s entry into the Selangor DUN has more to do with keeping the PKR ADUNs from abandoning ship than warding off a coup bid by the Federal Government or the BN.

The BN with only 12 out of 56 DUN seats is unlikely to be able to topple the state government. Out of the 44 PR members, 15 each are from the DAP and PAS, and 14 from PKR.

Rafizi and other PKR leaders should stop making excuses for forcing the Kajang by-election. If they want Anwar as the new Menteri Besar of Selangor just say so. If they want to solve the party’s internal problem via a by-election, so be it. There’s no need for them to beat around the senduduk (straits rhododendron) bush.


Zaid Ibrahim.. Kajang – It’s not about Ambition

Kajang is not about Anwar’s or Azmin Ali’s ambitions. It’s about the potential failure of Pakatan Rakyat as a political alliance in the state.

The problem started in 2008 when Anwar—jubilant that Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim the corporate millionaire had agreed to join PKR—promised that Khalid would be Menteri Besar if the Pakatan captured Selangor. Anwar had previously promised Azmin the same position and credit is due to Azmin for accepting the change gracefully.

So, when Khalid became Menteri Besar, he did not take kindly to the decisions and directives made by Anwar or the party as a whole. In fact, he mostly ignored them. In my brief sojourn at PKR, I saw clearly that Khalid was “uncontrollable” from the political point of view.

Anwar’s penchant for avoiding difficult decisions and procrastinating on important issues is the real reason for the present trouble in Selangor.

Selangor had to find legitimate ways to channel funding to all political parties—including the Barisan Nasional—in proportion to the votes obtained at the general election. Khalid openly rebuffed this idea and Anwar didn’t have the stomach to contradict him.

Today, he wants to remove Khalid from the post but Khalid understands state politics quite well. After the 13th general election, PKR wanted Azmin appointed as Menteri Besar but the Pakatan could not agree to it.

So it is desperation with Khalid that has led Anwar to engineer the coming by-election. This move, however, will not be publicly understood unless people know about the Pakatan’s internal difficulties in Selangor.

Unfortunately, we have come to the point where Selangor Pakatan Rakyat members must be prepared to break ranks, if necessary, in order to forge real political unity.

Neither Anwar nor the Pakatan Rakyat can survive without that unity


 Some people are saying that ultimately PKR deputy president Azmin Ali will be made the Selangor menteri besar.

A Penang PKR source told Oriental Daily News that PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim would first take over as MB upon winning the by-election and after  the party elections in April.

Assuming the MB’s post is a stepping stone for Anwar in his pursuit to become the  prime minister, the source said, stressing that if Anwar did not make the Kajang move, he would be deserted during the party polls and see his big dreams fall apart.

As Azmin has gone through fire and water with Anwar all these years, the source said Anwar would back Azmin as the future helmsman of Selangor.

“Forcing a by-election for Anwar to contest is a tactic of killing two birds with one stone.

Selangor MB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is expected to relinquish his post after the party polls whereas Azmin, who enjoys ground support, would logically be lifted to a higher position with the backing of the election results, the daily reported.

“Then Anwar will become MB and make Azmin his deputy. He might also even make Azmin the acting MB,” the Penang PKR source was quoted as saying.


In the permutations above (and there are a few more), one must not rule out BN’s manoeuvring to steal the State from the people and PR without needing a new Statewide election. This was cunningly done in Perak to oust Nizar. Currently, not only are Selangorians angry, HRH’s patience is no doubt being tested and this does not portend a good outcome for the future of PR.

Edmund Boon Tai Soon,

Where it was the Barisan Nasional (BN) in Nizar’s case on the Perak Constitution, the numerically weakest party PKR is now embarking on a venture to test the limits of the Laws of the Constitution of Selangor, or better known as the Selangor Constitution. Unlike Nizar’s case, the ‘threat’ to the current MB Khalid — so to speak — is not from the outside of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) but from within PKR. Like in Nizar however, it does not appear that an overwhelming majority of reasonable, right-thinking voters wish to see the current MB replaced by another.


Immensely enjoyed reading this below..

Lessons in DEmocracy- .

