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LET’S GET REAL! Weak Najib little better than a PUPPET & Umno warlords
incl Dr M like it that way!
Written by Simon Neoh Saturday, 02 August 2014

I beg to differ with former New Straits Times Press group editor-in-chief,
Datuk Kadir Jasin over his observations that Prime Minister Najib Abdul
Razak is stronger than his predecessor, Abdullah A. Badawi.

In fact, following the entire episode on the MH17, one cannot help but to
say that the pro-Russian separatists, who had no choice but to return the
black box, were in fact using Najib just to spite the Western powers.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Understandably, when under pressure, the rebels would decide to use the
‘weakest link’ there is in order to save face and to shame both the United
States and the European Union. They knew that even if the black boxes were
surrendered to the Russian authorities, the analysis of the recorders would
not be seen as credible. Russian president, Vladimir Putin knows this for a

Najib chosen as he was the weakest link

I refrained from sharing this observation, but looking at Kadir’s blog, I
cannot help but to punch a hole into Najib’s ego. There was no special power
of persuasion that I see in Najib’s latest feat of being able to obtain the
black box from the rebel.

If he truly had such persuasive power, then, we should send him to the
Middle East to bring about ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza
region. His, and that of former Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s
service would be of greatest value to the United Nations.

We should also send Najib to Mongolia, where our country’s name has been
greatly marred by the death of one of its nationals. We need such diplomacy
as a nation. Najib can then tell the Mongolian citizens that he truly
regrets that Altantuya blasted herself in a planned suicide after being
jilted. Nothing more, nothing less, and see if the Mongolians would buy the

The Bigger Picture

The bigger picture that all Malaysians should see by now is that, after 22
years in power, Dr Mahathir has turned UMNO Baru into one big ‘monster’
which is prepared to do almost anything, either directly or indirectly
through its agents, just to stay in power.

Most of us will not forget that UMNO was split between Dr Mahathir’s faction
of Team A, and Tun Musa Hitam and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah’s Team B faction.
After being challenged by Musa in 1985, and then by Tengku Razaleigh in
1986, UMNO’s Team B is nothing but a weak faction.

I would be surprised if most of UMNO’s Team B had not left UMNO to join
either Semangat 46, and later joined PAS when Semangat 46 was disbanded, or
PKR in 1998 when Anwar was sacked and jailed by Mahathir. What is left of
UMNO today is from Team A faction, who kept Mahathir’s legacy in tact, but
finding it hard to remain relevant to post-Bersih’s Malaysia.

A good evidence that UMNO’s Team A is stronger than the remnants of Team B
is when Abdullah Badawi himself was ousted after Dr Mahathir hit out at him.

Najib is still the prime minister, because no one in UMNO is now commanding
the respect and the loyalty that was once earned by Musa and Razaleigh.

Moreover, UMNO warlords need a weak leader, whom they can have a
stranglehold of, in order to be still in control. If Kadir’s assessment of
Najib is correct, then, we should not be hearing of so many corruption cases
involving the big fish that are not being prosecuted.

Umno warlords & groups prefer a weak leader they can ‘pressure’ into giving
up goodies

Religious bigots and racists will not be so loud in raising the political
tension in the country, hoping that another episode of May 13 could be
played up to discredit the Opposition. They become brave, because Najib is a
weak leader.

This is why certain ministers have also come out in the open to pour out
their contempt on the rakyat, but there is not even a word of reprimand
uttered by the prime minister himself.

If DSAI became PM, the gravy train would end

Instead, ask if any UMNO minister is afraid that someday, Opposition leader,
Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim becomes prime minister. With all the scandals that
we have seen, I am sure that none of them would agree, knowing that Anwar in
power could mean some of them will have to face the prosecution and end up
in prison for corruption or other wrongdoings.

The so-called ‘eloquent silence’ is no strategy at all. Simply said, if you
do not have a solution or nothing that you can shout about, you just say
nothing and do nothing. The three monkeys are better off by seeing nothing,
hearing nothing and saying nothing. If this is what Kadir has in mind when
he referred to Najib’s eloquent silence, I am afraid he has made a wrong

Kadir as a veteran newsman should know that such degree of silence will not
be spared the brickbats from international journalists. We have seen this
from the MH370 fiasco that plunged Malaysia (not only MH370) into an the
ditch in the eyes of the international community.

Silence is not Golden for Leaders

You simply cannot be silent, when there is a crisis to be dealt with, unless
you are either detached from reality or you simply have no solution to the
crisis. I cannot imagine US President, Barack Obama remaining silent over a
number of crises his country faces.

That is exactly why Najib has been quiet all along. At least, Abdullah
Badawi had made attempts to backpedal the country’s economy from going to
bust after 22 years under Mahathir. He was prepared to put his head to the
chopping board, without of course, realising that the UMNO that he was
leading was no longer people from his Team B.

When the people expected Najib to say something, nothing came out from his
mouth; when he was clearly knew that he was going to get the brickbats from
the audience during the Gangnam Style concert, he should have remained

Both his kangkung comments and his shout of RM1 per chicken have received
brickbats from the rakyat. What else do you expect from Najib but silence
when silence is indeed not golden?

It is a matter of time when Najib will be made a scapegoat, when the time
comes for Mahathir to continue his legacy through one of his own sons.

As an observer, I do not believe any political party can be perfect but we
certainly need to continue to support Najib and UMNO’s biggest challenger in
Anwar Ibrahim. Musa Hitam and Tengku Razaleigh had long given up, but unless
we are prepared to allow UMNO to continue ruling the country for the next 50
years, Pakatan is the only hope that we have, after both Semangat 46 and
Barisan Alternatif fell apart.

I would support Pakatan, until it comes to power at the Federal level;
thereafter, I will deal with it the way it should be dealt with, the moment
more ‘snakes’ creep in there. –


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