Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Viewed from another perspective, the election process happened , a winner emerged, democracy triumphed.!
Gerakan’s SK Mah is TK Intan’s elected  MP , and has minister portfolio awaiting, Tk Intan constituents has a minister MP..another positive !

DAP broadcasted a message that resonated throughout the nation , racial politics can be phased out, and won more approval.!
Also , DAP by fielding an almost unknown persona. Diyana,inadvertently created a star, Diyana Sophea,  practically a household name, more popular than some local celebrities.
Definitely taken more seriously because of the game she plays in, politics..

becoming an instant celebrity in her own right, with the potential to shine even brighter and be more influential and popular if her public persona is managed correctly.

SO , who lost again??


Although victory will have been sweeter and gleeful for Diyana and DAP / PKR, still , optimism on the future political landscape and those who will be taking on pivotal roles is what gives hope with this by election message.
Something happened here, the significance of which may or may not be realised ,only time can tell.
It is indeed uncommon that a virtual unknown youthful persona , can in an instant appears and takes on a loud voice to defy and challenge all the arrogance of the establishment, demonstrating that the Malaysian Gen-Y of today,that transcends ethnicities , but especially in one particular community , which have being taken for granted , for so long,

is not going to be as ignorant and willingly be spoon fed any longer.

They have wised up and discerning enough to realise that they too can
challenge the same arrogance and question the authority entrusted to those who are appointed to serve the best interest of all Malaysians, if they were to abuse the priviledge.
That has been the message broadcasted by Diyana’s stance as a candidate , not so much in words but more in the overall summation of the situation she is  positioned in.

The message distinct and clear, voice out your dissatisfaction if you feel things are not as it should be in a just equitable society.IF Diyana can, then the same applies across the board. Use your voice if your sentiments echoes Diyana’s.

The powers that govern are abusing their priviledge to lead the nation..Inflicting more harm tearing apart  the fabric  of our Malaysian close knit society, because of a instinctive response of self preservation, panicking in desperation stemming from their insecurities, and horrified at the prospect of losing power, and positions of priviledge,to loot and plunder with impunity.
And Diyana Sophea, who from obscurity has inadvertently become an iconic representation of the youthful dissenting energy directed against the condescending arrogant,stubborn tyrants of the current regime..

UMNO /BN can underestimate this tumultous undercurrent of the youthful dissenting sentiments at their peril, till it explodes in their faces.

Its an unstoppable collective force of unconscious power..

27 year old Diyana has the advantage of youthful vigour and idealism befitting her and her generation’s enthusiasm and passionate zeal for fairness and social equality. and she has the potential to shine brighter than even now ,  when her time comes.
Meantime ,all is fair in love and war and elections.Win or lose, thats democracy.!
Somehow this by-election carried a positive and optimistic  message that racial politics can slowly be phased out or is gradually evolving into a more acceptable version for Malaysians , brings hope and optimism.

A prelude of things to come..
Someday in Malaysia , Substance and qualities of individuals will be color blind to skin tone. and  what really matters,especially if there are those who possess the qualities of one who can lead all into a state of prosperity and well being , will be acknowledged and exploited  to mutual advantage..

For if the reverend Doctor Martin L. King can have  a dream, like wise so can us Malaysians.
Perhaps that is a dream for a Malaysia in the distant future.
But if order to do so, obstacles ,mental and institutional ,NOW ! need to be dismantled..or their sense of insecurity risk causing much more havoc and damage to the nation’s psyche, it will take longer to recover from the trauma inflicted after they are eventually booted out.

TRUST restored to whoever is in charge,That whomsoever has public confidence that they definitively work for the common good of all.
Maybe not in my lifetime but Diyana’s and her generation .


(apart from the decaying ,stubborn regime now , who seems to be in a state of denial that they are rotting away from their core. like drug addicts denying they have a problem,absolutely cocksure they have it under control. but it will be what ultimately destroys them.

Just as BN / UMNO ‘s refusal to address their internal  rot, that  will eventually lead to their self destructive path of their demise.

Perversely, the prevailing attitude among them is horrifyingly similar to  bloodsucking leeches intent to suck out as much as they can while they still can, for they know the day will come when they will no longer have the resources at their disposal to bleed the country some more.

Therefore , in the meantime, the organization seem to believe their own rhetoric and stubbornly maintains  the state of Denial that there is internal decay from within , despite the stench emanating from the institution that is so clear to all .

A corrupted culture that  is akin to a mini civilization unto itself , and the only way to exterminate it is to commit a symbolic type of genocide.

Or at the same token,. How do you solve a termite “white ant” infestation problem ? With the advantage of knowing precisely where the colony is located?

Simple enough, Remove / relocate the whole colony and problem solved!



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