Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Wow, such brilliant insight from this American Ms Dumbo Blondie and the dumber versions from Fox news..

I actually empathize with the more serious American journos who risk life and limb to tell it as it is, them i have a lot of respect for.

And what can i say about this Foxy crap  stench they call news. Maybe they ought to stick their  heads out more from that reeking cramped Foxhole and maybe the stench from the fox crap they call news can be salvaged and be recognized as journalism…


Although one does need to pay attention to the last “common sense point” they emphasized,” they are  muslims so they are potential  terrorist”, and just like another ” common sense point” that is also as thought provoking..

These are people from Fox News, so it is to be expected that their intelligence or IQ , or perhaps the lack of it,  either way it is definitely and glaringly non existent.

And political incorrectness is what they feed their brains.




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