Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

In light of the extremism being pushed to the limit,in recent days ,as far as public opinion is concerned,it is an alarming trend,that so far has no conclusion in reach.

What with all the concerted focus of accusing the christians of conspiring to proselytize muslims.And the many other controversial spates involving muslims and christians.Soon as one controversy ebbs,another surfaces.

And with intentionally inflammatory remarks made by high profile  individuals .and religious organizations.

Statements that are undoubtedly designed to invite resentment between the racial/religious divide.

FROM Isma,Jais,Mais, ReduanTee to certain ministers ,ex judges ,and the ever present Perkasa. It really prompts the alarming question.Just how far or extreme will they go to forment hate and more worrying is how far does the goverment want them to go?

How far will the hate mongers be allowed to go,before the government deems it over the limits and reins them in a little? How much hate and resentment do they feel is adequate to have fulfilled its objective of rile divide and rule.

How much madness malfeasance os deemed enough?

OR will they not stop till all limits are breached and they succeed in pushing the targeted quarter over the cliff. Is there a conclusion to the lunacy?

In the minds of many Malaysians,they undoubtedly believe that some sinister design is being engineered ,that is the reason behind all the attempts to induce spite or resentment between the ethnicities,in order to gain a  desired result.

OF  some diabolical agenda to retain power at all cost,even if it means violence or blood spilled.


So far most of the vitriol in religious controversies has being directed at the christians .Accusations of conspiracies to proselytize Muslims .

Very public scathing attacks on Christians in general,lumping all together in some mass nefarious plot to turn Malaysia into a Christian country.

Meaning involvement of both the Catholics and the dozens of Protestant denominations,grouping all the Christians together in one massive conspiratory organization.

Do they even realize how absurd that premise is? Even the Pope cannot manage such a feat as to get the Catholics and Protestants to be in full consensus of Christian doctrines and ideology with each other,and here we have,our Malaysian ,self professed experts in Christianity, insisting that the Christians are united in a common aim to  convert Malaysian muslims.

Or that there is some shadowy world power,along the lines of the Illuminati,Freemasons and even a Jewish/Zionists plot to destabilize the country,in a conspiracy fueled by greed.

Maybe i can suggest another conspiracy to throw into the mix,to balance things a little,not only Christians can conspire after all. Maybe ,a conspiracy to stay in power by dismantling the secular nature of our constitutional laws and replacing it with a Islamic republic,like Iran minus the Shiite ism.or an Islamic monarchy like Brunei.Or even copy Pakistan,secular in nature but much more Islamic in practice.

Yup,the Muslim Brotherhood is in town,exiled from Egypt, here to lend a helping hand to Malaysia,to carve out a oath to absolute authoritarian dictatorship..

That will be a fantastic premise for a fiction novel for conspiracy authors,using real world organizations and events to conjure their sensationalized novels.

And they will be comfortable here in Malaysia,picking the already imaginative brains of the many Christian/Jewish conspiracy tbeorist for inspiration.


Back to the serious reality happening in current affairs of Malaysia.Will the extremists continue and move on to target the other nons and their respective faiths,which have so far not been made issues yet.? If just confronting the Christians can be so bruising,imagine how ugly it can get,if the the other faiths are also not spared the vitriol.

One fact doesn’t escape many,is that all the viciousness started post GE13. It is a well remembered spectacle pre election of PM Najib,trying his damndest to win over hearts and minds of the nons,especially the CNY message if him deck out in the gloriest of red chinese wardrobe,in a hand clasping gesture wishing good luck to all ,speaking mandarin.

BUT,when it all crashed around him in the worst showing of election results,almost the entire community abandoned BN or specifically UMNO wholesale.

Everything started unraveling.

Didn’t take too long for UMNO   to  show their true colours.Survival instincts kicked in.and now within 2 years under PM of UMNO’ s stewardship.

.The Malaysia of now,especially the relations between the races has been taking a beating.The goodwill slowly evaporating and dissolving into a volatile potion of resentment and bitterness that gets more potent by the day.

All because,Malaysians were fed up with chronic mismanagement of the country and the corrupted abuses of power committed by BN and all predecessor administrations before Najib,s shift.

Which brings to mind another isuue of morality and conscience and responsibility.

What head of state of any country will stand idly by and allow the society within to implode,and do nothing, despite witnessing a gradual deterioration of inter ethnic harmony and goodwill,that had taken decades to develop, go on a treacherous path of intercommunal clash.

WHAT type of leader will do that to his own people,? What kind of a man will such a leader be and what substance is he made from?

It is akin to an ultimate betrayal of the worst kind..and the act of betrayal is merely by a conscious decision to say nothing and do nothing to intervene,as the people goes towards a path of eventual confrontation.when as the leader of the country, he must assert his authority to nip things in the bud,and at the same time,send out a firm no nonsense message to all who are thinking to  challenge his lawful authority and power from the highest office of the nation.No fear nor favour to any quarter.

Disrespect and break the laws,you will be held accountable.

Another suspicion of many is that,it may all be a diabolical plot to retain their grip on power,which is slipping away from their hands.and that which the PM is party to.A treacherous design to engineer inter communal strife using the most effective tool as weapon to drive a wedge into the racial mix, which enables political expediency to manipulate.

And that allegation if it has any substance to it,will qualify it as the most treacherous betrayal of all.In a quest to retain hold on power,the very well being of a whole nation of people,of a beautiful diversified multi cultural mix,across race and faiths.



And the spirit of a country that is still a functioning democracy,in an immature stage, with flaws and abuses . To be sacrificed, betrayed by an elite few.who will stop at nothing to satiate their lust ,greed for power.Unwitting pawns in a power struggle. Such is the treachery..

And therefore,what type of humans and how do they view their own humanity.?What is their moral compass?



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