Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia


Dr Norzila Baharin, MM 

Too many of us Muslims have kept quiet for too long. Islam has been humiliated, trampled on, slapped left and right, called all sorts of things, allegedly unfair to women, denying people their right to practise their cultural and social norms and also banning ideas of pluralism, secularism, feminism and liberalism as they were threats to Islam.

It all began more than 1400 years ago when Prophet Muhammad saw first received his revelation from Allah in Hira’ cave, asking him to propagate Islam initially to his family and close relatives, then to friends and society at large. During that period, society were like pagans, no holds barred, no rules, pleased to do whatever they desired including usury (riba’), adultery ( zina), and unfair trade practices. Women were treated lower than men and were merely regarded as sexual objects. Islam came and abolished all these bad and unlawful practices, giving women their rights similar to men, therefore bringing the light or ‘Nur’ of Islam to extinguish the darkness of ‘Jahiliah’ or the period of ignorance. Most of them reverted to Islam because they knew that Islam was brought for the good of mankind.

Nowadays, however, because many sort of inherited the religion or were born into Muslim family, when the family do not practise Islam, a lot of the Islamic values and practices are forgotten or not passed down, they are therefore Muslim by name only. This is sad actually, because they usually say they are Muslims and they know what Islam wants, when in reality, they have no relationship with Allah, they only act according to their desires and their small amount of intelligence. They may say they were educated overseas, but in actual fact, whatever knowledge they have, will never compare to Allah’s knowledge, not even by a finger.

Forget about the rising number of unwanted pregnancies and children born out of wedlock, these teens just want to fulfil their whims and desires while ignoring Shariah law. Islam has forever banned adultery or zina since the beginning of time.

Forget about the increasing incidences of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases due to the different modes of sexual orientation practised by lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals (LGBT’s). From the Quran we are told that, during Prophet Lut’s reign, some members of his tribe practised homosexuality, he frowned upon it because it was against Islam and he tried to persuade them to forsake their practice, they refused, and as a consequence, they were punished severely by Allah in the form of an earthquake.

Forget about the claims made by COMANGO, because these groups or NGO’s think they are doing it for the good of the people and that they are actually defending the rights of women and children and thus empowering them. Islam has empowered women and children since it was first revealed to Prophet Muhammad saw. Look closely at the Shariah laws and you would be blind not to notice it.

Forget about kalimah Allah being used by Christians, shower them with gifts and flowers, to help them to understand Islam and instead attack the Muslim NGO’s who are actually protecting the sanctity of Islam.

Heck, forget also about the damage being done to our children and future generations who will not be able to differentiate Allah ( believed by Muslims) and their friends’ Allah ( used by non Muslims) because their parents who practise liberalism, secularism and pluralism tells them it is alright to do so when in fact, Allah has revealed in the Quran that Islam is the complete and perfect religion suited for all mankind.

The list goes on and on, especially now, the increasing cases of heinous crimes such as rape, sodomy and murder towards women and children alike. It’s so alarming that there’s nothing to laugh or even smile about.

I fear that certain groups and organisations are plotting to bring down Islam altogether and abolish it in Malaysia or at least to liberalise it to conform to their ideas and desires.

These liberal, secular and feminist organisations are targeting certain Muslim NGO’s and portraying these NGO’s as extremists, that is as the bad ones who are out to condemn anyone or any group not complying to Syariah law. The fact of the matter is, these Muslim NGO’s are trying to do the right thing by making Muslims realise that Islam is actually under threat and that they and their future generation will lose out if they prefer to stay calm and not do anything.

And Malaysia wants to be a secular and liberal nation by 2020? No way Hose, not while I’m still alive and ISMA still exists with its thousands strong members fighting against this and God willing, Allah will not allow this to happen as long as there are Muslim organisations or ‘jemaah’ protecting and guarding Islam and upholding Syariah laws making sure it survives the test of time.

Sure, we respect the rights of others to practise their beliefs and culture,

but they must also acknowledge that Malays are the dominant race and Islam is the religion of the Constitution. We will not allow Islam to be compromised or be tampered with in the name of pluralism and diversity.

* Dr Norzila Baharin is the Kuantan chief of Wanita ISMA.

** This article is in response to Zainah Anwar’s recent piece….Power-to-the-people-time-to-voice-out-our-stand/


the writer’s insecurity of her own sense of ethnic id and faith seems approaching crisis level. since everything is perceived to be threatened and under siege. guess she has a right to be outraged,since according to her, so many of the evils were perpetuated by them,the “conspirators”.
LGBT (almost responsible for many STD diseaseS.) teen pregnancies etc. its their fault they are ignorant , and peace offering in flowers..thats selling out…betrayal !

The Comango people have misplaced idealism /priorities, just because most of them are educated and well informed, she is saying , that can be a curse or blessing
but because ,many have different interpretations/understanding from hers, then they may be wrongly informed.
What is the worry? surely not that the grand conspirators,” will succeed in their sinister designs..or she herself or her descendants risk getting proselytized because they are too weak n confused hence their faith is not strong enuff to resist?


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