Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

mulling thots

BN using race/religion to drive a wedge into the satus quo….mindsets of Malaysians across the ethnic /religious divide…?

if the BN thinks that playing up all racial/religious issues may wear out the other communities psyche for voting opposition,creating so much hassle thinking maybe,next time,come GE, voters may want to avoid the so many problems, should just vote BN..they will have miscalculated very badly and underestimated the frustration/anger/disappointment and intelligence of voters across the ethnic/religo divide and also stirring resentment will just get people angry enough to be absolutely convinced to kick them out,whatever the price for trying..Personally , as a fence sitter,it is how i feel now.,which probably represents many like minded voters and sentiments.


On Kak Wan and the CM position, and the politics,mind games being played…..

Is it the only thing with traction onto the mindsets of Selangorians..?,Kak Wan Azizah’s gender..and also she is Mrs. Anwar.? Being played up to absurdity..In this day and and age, these are non issues,!
But only in mindsets of tribal sword wielding desert clans.are these taboo,women and leadership are unacceptable is a man’s world..women are only for cooking, baby making and as trophys ot lust gratifying or trophy displays hidden in the man’s house,among his many other ” prized possessions.”
And if one has been paying attention to remarks made,by certain high profile chauvinistic idiots,recently about this MB situation,it will put things into perspective.


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