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Kajang move??

allegations are surfacing that khalid may have sold out to Daim, which in default is akin to selling out to UMNO. It has been suggested by credible quarters ,that to gain more insight on the “Kajang move”, follow the money trail of Khalid, like the recent Islamic bank settlement. To be fair to Khalid, allegations are just that, and benefit of doubt ought to be given.
Yet ,if there is any basis to the allegations, it will clear up so many questions on the many justifications behind this “Kajang Move”. Imagine “Selangor” the bastion of a PKR run state , risks being turned into a proxy goverment of UMNO. In all but name.


Another pertinent question, why did Khalid decide to remove  a whole dept in PKNS that seems to be linked to PK via Azmin /Anwar?

Smells more of a political move than it is about cost cutting…( This  doesn’t seem to be a hasty decision , more like a pre-planned decision)

And then “The Kajang Move”..this looks more and more like the counter move that caught  everyone off guard.

Noticed the body language and speech mannerism exhibited by Khalid during his public appearances with Anwar relating to Kajang. . As if he is still in a painful grimace, from someone whose nuts were/ are being squeezed..?



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