Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Shame them with humility,show them what maturity means,
MR. Rayer please elevate yourself and your party to a position that can stand head  and  shoulders high over these immature brats.whose one and only recourse in reacting to outrage,is to behave violently.not intelligently. time and time again, such antics have been shown, it is the only instinct/ reaction that they are capable of. .ANything further than that, they will be completely at a lost as to how to react.,even if they were to inteligently protest and argue their stand, and may even make good sense and win the argument. They have no inkling how..!
Mr. Rayer,why demean yourself by playing their game? Stubbornness is a type of arrogance, allow yourself to be better than that.Mr Rayer.

DO not let pride an ego be an obstacle to claim the moral high ground .Your integrity and reputation will be intact ,even if you apologize for misunderstanding caused and triggering lawless behaviour of the untoward incidents.

Frankly ,Mr Rayer, you do owe the Malaysian public an apology for giving an excuse to the hooligans to display the complete disregard for the revered chamber.where laws of the country are debated and made.
Let the gangsters and thugs do their worst at what they are good at..,among which is intimidation using irrational violence and lawlessness.

Let them sulk and be brats all they wish. Mr. Rayer ,distance yourself from adopting attitudes like them and behave as honorable legislators and elected representative of the Malaysian people ought to behave..
With dignity and logical reasoning.. noone will accuse you of giving in or intimidated or that the anarchist have really frightened you , Put pride and ego aside for a while and reason with rationallity that is in the best interests of the people and lessons that can be learnt from this fiasco..

Instead ,stand behind the laws of the land designed to protect citizens and use this route to address the grievance caused by the thugs. Message must be that , .

Law and order is the highest authority and the moral high ground is on your side. .
By all means, apologize, first,to all the decent law abiding Malaysian citizens that was forced to witness the scoundrels disrespecting our nation’s law, that we hold sanctified and value above all..
Even certain ministers have declared their disapproval over this behavior ( to be lauded) but tragically , some ministers act as apologist for these outlaws , as if it is an acceptable behaviour.
Message from these Ministers ( who are supposed to uphold and champion the sanctity of the laws of the land and constitution with no fear nor favor, sternly rebuking or use their ministry’s power to prompt relevant agencies into enforcing action against whoever the lawbreakers are ) is that , .some quarters can act above the law or take the law in to their hands if there is a good excuse for it..?

So Mr Rayer, you must adopt the moral high ground and react with reason and tactfulness that you can send a positive message to the decent law abiding people that there are still amongst us who respect and value law and order,and love this country and very proud to be a citizen, that it is so hurtful to see the loveliness and diversity being slowly but intentionally ripped  apart.

Just because of the insecurities from desperation of the powers that be, on the prospect of losing that power and hence threatened their positions to raid and loot with impunity.

But we must allow our conscience to guide us. Principles , Honor and Integrity  will the  forces among many that will determine the eventual  destruction  of the den of thieves.

Although obstacles are “powerful” , our conscience and reverence for law and order of our constitution and desire for a just and equitable nation for it’s people ,will guide us and eventually triumph over adversity.

The essence of law and order or the very foundation of  the constitution of Malaysia  is under threat. Dis-honoring , even insulting the legacy that our forefathers strived so hard for, in order to win our independence.

In light of so many gross miscarriages of justice and the blatant ignoring of our nation’s constitutional laws lately. . Mr Rayer, I suggest. if you wish to pick a fight or a cause, pick this topic as a battle cry and rally all who are as concerned about this state of affairs of the nation’s deteriorating  rule based on  law and order, and fight a battle royale, not for self glory  but the common future of all our later generations.

Before more damage is inflicted and Rogues rule the land looting and robbing on a whim and justifying it without much conscionable remorse, just because they know they have the power to get away with it.





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