Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia



The more extreme ISMA statements are, the more they make themselves sound clownish,out of touch with reality,,verging on lunacy
Think that even no matter how ignorant, rational minds with common sense who are on the ground interacting daily across the ethnic divide. cannot take them seriously.they are fast becoming the jokester institution of the decade. surpassing Perkasa..

DAP dynasty ,like “The Forbidden Kingdom ” – for Malays to join, that is .. ke ke. And that seems to be the frantic message being sent out..!

ANd their statement regarding the JAIS raid on the HINDU marrying Muslim  affair? .

Come on la ISMA, not very creative in provoking.,an issue that will be forgotten in a week or so, afterall ,JAIS resolved it already,

unless you intervene and say that the lady cannot change her MyKad,coz she is muslim, .throw in ridiculous justification, and you may have  a controversy..
Your role, ISMA , is getting  paid  is to look for topics that can definitely provoke anger among the communities.along race/religion.

All news events with a religious/race dimension,is for you  ISMA to creatively  twist it into something outrageous but so far, they are not very creative.

Attacking DAP is getting old, overused. this Hindu weddding raid by Jais is tame..maybe you ought to get involved in the porcine tainted fiasco, but 2nd thought no racial angle to exploit,so maybe not.huh? .
You ISMA guys should really get together with Reduan Tee, the other on same payroll, go Yum Cha teh tarik and brainstorm, what other topics can get the ethnic communities riled up enuff that they will hate each other more.

Be more interesting then to see what you guys can come up with.

Remember Divide and Rule., only survival tip that must not be forgotten.or you will be history along with the whole lot of them.



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