Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Somehow ,  come next GE , it may well be , spare no resources, UMNO must be booted out !t whatever cost

Anything , whoever , who runs the country , as long as they stop the racist nonsense and work for the common good of all, it will be acceptable because if not, these UMNO youth gangsters goons will be among the future ranks to higher positions in later years, if they are not stopped.

even now , they show such hooligan mentality, disdain for law and order , leopard don’t change spots. and if they are still around , our later generation, kids , will have to suffer their nonsense as well.

They are the future controversial Zaid Hamidis , Ibrahim Alis , Zul Nordins , Riduan Tees Muyidin Yassins, Bung Mokhtars and on and on, easily now can name more than a dozen ministers,MPs or UMNO associates who are talked about in kopitiams by all across the ethnic divide and mainly despised by many including our PM who is not respected anymore because of his do nothing attitude.

Now UMNO is defending the indefensible, unacceptable behaviour, storming into the state legislative assembly to seek out an elected .!
if they had found n confronted him, would they have become violent and lynched him, since they feel they are invincible ,thev law cannot touch them, they belong to UMNO. So they can basically do as they please without repercussions.?

And what about DAP HQ and Kuantan. not even an isolated case, more like organised mayhem by a organised coordinated syndicate.
What if they are not happy with an MP n decide to storm parliment..will the PM or home minister still side with them?

Just because its UMNO youth and so can do no wrong? Where is the line they cannot cross?

And PDRM can’t do a thing, muzzled, cannot even bark less political master gets offended
.Meantime, they get bolder,since they know, whose on their side.Whats the worst that can happen if they cross the line..?
No worries another rebuke, slap on the wrist and then NFA..

We don’t descend ,we are already there. This is anarchy already, to a degree.!
yet condoned by inaction by the goverment. because it is perpetrated by a group of anarchist associated with the ruling goverment.

How else to describe it when groups of people invade a legislative hall , a revered place in any country in the world, where laws/legislation of governance are made. Then a legislator, lawmaker, elected rep of the people is physically threatened, and HQ of a political party with national level lawmakers are threatened, intimidated, an MP shouted at by a trouble maker, the MP who had nothing to do with the incident of the word said in annoyance except perhaps on the fact that,it was uttered by someone in the same political party, and he gets labelled a racist and verbally abused by one hell bent on causing racial resentment.
so plain to see in the language used.

And all relevant authorities and enforcement agencies sit on their hands.?

UMNO’s honor..What Honor?


Defending UMNO’s honor by storming into the legislative assembly hall ?

Criminal intimidation by threatening to burn down the DAP HQ , an organisation with countless Yang Berhormats in the party.

Pelting eggs at another ofiice, writing all sorts of insults ,reciprocating the one word uttered, some very derogatory and insulting it almost counts as vulgarity. ?? Where is the honor in that? Do they even know what the word means?

How do you redeem honour in such displays of thuggish behaviour, that only scoundrels are capable of doing?
If anything , these UMNO youths destroyed what little honor or dignity the organization as a whole has in the eyes of all , the word Rayer used to express his annoyance pales into insignificance at the self inflicted damage to the reputation they caused to their own institution and the thousands of ordinary decent law abiding , courteous and respectful and respected members of UMNO and the community they are supposed to represent.
As if just because, they say so, they assume the whole organization or the community will agree with them and stand behind them in support at the perceived gross insult to their honor and the way they chose to confront or the manner they went about demanding a redress.
IF that is the way, they choose to settle a slight on their honor, it just confounded or exasperated many but then again , many can see right through the transparently veiled attempt to incite racial resentment through provocation.Using whatever excuse they can come up with. But they are not very creative and quite shallow in not thinking things through. The last laugh is actually on them.

They just managed to make themselves appear like lawless brats and with no sense of right and wrong or decorum , behaving barbarically like the club wielding cavemen of the stone age.” Disagree, then i ll club you.

Such childish behaviour normally warrants a cynical snigger but if it werent for the complete disrespect and contemptible behaviour shown towards laws of the land and the institutions that legislates the laws
No laughing matter at all, it is more of outrage and disgust at their antics of the totally irreverent behaviour shown to the institutions that symbolizes law and order in our nation, not to mention their contemptible attitude when they interacted with respected politicians in the country,shouting abusively at an MP who had nothing to do with the word uttered except just happen to be in the same political party.. who happen to be among many of the DAP  serving parlimentarians in our venerated August house.
Indeed , honour to UMNO in the eyes of many has been wrecked by these UMNO goons in few moments of madness on display for the country and the international community to read about..
So, how to have honour , when conduct of the members are so dishonorable , its an embarassment. not to mention disgust.
IN essence UMNO and in this instance UMNO youth has done a pretty good job shaming themselves embarassing even the top brass which some minsters with wiser heads and clearer mind have come out with statements to reprimand ,but then again, as usual, most of them are so thick skinned stubborn, they will refuse to see nor accept it.

So dense between their ears  there is absolutely no way fit in common sense



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