Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

In due respect to the PDRM institution.

And to the authority of law enforcers across the country.

The people respect the laws and enforcement agencies.


AND the IGP Tan Sri.Khalid.

The respect is given to the position of the title of  IGP of the country.

THE people can respect the office and the person holding the

rank of the top cop of Malaysia.

Yes Sir, we can respect the person and the authority behind the office.

We do respect the PDRM institution,

but, regrettably, we cannot with a good clear conscience,

say that we

respect the stance of the IGP in relation to how he has

chosen to ignore in a dereliction of duty of the noble Malaysian police.

,in response to the clear contempt of court actions,

by an individual, and the IGP reluctance  to take action.,

because he seems overly concerned over smearing populist image and

also to appease the religious segment

,instead of carrying out the duties of enforcing the law

against a illegal act of defiance

IGP chooses to pander rather than to be stern even despite that ,his

authority as the no. 1 policeman in the country

and the laws he is supposed to be upholding is openly defied.,

dragging down not only the institution he is in charge of

,but also giving disrepute to the civil courts of law that made the judgment.

The role of law enforcers in any Democratic country is to uphold the

laws and to take action whenever said laws are breached.

Laws are like the threading that holds the fabric of functioning

secular democratic nations together.

But when the very institution entrusted to uphold the laws,

in the interest of national security, are among those who breach them,

or ignores their duty bound obligation or worst yet,

seem to be meek and without authority when they face certain organizations.

Even quoting this current situstion,the most powerful police officer in the country

Is afraid to take action,because he is worried that he msy offend a segment of people

Is not a good portend of things to come.

,it can be an ominous foreboding of

An institution threading a wayward path of a nation being led

by disoriented and misguided leaders

, that has lost the sense of direction on where they

want to steer the country towards.


Tan Sri Khalid, law enforcement is not a popularity contest.

Neither are law enforcement agencies, political organizations.

Winning the confidence and respect of the public doesn’t work

With pandering or trying to appease zealots or extremist in our midst.

Neither is it about avoiding contentious controversial issues.

PDRM’s  role in our society is to uphold and enforce laws

which are based on wise expert knowledge of the laws viz judgments

of honorable judges,after hearing legal arguments representing

both sides by experts of the laws also.

Lawyers with years of study and credentials.

Please IGP sir, the legal process of our judiciary

must not be undermined by

a rash whimsical decision not to offend,and to be neutral.



Policing a country is a very serious business.Law enforcement should not

Make room for whimsical sentiments playing games of diplomacy.

That is not the domain of police officers who to be effective in discharging their

Duties needs to be respected and feared as disciplined professionals.

Above all,uncertainty in enforcement when laws are clearly breached

Indisputably seen by all ,is  a desperate display of weakness of the police


But made worst when this uncertainty to action is displayed by the

no.1 police officer of the nation.

A ripple effect that may reverberate throughout the nation

Causing more damage to the already dented reputation of the police force.


Sir, PDRM has only one purpose,which it must abide by

No matter what.

to uphold the laws determined by the courts,

however unpopular it may be.

for as long as there is a valid claim of having law to uphold,

the moral high ground is legitimate and no one can challenge that.


Tan Sri Khalid, you are leading the highly respected PDRM  institution on

a treacherous wayward path of subservience to master puppeteers.

Tearing to shreds, slowly, the good name and

smudging the reputation of the PDRM


So, please Tan Sri Khalid,leave politics to the politicians.

And interpretation of laws to the judiciary

and legislators to debate application.

It has never been the role of PDRM to be anything but

to uphold and enforce.

Return to the public, what the public has lost.

The trust and respect of PDRM by the public.

That can be achieved only by professionalism,integrity

dedication to serve and protect without prejudice.

IGP Khalid, It is on your shoulders now to lead the institution

to regain lost credibility and lost honor and glory


As the Top Cop of the nation,you cannot afford to Cop Out.

,which sadly is the message you are sending now,

with the statements and position you have taken over the child custody cases.

Dire state of affairs, indeed tragic for decent law abiding citizens,

who have placed their trust in the law enforcers to safe guard

their sense of security and well being.

As they bear witness to the grievous offensive upon their confidence,

on the pledge of the nation’s police  personnel,

who have sworn to protect and serve,

their fellow countrymen with no fear nor favor

, indiscriminately enforcing justice that all who respects

and abide by the sanctity of the spirit of law and order, can benefit.

But Tan Sri Khalid, how can we feel assured of the future well being

of a nation built on the foundation  of law and order,

for our children when the institution entrusted to safeguard the

noble ideals and spirit of a civilised society,

seem to be participating or  spearheading the movement

to disrespect and repudiating the ideals and aspirations of


the founding fathers of this nation ,

who had  written the constitutional laws designed to encompass

and protect all in our multi-ethnic, cross cultural identities, collectively known as Malaysians.


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