Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Sometimes when the mind starts pondering on many questions that has no logical answer like why the recent ” Kajang” move by Anwar Ibrahim and PKR, and the floodgates of assumptions are opened by a non commital answer that triggers even more curiousity .Then the thoughts  has a tendency to meander into the territory of the absurd or  the implausible.

Very much like watching a  good theatrical show,staged for the very first time, cast of characters that are thrown together , of which among them have a fair share of scandals, infamy, notoriety, controversy and  the script is improvised on the spot as the plot,also improvised with a loose outline but will adapt accordingly to situation,  -the plot, can be shockingly  absurdly implausible , nobody can predict how it will play out or  the conclusion, especially when caught off balance by the twist and turns and  distractions

.More so in the real life political stage where there are usually no clear distinctions but blurred on who are the good guys and bad guys.

The plot unfolds or thickens as we observe

And the far fetched implausibilities are thinking whether all the recent happenings of the political scene in the country are somehow linked.


Anwar bidding for the Selangor MB.. Rafizi’s statements about “political maestro needed” (either that or  it is his innuendo saying that  a politically ruthless mind that can be on an even keel,to scheme as diabolically and be as sinister as the opposing side.)

Tan Sri Khalid doesn’t seem to be that type and perhaps just doesn’t have the stomach for games like these.. that can get heartless, seemingly unscrupulous )

And the “emergency laws “conspiracy Rafizi threw out for the public to digest on…perhaps a bit extreme still ” no smoke without fire”.


Khalid alluding to the well replenished coffers of the Selangor state..and his ‘no more potholes patching ,after doing that for so many years, its time to pave the whole road because can afford to do so now” statement.


Najib’s reticence.. TDM’s offensive on him..another grand game  in itself..Probably spawning a minor league of teams within UMNO playing for the trophy of ultimate control of the party.


(An afterthought–in the spirit of the absurdity of the kajang move, Tun M shud join in the fray n hint himself as a possible candidate against Anwar..he just has to say” thinking about it” like Zaid, to gage response..and probably all hell will break loose..”battle of the century.-clash of the titans.” kind of thing , to foil Anwar, since TDM is so hell bent to keep Anwar at bay. We need some exciting entertaiment on the political front, and this will sure rank as an all time greatest show on the Malaysian earth)


And god knows what else is happening within UMNO’s  internal politics of  “The Young Turks vs The Old School”. Each trying to outmanuevre the other , trying to dislodge the other , Jostling for positions, that can be very lucrative or attempting to install a continuation of  mini dynastic hierachy.

UMNO may not be as united as it seems. They are almost resembling a larger version of Hindraf, or what they successfully accomplished in manuevering Hindraf into Uthaya and Waytha camps  vs MIC, with their “killing with borrowed knife strategy” straight off the page from the 36 Chinese Strategems..

Difference is that  UMNO being a much bigger entity ,  has manuevered themselves into more than 2 camps. All with a respective team captain, Team KJ , team Zahid , team Hiham, team muhyidin team Mukhriz , etc  jostling to align behind either team Najib or Team TDM


On the political front recently,
my  imagination is running wild , wondering if Taib’s sudden resignation -that came from out of the blue, totally unexpected , is somehow connected to some grand sinister development, “deal strucked”. or Taib’s hand forced ?  Or is it a separate issue..? Also , what prompted his remarks keep ” UMNO out of Sarawak ”   bitterness, feeling betrayed?  Warning to UMNO of some intent? followed almost immediately by Muhyidin – sounds worried-.”no intention of going ” as if to pacify things.?

DAP , PK PAS, each party represented by a MB , helming  richest hence most powerful states, combine the ruthless scheming  “talents” of the MBs esp Anwar and LGE and senior,and their teams of some of the best and brilliant young minds,  impressive intellects in political science, law and the constitution, especially economics and by no means “kangkung-nomics”Many with valid degrees or “PHDs”backing them up, assisting in the strategizing, and with access to the resources of which has accumulated from 2 terms of the very wealthy industrialised states of  Selangor and Penang ,and a weakened UMNO in Peninsular and waning influence of their fixed deposit states.
As things are now , if GE14 were to be next month, BN will very likely be buried.!!

Timing at the moment seems so right for the durians to fall

YUP, A fertile imagination can conjure a lot of fantastic scenarios, in the power game plays of the political parties. If Anwar gets to be MB, it may get very interesting, Who is going to scuffle with who and who will be on what team. In a theatre of the absurd ,esp in a political production of Malaysia, .nothing is implausibility!

Who knows, there may well be a radical shift in Malaysian politics or perhaps a  power shift sooner than we expect and not via the conventional means that we expected!.

And since the public is still in the dark as to the true designs and intentions of the Kajang Move by Anwar and PKR,, it s lot of fun  to try to read between the lines as events unfold and see which are the dots that can be connected!.



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