Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Tan Sri Khalid seems to be adamant to stand his ground despite only few standing with him , with most of his former allies ,comrades having abandoned him but, as if he is waiting for something to develop or explode, having a trump card he is silent over now e will play the card when the time comes.
In politics everywhere , most others in high profile positions , who get attacked from all corners , even friendly fire from his own camp. rebeling against his administration, will have folded ,crumbled or collapsed

.When even your own political party no longer endorses you, the right thing to do is of course step down and make way .

No man is an island..What Chief Minister doesn’t have a political party to belong to and draw support from?

Either Tan Sri Khalid has a very thick skin and know not what shame means or he has something else up his sleeve. SOme agenda he is not

revealing for the time being till the opportune time .

At the moment Khalid is not even very aggresively defending his honour at the corruption insinuations, just making the obligatory statements in defence.

As if he is surviving day at a time.,biding his time.

At the moment the Selangor palace stance is also not clear, what happens if the Sultan choose to exercise his prerogative and desires the sitting MB to finish his full term.
Reason given is because at the moment, so many unresolved issues/problems  in state.. Over race/religious issues, corruption scandals ( buying over the water concessionaires and the controversy ), water shortage and rationing problem etc etc.Recent national level tragedies mh17  etc etc .

 So maybe his highness states that the timing now is not appropriate to change MB of Selangor and shake  up the state  administration ,.

Already faced with so many issues,Ought to defer to a later time when things are more stable.

Changing state administration now risk destabilizing things and add on to the problems besieging Selangor..

Good reasons or excuses,are they not?  

Or something similar that has more or less same effect , Khalid remains indefinitely , then what?

Or even the sultan decides openly to let Khalid serve out his term until elections?

 If it is beyond dispute that Khalid has lost majority support of then assembly , he must then resign or the sultan should sack him from his post

But somehow , at the vote of no confidence in the MB , what if  PKR cannot get enough votes from the legislative assembly to secure Khalid’s removal.Failing to be  a marjority dissenting voices?

what if Khalid beats all odds against a well-oiled party machinery and survives ,by succeeding in retaining a majority with the help of Umno and loyalists in Pakatan?

“Then  Khalid can stay on as menteri besar

Khalid seems to be keeping cool and just standing his ground at the moment.what will develop later is getting more intriguing.?

,Does he know something or is he planning something or waiting for some thing /someone to make a move?

The other side UMNO/BN are strangely reserved,out of character,usually will be taking potshots sniping away but now maintaining a respectful distance.silent on this Khalid fiasco..

Who else will get into the scrape later and Jump into the  fray and  balance things out . Remains to be seen?

Observing Khalid  now, cannot help but to notice how difficult to reconcile this stubborn obstinance with the Tan Sri of  last term.The quiet, disciplined,principled ,or so it seems,gentleman demeanour, proud but not arrogant,soft spoken but commanding respect,  aura he..had.

Somehow  it is the same person with the same principles and pride and ego and personality.

A persona  that will not nor seem to be the type that will cling shamelessly to power and position when he knows he is not wanted.

Tan Sri Khalid is the type of personality with a pride and ego that would have told him to gracefully make an exit with reputation and integrity , respect and admiration for him by the people , still intact.

Earlier on,when the marjority wished that, he likely would have conceded,wishing to avoid a embarassing confrontation like now.


But for him to remain and bear the brunt of attacks and smearing and character assasination.He must have  either, very powerful reasons or allies and he is very confident that the status quo for him can be preserved and he has a chance to defeat his detractors..

Wise men know  when to fight,when to fold,when to walk away,when to run..or know if they can win despite the odds.

Battles that calls for needless sacrifices are avoided.

Tan Sri Khalid seem like the type who will be reluctant to engage an opponent if he has no hope whatsoever of getting on top.

He probably realizes that he may be shredded  to take on the PKR machinery and not withstanding DAP as well without some defensive means or counter measure up his sleeve,to use to reverse the offensive. on him.

Unless, he planned for it and has  a counter strategy. Tan Sri KHalid , may be many things but seriously doubt that stupid is one of his qualities..

Conniving,Shrewd , Sneaky ,Cunning , manipulative, ,no scruples and without conscience, are  some terms used to refer to politicians,

He knows they will tear him to shreds if he defies them without a defensive plan in counter measure.

But who else is in his team?  probably  those who prefer to be not named  or risk  being  a liability if names mentioned..

One thing is for sure is that there is no way Khalid can face the opponents by himself when the time comes..

when the PKR/DAP offensive on him is launched from many prongs.

So will Khalid try to hold out for as long as he can or more powerful players from outside pas/pkr  join into the fray later..


Or just wildly postulating in a moment of insobriety…

An  attempt by UMNO  on a  onslaught to retake  Selangor ensues , and in jumps UMNO/BN  and a free for all melee ERUPTS..!

That will be exciting to witness from the sidelines


All UMNO/BN need to do now is save Khalid ,buy PAS  perhaps ,tempt them with federal level ministry portfolio like maybe  “Minister /Ministry  Of Islamic Affairs Of Malaysia.”  Develop Kelantan with Federal funding , Up oil royalty PAYMENTS many percents., Tacitly come to an arrangement to support hudud by making a deal with PAS  to vote for it and campaign in support of Hudud etc.

Then Selangor  may be  history to PKR/DAP…

As is often mentioned,

Selangor ought to be the template of how a goverment should function and what Malaysians really wish  how the BN Goverment runs the country.

It will be such a shame if BN never gets a chance to see that.

If  the opposition coalition can form a top notch team to  run Selangor state goverment  efficiently and different from how BN runs the country.

