Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia


sexist chauvinistic arrogant. almost all umno high level ranking members are like that..if young inexperienced and esp female malay, even gutsy and extremely smart young malays male or female, makes no difference, if umno member, forever be a nobody and go nowhere if have political aspirations, unless you are well connected or family has a lots of zeroes in bank ac to buy whatever, then few million rm may earn a leader spot in a “cawangan”.
among the reasons that DAP or PKR is enticing to the new breed of young ,idealistic and very smart malay youth..coz talent is recognized and acknowledged when they see it , individual with these qualities can shine politically if they choose to.
but the meek brainwashed malay youth will stay racist n bigoted , even condemning fellow malays who reject umno n are mentally strong…branded traitors coz they dare to be different n ambitious..unconventional is unacceptable. conform n obey, willingly give nose to be hooked so that can be guided by rope tied to nose, thats the umno way for past umpteen years..

.can not let go the “crutches of umno” they walk unsteady, and fall down easily despite nothing wrong with their physical ..


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