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Cadburys porcine affair..

It is so curious to note that out of the thousands of products and brands on the shelves with the halal certification, “random testing???” happens to be Cadbury’s products.
And what is also thought provoking revolves on the fact that the most loudest voices in protest comes from the quarter of familiar faces that had screamed for a boycott of products of a certain ethnic origin, not to mention the over the top hysterics in relation to this porcine issue. ,over exxagerating the religious angle.
Whatever is factual, well, the circumstances leaves a lot of room for variants in interpretation.for the more rational ,analytical mindsets.


Halal industry just as the Kosher word is potentially worth millions.
and this allegedly chocolate tainted with porcine DNA just seems so curiously suspicious.

So randomly co incidental??

just mulling.!! Hmmmm. Everything is so farcical than serious ,that it verges on a comedy.


An update…probe-on-officer-who-leaked-porcine-dna-test

In this porcine dna affair.thousands of products and brands random testing, what are the odds of discovering porcine DNA, in Chocolate??

Knowing full well ramifications if muslim public has of this knowledge, esp porcine and the halal cert.Literally an explosive reaction if  combined and  it gets leaked..why??

officer who leaks it must have a million Rm conscience?   Now ,he is being investigated.
neways, press statement below  from Cadbury sheds a bit of light, but  video below showing form of indoctrinated mentality of the average muslim/malay  is worrisome.

A display of emotions so easily manipulated,and riled up, if one knows what are the correct emotional buttons to push , meaning what topics will always achieve desired result.

And no need to be creative, since it is always within race /religion and being threatened and that will easily get them to bear arms.Never gets old,always worked and will be used again and again.



But even despite Jakim issuing the statement that Cadbury’s is halal afterall.The NGOs who started screaming the loudest are still at it.

giving more credibilty to the suspicion that there is much more than meets the eye.

It may a diversionary tacticof the NGOs ,go on the offensive,in case they get incriminated ,Panic reflex.?

Were these NGOs in a conspiracy to smear Cadbury from the beginning?.
Everything is crumbling now, as investigation on the officer starts, who knows where it will lead and how high and low it will go,

These nonentity small fries NGOs do not seem like the sort that take up causes if there is no benefit or advantage for motivation , esp financial , ,wonder who finances them to continue the protest ?

Follow their money trail , and what can of worms can be discovered?
SO , Scream now, get public on your side, if they get linked to the plot to bring down Cadbury, can shout later that they are victims of a vendetta ,

in retaliation for highlighting the porcine issue in the first place.They were ones screaming the loudest in beginning , suspiciously!.




Not all what it seems in the Cadbury incident?

Could it be that  suspicions that the Malaysian Health Ministry had been wrong when they said that two samples of Cadbury Malaysia’s chocolates had contained porcine DNA?

Cadbury had such a curious response to the Ministry’s findings:

The curious part about Cadbury’s response is that they did not acknowledge whether the Ministry’s findings were correct; or at the very least whether it was consistent with Cadbury’s own findings and information.

Once a Brand knows the batch number of a product it can easily track back to its suppliers and institute an inquiry into the contents of the product. This should take no more than two days by today’s standards.

It now appears that Cadbury, has decided that it is better to come out with the fact that their own tests did not tally with the Health Ministry’s.

Their update on May 30th clearly states that “Although Cadbury proactively and voluntarily recalled the products, we have no reason to believe that there is any porcine or pork-related ingredient in our Cadbury chocolates….”

Cadbury then continued to say that it stands by “our halal certification and we have the highest levels of product labelling standards.”

The last statement may not have been very necessary but Cadbury’s stance is worth commending because many companies buckle even when they are right when it comes to the regulators.

There facts have yet to be established but right now it looks like the Ministry’s tests  had been wrong and when they accused Cadbury of having porcine DNA in its chocolates, Cadbury was stymied and shocked. It was caught in a difficult situation where it must have thought that it could not be seen to contradict the government.

This is an interesting case for companies. What do you do when the government or regulator wrongly accuses you of having products that does not comply to their standards? You’ve tested and retested the products and found that what they have said was not true.

Do you come out to say they were wrong or do you just grit your teeth and bear it?

Most companies would choose the latter course simply to avoid the ire of the officials.

But you can be assertive without being abrasive.

The tact  that Cadbury finally took, for instance, is the right one: saying that they have no reason to believe that their chocolates contain porcine or pork-related products.

It would be even better if they said that tests on the same batch subsequent to the Ministry’s announcement showed no evidence of porcine DNA.

But stopping  short of saying they are wrong. So taking a page  from Cadbury’s playbook is useful:  assert that you are convinced you are right, then say that you are working with the authorities to resolve their discrepancy.

In a nutshell , it is just saying the Ministry’s  results are different  and  both try to find out reason for the  discrepancy.


Following video  has to be my favourite of all the drama and hysterics.. Esp when she says,  “we are what we eat”, yes indeed..favourite food must be “the delicious juicy  otak lembu”.

She and all those of her ilk , wants a blood transfusion, i’d agree but cannot stop there , a complete overhaul mandatory ,  brain surgery perhaps ??


On a more serious note, it is with  a slight concern viewing this Malaysian “sister” in the video .

She displays a mentality of the average muslim Malaysian Malay person. with  emotions so easily manipulated, if  the puppet masters knows what correct emotional buttons to push to get them riled up enough that will by pass their own propensity for reasoning or logical thought.

Make them angry enough and the manipulators  hold full control to jerk the puppets around .

Seems  so simple is the formula,recipe will depend on how angry the manipulators want their subjects to be.

But the Menu has only two sections, Race and Religion.

Religion being the more volatile and can get subjects more irrational, that they use it with caution but without conscience.

And this  Cadbury affair is the perfect demo of when religion is selected to manipulate subjects to achieve a diabolical scheme of profitting.

The good name of a religion tarnished because of Greed..

it can be slightly alarming to see and wonder whether this is the successful result of the years of indoctrination of the malay psyche, using the boogeyman  subjects..” malays / islam under threat, nons will grab everything, trying to proselytize and make malaysia christian country, must fight them or they will take over and malays will starve and robbed of their rights in their own country”  The US and Them….etc etc

And it never gets old , it is always within race /religion and being threatened and that will easily get the Malay community to bear is hurtful to contemplate, because generally. the community are of  very decent,tranquil ,kind and easy going lovely people. And so many are dear friends , as close as  family can be among some. Which is why, the outrage is felt when we feel our dear friends being used and manipulated and despite that, nothing can be done as we witness some of our close friends actually buying into the diabolical ,evil rhetoric and start distancing themselves.Because the attempts to foster resentment is taking hold causing uncertainty and seeing enemies in what once were close comrades.

Merely because of their susceptibility and good nature that the evil schemers managed to  plant some suggestive thoughts  encouraging suspicion and feel resentful against those different from them.

That is the real terrible crime being  commited as we speak , the brainwashing of a peoples that  forces  them to go against their very own instinctive good nature, into a resentful community, encouraged to hate.







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