 Congratulations to Anwar.
For exposing the dark side of UMNO. As Milton Friedman said: The battle for freedom must be won over and over again.
The idea of universal democracy- rests on 2 pillars. The right to platform and the right to recall. Both are at play in the coming Kajang by-election. The kajang people are in a historic position in our democratic history. Never before have we been conscious of a game changing process.
Right of platforms.
The right of platform means the people have the right to know what the winners of an election will do after they have been elected. This right of platform belongs to the people as well as the political parties. Right of platform to political parties means they are free to present policies, ideas and specific programs for the betterment of the people.
. In the coming Kajang election, the freedom to offer platforms has exposed that UMNO is nothing, but a pedlar of pornography.
That’s how UMNO runs the country.
Now, the regressive programs of UMNO measure the moral health of UMNO and put everyone on notice about UMNO’s racial, religious and national sentiments.
What can we say about that? UMNO and its president are morally bankrupt.
The worth of this by-election to the Kajang people.
The people of Kajang have the opportunity to strip UMNO naked and expose its regressive programmes.
The opportunity to combat and destroy UMNO’s regressive platforms through dialogue and rebuttal.
We engage the people in dialogues instead of using the mentally-challenged method of making police reports or invoking the fear of another May 13.
And the best form of rebuttal is by voting against UMNO and BN in a great way by making them lose their deposit.
Let them eat Kangkung.
UMNO fears Anwar Ibrahim.
That’s the truth which explains the morbidity and maniacal responses from UMNO and its underlings.
With Anwar leading Selangor in whatever position the PKR coalition eventually agrees, we will see a stronger political leadership
with matching political skills to combat the evil machinations of UMNO.
Let’s face it; Khalid Ibrahim is a sound manager for Selangor.  what he lacks are political skills-  needed to consolidate power in Selangor.
A weak political leadership can lead to a BN takeover and whatever reserves that Selangor has accumulated can be frittered away in an instance.
Consolidation of political power is the key for Selangor. The issue of whether Anwar can become MB or not,
should not distract us from the bigger picture-
Selangor is the lynchpin state pointing to Putrajaya’s heart. Let’s give them a heart attack.
It shall be money worth spending to allow the people to exercise the right to recall.
The modern equivalent to the Malays’ right to repudiate the Original Covenant between Demang Lebar Daun and Seri Teri Buana.
It’s the modern equivalent to the withdrawal of the mandate of heaven.
It provides voters the opportunity to re-evaluate the platform which BN promised at the onset of GE13.
The Kajang people can use this by-election to reaffirm their vigorous objection to what BN has done after GE13-
which is reneged on almost all its platform.
Punish them severely by sending a strong message that, eventually the rakyat has the right to recall,
i.e. the right to censure the ruling government, without waiting for the periodic 5 years.
That message can serve to educate the whole of the country.
So, in this respect I congratulate Anwar Ibrahim and PKR for enhancing the meaning of universal democracy.
This is a great opportunity for the people of Kajang to also teach Najib and UMNO the meaning of the entirety rule.
According to this principle, once having won the right to govern, the legal winner governs the entire nation not just the section of that nation that voted for them .
from  : Lessons in DEmocracy  by Dato Mohd Ariff b Hj. Abdul Aziz aka Sakmongkol AK47 , who also happens to be the elected MP fpr Raub Pahang.



Tony Pua, told a forum last night that Malaysians could forget about ever toppling the BN government if the majority of Kajang voters did not cast their ballots in favour of Anwar.

“If Anwar loses the by-election, Pakatan is finished. Forget about ‘Ubah’, forget about throwing out BN. It’s a crucial election that cannot be taken lightly,” Pua told a large audience at the Kajang Move forum.

“BN is going to use all its ammunition to attack Anwar. They know if he falls, that’s the end of Anwar and Pakatan,” he warned, adding that this was perhaps the reason for the long delay of the by-election.

Pua was adamant his declaration was not as a threat, but a statement of fact.


an afterthought of mine .: “Ammunition as in the state of  PKR’s finances vs the might of BN’s  access to billions of the people’s money.Their ammunition! 


Anwar interview-Road to Kajang

If I become MB,” he said, raising his voice on ‘if’, “it will be until I become Prime Minister.” He smiled.

