Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Is this about losing FACE. ?

Because after all the brouhaha over the raid on BSM and confiscation of the bibles. THE Religious zealots of this  Islamist group always maintained their position as the morally superior action.

Therefore having have to be directed by the AG and MB to return the bibles,is akin to adn admission that perhaps they made a mistake and overstepped their boundary. BUT OF COURSE, it will be hard to swallow,this bitter pill.

It will also be perceived by them that they have lost this small battle,in their holy crusade against the Christians.

Being told to return the bibles means that they have to acknowledge failure and defeat.

Which probably explains why,they rather dispose of the bibles or destroy the holy Christian books than to return them to BSM

. Mana mahu letak muka, if they do that?

Arrogant mindsets are very sore losers.

And in this situation,they are so conceited in their pride, that they dare to risk the wrath of the authoruties by challenging their powers, for they can’t bear the thought of losing to christians,which is their warped perception of this situation.

SO disposing or destroying the bibles instead of returning them,will give them a perverted sense of claiming a win in the moral ground.

Also,they are counting on the fact that they will likely get their way,because they plan to use the Islam card.,and milk it of all it has got.

Don’t hold your breadth,there is every likelihood that the Islamist will be able to bully or intimidate the authorities to pander to them,yet again.!


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