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Return Deepa’s boy, PM’s Dept tells cops
June 5, 2014

Nancy Shukri says police should heed court decisions.

seeba300x200PETALING JAYA: The Prime Minister’s Department has urged the police to ensure the return of S Deepa’s abducted son to her home.

Referring to a court decision sanctioning force in taking away the 6-year-old boy from his Muslim father, Minister in the PM’s Department Nancy Shukri told reporters today police should take whatever action would be necessary to reunite the child with his Hindu mother.

“From what I’ve read in the media, Deepa’s ex-husband, who had converted to the Muslim religion, took their son with him after the Seremban High Court had given custody to the mother,” she said.

“The police should take the son away from the father and return him to the mother as the courts have been fair in their verdict.”

On May 27, Izwan Viran Abdullah lost his appeal against the Seremban High Court’s April 27 decision to grant custody of his two children to Deepa following their divorce. The Court of Appeal said police could use force to recover the boy from Izwan.

Nancy would not give a specific comment on last Sunday’s disruption of a Hindu wedding by officials of the Selangor Islamic Department (Jais).

“On the federal government’s side, we cannot be involved and speak on behalf of Selangor state,” she said.

“However, the government is currently working towards resolving religious and child custody issues between parents.

“After two recent meetings of a joint committee, we have identified mediation as a mechanism to resolve legal issues that involve Muslim converts and their former partners who are non-Muslims.

“The details are still being worked out.”

She was referring to a committee set up last

It is chaired by her and Jamil Khir Baharom, another minister in the PM’s Department. Nancy is the de facto Law Minister and Jamil Khir is in charge of religious affairs.



Sourced: return-deepas-boy-pms-dept-tells-cops




Nancy Shukri is from PM’s dept, essentially, she is like PM’s mouthpiece ,representing the dept ,and doubt that she will dare to issue statements without consultation.and clearance from her immediate boss. .Najib will have her head,if she goes above his head,.

Meaning occasionally, glimpses of sanity can be detected from our PM.( Phantom Minister)

But at least it is a postive that gives a sense of relief that not all is madness.


The IGP has been dragging his feet on this, reluctant to be caught between shariah court, seemingly siding with the muslim father but civil court’s ruling giving custody to the mother, but  father,  when he had chance goes and snatches the son from mother’s house, even slightly injuring mother in the process. .

.and despite clearcut contempt of court. and laws broken,

IGP says, as if he was siding with religious court instead of enforcing laws of civil society.,

saying ,no laws were broken, no need police action. father doesn;t kidnap his own child.

So, it ll be interesting to note his reaction on this statement.

Probably he ll just delegate the task to a subordinate officer and stay clear lest he shoots himself in the foot.

Yet his inaction on this matter , as was the statements he made in relation to it,  was really irresponsible..

Causing the public to wonder , if  PDRM serves ,protects and enforces the laws of the land based on the constitution

and they are duty bound to judgments from the civil courts or can they act as judge jury and lawyer as well..?

For  is it  their role to question the rulings of the civil courts and are allowed to be selective and interpret it differently? .

which ruling to enforce and  uphold. And decide which to take action and which ruling doesn’t require pursuing.

Isn’t that for the courts , the judiciary? And  the PDRM plays the role of enforcer and to uphold the judgments.

No fear and favor.the  constitution is the highest law of the land encompassing all the people.Across the etnhic/religo boundaries.

All are beholden to the laws of the land.

And let the lawyers thrash it out,whether shariah or civil.  Meantime, if laws are broken or sanctity of the court’s judgement is held in contempt.

Then the role of PDRM is clear cut.

Or is it not??



PM.. Phantom Minister.


Will our PM ever consider breaking  out of his UMNO  cocoon and start being a PM for all Malaysians, instead of just being PM merely because he is the president of UMNO?

He has being called spineless, gutless, a henpecked spouse , terrified of the old guards at UMNO, forked tonque, double headed,insincere , empty talk without substance most of the time , and some unmentionables in polite lingua that , even if in the beginning of his premiership , upon hearing such harsh accusations, one just brushes it off as just his critics  , going at him viciously.

Malaysian politics is as dirty as the  game gets .Everyone will use the tool to maligned the good name of opponents if they get a chance.

But after a time .

Many are  starting to really wonder as if there is indeed truth to the allegations/accusations that we have a coward PM in Mr Najib..or either that he is a diabolical schemer, sensing the only way to retain power is to drive the proverbial wedge into the racial mix.

The notion of Him as a sincere reformer has lost all credibility and noone seem to believe that any more, although, many had high hopes. but the let down was annoyingly unsurprising, noone expected miracles , and all were  convinced that  Najib cannot  pull the reform rabbit out of the hat. He hasn’t even got a hat? .As expected, just same old same old BS of BN’s rhetorical posturing. still there were harboured hopes in mindsets,wishfully thinking , hoping it may be so.

Not to be, don’t think it ll  ever come to pass on BN’s shift.

Change the old and a new infusion of fresh sweet  smelling air will replace the stale stagnating air of the BN  institution for the infirmed and wayward.

So much exuberance ,energy ,enthusiasm and youthfulness over the PK  alliance,seems like such a shame for these talents to be under utilised.