 Anwar painted a gentler picture of friendship and politics. Khalid, he said, is a good friend but Selangor needs “political clout”.

“ The circumstances and the dictate of the time requires that Selangor be driven,” Anwar said.

“I cannot accept Selangor being held every time to ransom. Every other week you have this problem, these attacks.We seem to be quite helpless, either they (the BN) use state apparatus or some NGO and not much can be done … we will not allow this to happen. This requires political leadership.”

‘It’s not about the money’

But Khalid  has solid credentials. Under his stewardship, Selangor reserves now stand at an astounding RM3 billion, a mountain of cash that he jealously guards.

Khalid has refused to play politics with the funds, either through politically-expedient projects camouflaged as state initiatives or through feeding the party.

Critics of the ‘Kajang Move’ claim that this is actually the main reason behind the manoeuvre. They say it is just a bid by PKR to break into the coffers. Anwar shrugged, as if this is nothing new, and without missing a beat lamented how “unfair” such accusations are.

He argued that there is no point talking about reserves with issues like poverty and public housing still a problem in the state.

“The mantle of economic management is not good reserves but good management of the economy. If you spend money, say the reserves, for public housing and free education for Universiti Selangor students, then is it wasting public money?”

Solution to Bible seizure

Anwar took the long and winding route in responding to a question as to why he chose to finally intervene in Selangor. At the end of this, it was not difficult to conclude that one of his grouses was the way the state has handled the Bible seizure issue.

“I would say: ‘Guarantee that they won’t be distributed to Muslims, don’t send them to schools and only use them for Christians. I want it in writing.’ And then I (would) send them back,” he said.

Comparing himself to Anwar, Khalid last week had said that, unlike him, Anwar can face impossible demands (he uses Hindraf’s demands as an example) but at the end of the meeting, those making the demands will be part of Anwar’s fan club. It is this trait that Anwar seems to be banking on to deal with rising religious tensions over the use of ‘Allah’ by non-Muslims.

If he heads the Selangor government, Anwar said, he could use state resources to build the confidence of Muslims so they would not feel threatened by purported threats to their faith. He said he has met Muslims who are “virtually fearful” of mass Christianisation and this means the issue is “beyond political”.

“No, I don’t believe Islam is threatened or (that) we (would) allow it to happen. I would say you have all the resources at your disposal to strengthen the position of Islam, to use the mosque to educate, to launch your dakwah (preaching) programmes.But you should never allow people to be held to ransom, to instil this sort of fear among the non-Muslims. This is something that is just pathetic after half a century of independence.”

“So I think we have to explain.  Don’t underestimate or overestimate your influence or power without engaging with the people.”

he said, Kajang was chosen among several seats because its demographics reflect that of the state and doing it now means there will still be time for Anwar and Pakatan to prove their chops in Selangor before the next general election.

“I cannot go on with this (and the feud within PKR Selangor and attacks by BN) on a protracted basis.  It was a very difficult decision, not very popular . But the decision has to be made for the larger interest and I think, at least for a start, we have caught BN off guard. Nobody anticipated it…”

Full transcript..anwar-interview-road-to-kajang


As for Rafizi, it is only fair to allow him to explain in his own words..

Quote:  IN my 37 years,except for 97 in Kg Rawa,  , i have never encountered a group of people of one faith  demonstrating in front of a place of worship of another faith, never happened in Malaysia.!

If this statement is not alarming enough to jolt  a bit those still in slumber , it should. It shows how extreme and dire the state of affairs has become. And worst, it seems to be of design, intentionally manipulated for some ultimate diabolical intent .

Because if the worst case scenario of UMNO have a sinister design of considering using the “emergency declaration” to forcibly take over, that seems far fetched and implausible. Lets hope for our sakes, it really is that, because it ultimately affects our very way of lives and the status quo as we know it and have gotten so comfortable with.


The Kajang Move is a strategic move for  the bigger interest of the nation..Dr. Dzukefli Ahmad endorsing the move from PAS.


Finally, this is a political strategy to help beat the corrupt and oppressive BN coalition, and consign them eventually to the trash-heap of history. That is not against the interest of the rakyat; on the contrary, that is the best possible thing for the rakyat..
N Surendran
Vice President, Keadilan
MP Padang Serai

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