Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Here are some reasons why Namewee’s movie Banglasia was not permitted for screening.
A T-shirt the main character in the movie was wearing had the words “ Save Malaysia”.
According to the censorship board. It cannot be allowed because it creates a wrong impression about the country as being “ unsafe”

Another major scene filmed in KotaRaya KL,was not allowed because ostensibly , there were too many foreigners in the scene (Bangladeshis in the shops and streets) and therefore, the scene must be censored because it does not reflect the real Malaysia.
Another scene from the movie has characters shooting guns and it must be censored because , well , it shows a lack of security in the streets of Malaysia, as if it happens all the time.?.( forget Hollywood or HongKong movies and their firepower)
And this one ought to take the cake in terms of censorship based on “common sense”.
A lead character in the movie,played by a Bangladeshi movie star. Has him shooting a gun, target practicing in his home country . Bangladesh, and the censorship board’s gripe with the scene is that, the scene was filmed with a Bangladeshi flag in the background. And because the flag resembles the flag of a Malaysian opposition party, which it does actually resemble the PAS flag.. Hence poor Namewee is accused of conspiring against the federal government and subtly promoting the opposition via insinuation.. The scene is not allowed.

What can be said, with thinking like these censoring films , it gets one to think whether to be amused or alarmed..because if we think on this, these type of illogical censoring ,actually applys on a larger scale and not just on the entertaiment situation.

Here is Namewees gripe below..


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