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The Deviants
  The behaviour of the protesters yesterday reminds us of religious fanatics in Afghanistan or deepest Pakistan.

The deviants who claim to be Muslims and who wish to preserve the dignity of Malays by offering a reward to anyone who slaps Seputeh MP Teresa Kok are deranged.

These deviants have also insulted the memory of Bapa Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman who was born on Feb 8, 111 years ago. If he was alive today, he would have shed tears to see the country which he led to Merdeka being destroyed by men who are not worthy to be called leaders.

The men who claim to represent the Council of Islamic NGOs slaughtered four chickens and then daubed blood on the faces of opposition representatives, portrayed on a banner. They were upset by Teresa’s satirical video..

Their behaviour reminds us of religious fanatics in Afghanistan or deepest Pakistan, who have just beheaded a man, and in their euphoria, celebrate by shooting their AK-47s into the air. (although slightly extreme on the description but still Ms Mariam is angry and sure can sense it)


Zulkifly and his ilk are being used by Umno Baru leaders to create disharmony in Malaysia. Their target is you, the rakyat.

These deviants may claim they are protecting the good name of the leaders but why are they quiet when leaders are alleged to be corrupt or to have broken the law?

A few years ago, similar deviants sent death threats to Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching and left a dead chicken at the entrance to her office. Teo was reaching out to her constituency, including making visits to the mosque, to find out how her constituents could be better served.

The recent spate of violence is threatening the harmony of Malaysia, its stability and its economic future.

Thursday’s group of deviants want to create chaos and to strike fear into our hearts by harping on May 13. We should not let them take control of our streets and our minds.

Ordinary Malay and Muslim voices have the power to stop this madness. If a few Malays/Muslims were able to defend a church in Shah Alam, I am confident that thousands more Malays and Muslims could march in solidarity with their non-Muslim peers, to protect the true spirit of multi-cultural Malaysia.

Full article commentary here .. Deviant Sect.


Get That 1200 rm , Teresa Kok.!

Zan Azlee

Time and time again I have said it. Malaysians have no appreciation for satire, sarcasm and humour. And that is just so laughable that it just is not funny.

Everyone is now familiar with the parodic Chinese New Year video produced by Teresa Kok, the DAP MP for Seputeh, and her team.

I was very amused by the video and found it hilarious, and quite true too (my Cantonese is atrociously mediocre, but I think I got a bit of the nuances!).

Okay, fine. I can accept the fact that not everyone would understand the video and that many might even be offended by it. That is okay.

These people have all the right and freedom to oppose and object to the video. They can write articles, make statements, or even hold peaceful protests.

Heck! I think the best way would be to actually produce another video to mock or even oppose the video by Teresa Kok and her team.

But then a group of so-called Muslim NGOs came out to prove my thought that Malaysians do not seem to have the intellectual capability to comprehend satire.

By offering a cash reward to commit violence (RM1,200 for anyone who slaps Teresa Kok and provide photographic evidence) cannot be very Islamic.

One of the most common phrases in Islam is “Bismillahirahmanirahim”, which means “In the name of God, the most compassionate and most merciful”.

That in itself proves that the basis of Islam is about compassion and mercy. And wait a minute! What does “Islam” mean? I think it actually means “peace”!

I am sure that this group, which goes by the name The Council of Islamic NGOs, must be very proud that they are encouraging violence in the name of religion.

But I think I have a suggestion for Teresa Kok to turn the tables around and play another joke. This time at the expense of this so-called Islamic council.

Now hear me out. Their leader, Zulkfli Sharif, has declared publicly that this offer of money to slap Teresa Kok is open to all Malaysians.

So how about Teresa Kok organise a group of underprivileged people to gather and get them each to slap her in the face (lightly!) and take pictures.

Then they can all go and claim their reward. But they better bring their MyKad to prove your citizenship (make sure you know the words to “Negaraku” as well!).

I have got a still camera and a video camera. So if you need my help for that photographic evidence, just give me a buzz. I will be willing to offer my time. – February 7, 2014.



i actually think that this is a  brilliant suggestion by zain azlee..
Personally i think it may help defuse the situation and neutralize some of the venom or bile of their stunt.

Surely we can have more self restraint over our emotions especially when we clearly see attempts of manipulation by unscrupulous, godless people with crisis in conscience and insecurity of their own identities.
So  actually,why play along and feel the way these ignorant idiots want to provoke from their stunt.?

When we can be and do much better n show them real values of humanity..

Since it has been offered and in the spirit of CNY and charity..get a truly deserving cause. and not stop at a meagre 1200 rm only,

there are sure to be  are more generous philanthropist willing to come up with angpows 10 times more to see a “slap of love”,

“like how we gently tap(slap) our kids cheeks when they r naughty-, on Teresa’s or any other high profile politicians face, for a worthy cause.

She /They just have to volunteer”offer the other cheek” .but of course claim the 1200 first,

it can feed or buy a lot of school uniforms or shoes for less priviledged kids in the name of charity .even if they reneged, someone offers to make the amount up,

more out of the spirit of giving than spite back,forget that.!
Turn the whole thing into a light hearted charity cause for less privilidged children and bring some cheers and smiles to them.

So instead of the “Hate” message they try to impart, change the theme into one of love and caring of “ALL Malaysians ” who are less fortunate..Life is too short to bear grudges, forgive the clowns and focus on charities that transcends all ethnic divides.  Happy CNY.



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