Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Her youthfulness can be an asset..youth means brimming with energy and exuberance and stamina ready to be infused into the political arena, giving the old BN political goats and few dinosaurs ex ministers
-( who refuse to die or fade away gracefully ) a kick in the bottoms and shake them out of their complacency , inertia and plain self serving greed, esp those who are serving MPs, since these old political goats stubbornly refused to come to terms with the fact that they are really getting old and becoming useless rubbish just occupying valuable parlimentary seats with not much to contribute to nation building and progress , and catch up with the rest of the world,

Diyana is a breath of fresh invigorating air in place of stale air , like Nurul or Hannah and many more in the NGO sector…
.the youthfulness energy and even the gender they represent has message of optimism and hope of our nation’s future into a progressive nation if we have more politicians who has similar views like her helping to shape and chart the country’s path into a more moderate environment that is truly a flavour only to be felt in Malaysia by Malaysians..

Her gender may not be that big a deal to voters who will select quality and merit and of course ability to be effective and taken seriously, she may not be experienced politically but when considering the alliance she is with and revered wisemen Mentors, also her allies from the youthfully energetic highly experienced MPs from DAP and PKR, doubt that it will be an obstacle to be an effective MP.
Nurul did a brilliant job as a first term MP , after slaying a giant.
In a way , Diyana will be in same situation, and without doubt she will deliver because ,first time MPs always give their best.

If she wins ,it will really be a whopping “Thumb to her Nose” directed at chauvinistic warlords at UMNO and of course , certain bigoted extremist whose comfort zone regarding women is a preference for them to be not seen and hidden away..only exclusively catering to their whimsical chauvinistic arrogant male ego pride.

Our country’s future should not be overly emphasized along racial and religious fervour, albeit religion and culture are important, nonetheless it should be a collective psyche of ideals and aspirations in wanting to see our kids forge a truly multi cultural society that is in total acceptance and understanding of each other’s ethnic identity .

That is what being a Malaysian should mean .. does not discriminate or favour , whether race or gender , and has a level field for all her citizens
regardless of ethnicity , just need a Malaysian ID and if the smarts are possessed than the goverment nurtures and also seek out those Malaysians who are highly intelligent, creative but need financial assistance due to familial background.

But now Diyana needs to show what substance she is composed of within that very pretty face , She need to convince the constituents that she has the capability and skills to champion the causes that really needs dire attention in our ailing country..

SO far, she has made a favourable impression standing her ground showing grace under fire , and not stooping to the moronic underhanded tactics in assasinating her character.
Now ,she need to show voters that she is a double “B” threat , Beauty and Brains .


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