Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

There will eventually come a point when even PM Najib will have his authority challenged, At the rate things are happening now.

As the religious dimension builds in fervour whipped into mindsets by the constant barrage of all things religious are noble, especially Islamic. And that it  is the honourable way to be confrontational, for the faith is being threatened.Therefore,it is the moral obligation of muslims to go on the offensive against their fellow citizens,who are egregiously not of the same religion.

Challenging times indeed,for the non muslims sharing the country.

Even our PM risk his authority being challenged.If for instance at some point,he speaks up for  a violation of the constitutional laws by some quarter which may be in contradiction of sharia laws.Still he has no option but he has to be on the side of the secular laws tht he as the PM governs the country by.

If in the past,when non muslims are involved in controversies with Muslims somehow,amicable compromises can be agreed on.

But lately, things have degenerated into intolerable and uncompromising attitudes on the side of the Islamic organizations.

Fuelled by child conversion controversies, interruptions of marriage and funeral.Tussle over Allah word,confiscation of bibles.etc The very public accusations of conspiracies and character mauling of the non muslims..The intensity of the scathing attacks somehow have allowed the extremist to get more influential and traction onto mindsets of a segment of the Muslim society.

So,if our PM gets embroiled in a contentious situation,between sharia and civil courts,he  may need to ram into a near invincible wall of  perceived religious supremacy that all things Islamic are right and noble and morally on higher ground.

A perception which he and his political party and goverment has help create.

That,inadvertently ,has converted some hitherto moderate muslim mindsets into being more extremist and even caused some to verge on fanaticism.

That even our law enforcers and ministers,and the authorities of the current  BN/UMNO administration . Powerful,wealthy and influential many of them are,but fear to tresspass into the domain of the religious extremist and purist,or to confront their influence,despite the extremist pushing the limits of acceptable decorum in civil society..

Intimidated by the prospect they may challenge back, and our so called authorities actually worry that they may lose the pissing competition with them who has the Faith aka Islam backing them up.

There may come a time when even a secular directive from the PM,may be questioned or ignored by the extremist in our midst.if it is not to their approval. Already,one such precedent has occured,when a minister from the PM dept had a directive that was not acted upon but ignored ,but not by any extremist but by a one whose authority it was to uphold or enforce the laws that governs civil society.But refuse to do so worried of offending the religious quarter,n and risk getting caught in between a crossfire between the civil and sharia laws.

He was technically,the person with the highest law enforcement authority of the nation.but he chose to sit on his hands and in the process,disregard and disrespect the constitutional laws,in essence making him betray the spirit of the secular laws,designed to protect civil society.

And his choice was to pander and stay neutral.

Rather than to be a stern no nonsense law enforcer that his job demanded.Sacrificing what respect and professional integrity of the authority of his rank and office he representated.The top law enforcer of the country , Rather hold our laws in contempt than to take on a potential ISLAMIST controversy.

 If the situation is allowed to carry on. It is just a matter of time when, some other civil servant refuses to follow directive from the PM himself,because of some religious principle and protestation.

The secular laws of our constitution and the sharia laws ,although fairly separate now.but if unchecked seems to be on a collision course trajectory with each other,and may be not that distant future.

As of this posting,the Attorney General together with the Chief Minister,s combined authority in a directive to lower ranked civil  organizations of Islamic affairs,has had their authority ignored.going so far as to questioning the directive and saying both the AG and the Chief Minister is wrong.Devoid of the respect to the authorities of both offices, because,of the presumption of their roles of religious officers,doing Allah,s bidding,therefore , they are not wrong and incapable of mistakes.. Probably misinterpreting their arrogance and conceit as divine pride.

Incapable of error because “Almighty”is  on their side,and they are merely doing “HIS” bidding.

And of course,they ought to know,since they are ostensibly the experts of interpretation of Islamic laws in Malaysia,?? If the name of the agencies they are from is anything to go by.Non muslims especially will accept that in face value.

Since afterall ,the words ,Islamic affairs,and implications of the weight of those words upon the average Malaysian non muslim psyche,is to approach with delicate caution.For it can be potently explosive if mishandled.


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