Young blood..breath of fresh air,so desperately needed .

No more  suffocating or  choking on stale air BN is churning now.

WHich is becoming  more noxious as the desperation for their very survival gets more intense.



In all fairness , maybe NAJIB lost traction on the reform bid when he lost the support of the Chinese community, almost wholesale,yet he is still premier, but he no longer is keen to regain the community’s support, all his actions have indicated that, post GE 13.

But , no one seem to be able to tell for sure, where PM Najib wants to go and how he wants to go there . Even political analyst sometimes get befuddled at his confusing messages.

Guess after his One Malaysia crash landed, he has gotten slightly aimless lately .

Because if he has a plan for the country, think only he himself knows about it.

Have a visual imagery in mind of  MR. Najib, who as if ,  seems to be taking all the damning attacks on his character with his mouth /eyes  wide open , shoulders shrunken , hands tucked in between thighs  and a bewildered look on his face, sitting a on dunce stool , just staring blankly as everyone point their fingers at him.

Doesn’t say a thing , in his own defence or voice out stronger on certain issues, or rebuke, reprimand , whoever or whatever organization ,including institutions under his charge, is out of line.

Can the people help it to be more convinced that he is a wuss and getting weaker, a pushover with a finger and he topples.

Indecisive , disoriented , no clue as to what he wants to do and how he wants to lead the nation.

One thing that is definitively true about Mr. Najib, is that he really does not know how to project authority of his office , but more importantly, of his personal self image.

The aura of true  leaders just projects an overwhelming sense of authority, and those in their presence just sense it  and instinctively defer  to them with a sense of awe and reverence .

Even TDM has that aura, much as i hate to admit, giving how i feel about his tenure and  administration.

Our PM Najib  just exudes a sense of little boy lost..He may feel he has absolute authority, which of course being that he is the PM, but note his body language and a feeling of exasperation is felt by a large proportion of the people.

All his own doing..


Whether it be true or not the above mentioned negatives, it is the very impression he has created of himself  that has been  projected to a large part of the Malaysian public.

He is supposed to be the “numero uno” man in Malaysia, most powerful but when his manhood is challenged, his principles , integrity , ego , pride and all of that , is mauled and maligned in public, He just stands idly by and let  things slide .

What full blooded ,testoterone powered male will not at least attempt to argue his case, intellectually of course, as that’s how learned men face down their challenges.

Maybe not all the accusations, just too many, but selectively pick the ones that may potentially be damaging and baseless or half truths or even fabrications.

What is a man, without his good name ,and a solid reputation, not worth much.Minus off respect, and he is only as much value as the seat he sits on to dump his refuse.

Domestically, even his own political party support base although mainly loyal, are already showing indications of questioning his authority, influence and testing him and his limitations or strength of his support within his own ranks.

And that many feel the  country has the embarassment of a PM with way too many skeletons in his closet or seemingly so meek/powerless to even defend his own good name, that the international community is laughing at him and his administration and worst , snigger cynically behind his back, whenever he tries to promote Malaysia as a moderate haven and model of acceptance and tolerance of multi faiths and ethnicities.

As if the whole world knows something about Malaysia that he as PM is not even privy to??


Meantime , our dear PM, chooses the passive route, preferring to let the verbal accusations fester and grow.

More terribly , issues that seem to be designed to tear  the fabric of our Malaysian multi cultural/racial/religo society into separate pieces,  is not only largely ignored , but perversely , his administration is like tacitly  endorsing , even in certain cases , acts like an apologist rationalising the extremist in the midst,who do the inciting, instigating of one ethnic community to resent all the nons who have different skin tone than them.

All that merely by saying nothing , doing nothing, or even if  his dept  did something, nobody knows so it is just the same as having the impression of his administration actually encouraging the already tense and at times volatile situation.

So , it means that the very negative  perception of the public will not evaporate anytime soon..fact is that, it is getting murkier .Damage done to PM’s  reputation is getting very difficult to redeem.

Yes PM Najib, it is the one success  you can claim of your generated  public image .

If at first , there were doubts and were attributed to  BN/UMNO detractors, who only know to go on offensive,

but until recently ,  those doubts are slowly pushed  aside in the minds of many Malaysians. ( without much need for the opposition to help)

Our   PM is really getting to be like an acronym of the PHANTOM MINISTER.

Unseen , unheard  plus  Directionless , Clueless ,

Malaysia is a like a country with a PM but not necessarily has a , like a cruise ship on auto pilot that has no certain navigational course..currently sailing on a dangerous treacherous course  on uncharted waters,  the vessel may just run aground or do a “Titanic” or sail out safely, therein lies the conundrum..nobody knows how to “drive ” the ship safely, and not only  is the sea teacherous, but there is treachery amongst the  crew as well..

And the captain of the vessel ? Hands over the control of the entire vessel to his junior ranks  , as he and his senior officers ,  goes and raids his own larder and safes ,where passengers entrust the crew to keep their valuables.

And that above dear PM , is the damaging  public perception on what seems to be going on in the current state of affairs in our nation.!

PM…Phantom Minister.





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