Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Really wish that KJ will stop chipping away at the admiration and respect many have for him., and slowly degrade himself by giving away piece by piece of his principles and integrity by conforming to the institution he is with.
It feels tragic to witness destruction of young idealism and intellectual vigour of a one  who has to sell out to survive. and cannot do a thing or is  just not gutsy enough to attempt reform or change from within his organization,.

BAlls are needed for that sort of thing.!

Principles and integrity be damned,I guess, ambition ,lust for power or downright survival ,overrides all..
(prime example is our Home Minister himself and his back story , who may still be out in pasture if he hadnt u-turned and kissed every flesh and orifice that TDM stuck out).

Prostitute your principles , dignity and integrity and ideals and thats the price to pay to get ahead. Who needs respect, when power and position is at stake?
I have heard this dude KJ express himself intellectually before that offers glimpses of the potential of his capability. but within the institution he hooked up is humanly impossible to sustain what noble lofty aspirations or ideals he may have. but prostitute your idealisms and you will go far.
What a tragedy for the malay youth he is role model to.etc,
Underneath all that mask of deceit, conniving, shameless pandering and ruthless manipulating,

Is entrapped underneath all that rubble ,

is a intellectual that has been  condemned never to see the light of day , but to play the Shadow Game, just like Plato’s Allegory of the Cave..

Such a tragic waste of a brain..


PS. on a secondary note, parts of the above ramble seem applicable  KJ’s boss as well ,  just as much as it is a depiction of the  mental limbo KJ  seems to be in.





The Boko haram kidnapping of schoolgirls in Nigeria  ,is an example of the extremism or disoriented thinking of adherents of the Islamic faith and  what direction it can go.  if allowed unchecked to thread that path or follow those trains of thought

The world and  the international Islamic community of nations may label  the Boko Haram as misguided lunatics  but then ,has  there been any guidance to begin with in the first place?

But the emotional convictions of these people who subscribes to this line of thought, and  actions they take may actually see and believes that what they are doing is righteous in the laws of the almighty, just as  church goers worldwide believe in God and abide by the commandments

What is the difference in  the above mentioned mindsets who have their convictions based on their religion ? Of course ,,one group don’t go around kidnapping school girls and other nonsense , yet what is stressed is when the name of their God is invoked that the adherents must obey their God for it is the righteous thing to do. the faithful will do so..

The recent Sudanese muslim lady who was sentenced to 100 lashes and then death by hanging, just because her crime was marrying a christian ,is also another indication of extremism gone wild..Interpretation of religious teachings of a beautiful Islamic faith gone awry .But more tragically will be that a whole nation of Sudanese people actually endorse the SENTENCES  and feel that it was the right thing to do  enforcing the will of the Almighty.

Another example of just how extreme the preachings of the beautiful Islamic faith can be mis-interpreted , maligned by and taken on a totally different direction by a few that influences  a whole nation of people,who may  actually be convinced that they are right and not wayward.

And the sickest horrific story has to be about this      psychotic sadistic muslim preacher     raping and murdering his own 14 year old daughter but because he  somehow is able to  justify it in his Islamic  God’s name and religion  ,he practically gets away with it..


As for the muslim lady’s death sentence , had there not been the international uproar, very likely the death sentence would have been carried out and the Sudanese people  will have felt no miscarriage of justice. because they may be convinced that it was a righteous deed enforcing  the Almighty’s laws..


Point being that , when mindsets are so heavily indoctrinated on a set of values or religious beliefs that passions triggered by the beliefs, by-passes all reasoning and rational behaviour.

Emotional convictions stemming from their religion dictate all. And the only right and wrong is guided by religious literature, and not innate humanistic instinct that we were born with.

SO that means that they can justify their act as righteous deed and anything otherwise based on sound logic even, is not accepted.

Indoctrinated mindsets on religious values ,  no longer share the SECULAR concepts of humanistic values of right and wrong and morality outside the religious sphere.

Even for those who may have converted into the religion at a late stage , and were thus born with an innate sense of these values  within their instincts.

But their instincts they were born with will probably be wiped out ,erased and replaced by the indoctrinated set into their psyche that their religion preaches.

Conundrum is of course that the emotional conviction stemming from their religious indoctrination bypasses all reason and rational thought.

Anything else to try to make the zealots see another  perspective may be  brushed off as blasphemous and heretical to them .

There is only one perspective in indoctrinated mindsets along religious lines .  so rigid and narrow will be in their thought patterns that there is  complete inflexibility and  totally no space to manuever at all.

It is often said that acquisition of knowledge expands minds and horizons , but the opposite has to be said about the indoctrination of religious values and belief in the supernatural being..Of constriction and collapsing on itself.

When concepts of Right and wrong is solely determined by religious literature and not on imperfect instincts we were born with.

There is no arguing with minds convinced on these,  for to them it is the absolute truth , programmed into their minds to obey the prewritten script with thousands of variants in interpretation.A divine holy script that must not be questioned..Adherents or the faithful  is to  “do or die and not to question why”.

Just like  our own convictions that the sun will rise tomorrow.

Therefore only hope that somehow despite everything, common sense is still present and lingering  and havent been completely erased by passions for  the supernatural.

But  then, common sense to the religious and faithful is on a different conceptual plane than many of us , so it is another delicate consideration to  mull over.

How do you disapprove or disagree with certain parties,pointing out that what they have done is a grievous  affront to our Malaysian society,or basically rational minded cross cultural society in general, many of which   already on a short fuse?

Especially when both sides claim the high ground, of morality and righteousness.. And perversely ,both sides have strong claims.

Humanistic values versus religious values. One side absolutely convinced  of their divine righteousness abiding by their faith and enforcing their Almighty’s will or laws that cannot be questioned by mortals but must be abided, because the religious text say so..

And challenged by another perspective  from technically reasonable secular dimension, claiming common sense as its ground, and mutual respect of all Malaysian / Global cross culural society for traction..

.A inextricable quagmire in the making .

There is no conclusion in a scenario like this, there will be no winners nor will there be prisoners taken . Only one side need to sacrifice a compromise, and so it still comes down to human emotion and reliance on common sense..and willingness to lower  the spiritual dimension down a few notches.

.Or there will not be any conclusion and for sure , there will be a clash of heads.

All of which will ultimately have nothing to do at all with the nature of the almighty God of all the faiths.

Just stupidity of human pride and egos being displayed.but then again , as has always been the case, the ones butting heads will definitely give all credit  to the Almighty?..

God is great..Hallelujah

Allahu Akhbar..! etc etc

The  ramblings  above are in relation to all religious zealots in general, but more on  the beautiful Islamic faith in particular, which preaches the love and grace of the Almighty but more often than not  has been  interpretated into so many variants that tragically brings  discredit to a magnificent and beautiful faith, rendering a horrifically disfigured dimension which does the Faith no favors but destroys the reputation and efforts of the Prophets past and lesser known teachers of the faith that had followed the truly righteous divine path.

Religion is beautiful, God’s ways are perfect.

But Humans with their pride , vanity , greed , conceit ,arrogance , evil , envy ,bigotry ,lust , deceit , connivance ,unconscionable, immorality ,who make religion ugly.











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