BN may just observe and  learn that, things can be different and not always the same..taken for granted for years and never changing..

.With BN,things are taken for granted, a status quo. It is how things have always been done and will not change drastically.


And what/how  the people of Selangor want  their state to be  governed is the same sentiment of  Malaysians in wanting and hoping to see how their goverment does things.

And of course , the way things are done in Selangor , in conducting affairs of govermental business , contracts and tenders awarded and land banks management and development and affordable housing etc etc. will be put under microscope. And the words accountability , transparency, integrity,responsibility etc, the people will make damn sure that they are not just empty rhetorical sounds made by politicians who aren’t serious in what they say.

If those in UMNO/BN with the real national political power, just try harder and are bolder to change things ,and are  not afraid of losing power because of  wanting change and facing resistance from old school coots, still powerful   in manipulating things with their ill gotten billions ,managing  to tempt the younger set into greed and power ambition ,by bribing them to support that that they can continue to plunder with the help of the younger set,learning from them (old school) how  to do the same when their turn comes.,they let greed to control them and plunder the nation without conscience nor remorse..

This is what happens when a goverment has been in power for too long , there has never been an alternative..somehow hook or crook, the ruling regime have managed to keep the challengers at bay in Malaysia for close to 50 years. Malaysians have never known other goverment post independence,except for thee current line up coalition,who have been using abusing and curropting away,the past 50 years unfettered.As they please, power unchallenged , abused,misused , for personal gain .so much so,that it has into a culture, accepted as how things are done. Or to get done, whose hand to grease? Where and how and protocol,yup ,even bribery has protocol.


Thats why Selangor needs to be a sample on how to run a state  without so rampant  corruption and excesses or the ,power abuses.

Albeit only  state level.yet, much more openness could be applied and demonstrated.

.The young generation with  their ideas ,  as of accountability, , open ness., integrity ,

Giving the power back  to the people .


Tan Sri Khalid’s situation…

Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim now has the singular honour of being Selangor menteri besar as an independent after being sacked by his party, lawyers said today, adding that he could legally remain as head of government as it is a constitutional appointment. –

Khalid’s option was limited because he could not take his case to the court as the Societies Act barred party disputes to be adjudicated outside the party.

Lawyer Syahredzan Johan said Khalid’s position was still intact as his fate could only be decided by the 55 assemblymen from PR and Barisan Nasional (BN).

PAS and DAP has 15 assemblymen each while PKR now has 13 after sacking Khalid and BN has 12.

“Khalid can only be ousted if he lost the confidence of the majority of the assemblymen,” he said.

Syahredzan also said Khalid could remain in office if he survived a no-confidence vote.

“In fact, he could reappoint executive councillors from among those who supported him in the confidence vote,” he added.

According to constitutional experts, a vote of no-confidence against Khalid could be taken in the house or the ruler could take into account extraneous factor in determining if the incumbent MB no longer enjoyed the support of the assemblymen.

On the advice of the outgoing MB, the sultan could dissolve the house or invite another candidate who in his judgment commands the majority in the house to be appointed MB.

Lawyer Amer Hamzah Arshad also said nothing had changed following Khalid’s sacking as the menteri besar was still a member of the assembly by virtue of him being the Port Klang assemblyman.

“He also remains MB and his executive council is intact because Khalid has not tendered his resignation to the sultan.”

Amer, however, said the expulsion was tailored in the direction to put pressure on Khalid to resign.

“Khalid’s fight to remain as MB will only come to an end if the three parties in PR decide to ditch him.

“If not, who leads the government has to be decided by vote of no-confidence or through fresh state elections,” he added.

Khalid has been facing mounting pressure from the PKR leadership to resign over his handling of Selangor affairs.

These included the state’s management of its water resources, the Kidex highway and seizure of Malay and Iban Bibles by the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais).

On Tuesday, he was issued a show-cause letter by PKR for going against the party’s decision to replace him with Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

Khalid has also refused to appear before the party’s disciplinary committee and the party supreme council sacked him this evening. – August 9, 2014


– Only the sultan of Selangor holds the power to remove Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim as menteri besar, should the latter seek an advice for the dissolution of the state assembly.

According to legal experts, if a vote of no-confidence against Khalid was passed, the Pakatan-led government in Selangor would nominate a candidate to Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah to be considered as the new MB.

Legal expert Syahredzan Johan said Khalid had two options if the situation led to a vote of no-confidence — seek an audience with the sultan and offer his resignation or he could advise the sultan to dissolve the state assembly.

“It would be up to the sultan to approve or deny the request to dissolve the state legislative assembly.

“If the sultan disagrees with the proposal to dissolve the state assembly, then it is more than likely that Khalid will have to go and a new Selangor MB will be appointed in his stead.”

However, the sultan’s decision could be affected by the results of the vote of no-confidence against Khalid.

“If there is a slim majority in support of Khalid’s dismissal, the sultan may be persuaded to allow the state legislative assembly to be dissolved to lift the political impasse,” Syahredzan said.

Lawyer Datuk Mohd Haaziq Pillay said in the current political mood affecting the state, the sultan held the key to keeping things on an even keel.

“Right now, the sultan has the discretion to decide on a number of things, including to accept or reject the MB’s advice in case of a tie on the no-confidence vote.

“He also could allow the MB to continue serving pending fresh elections.”

Another legal expert, Datuk N. Sivananthan, said there was no reason for Khalid to vacate his post as long as he commanded the greatest confidence from the state legislative assembly members.

“Even if PKR sacks him in the near future, he can still act as Selangor MB as an independent state assemblyman. However, in the current situation, it is most likely PKR will initiate a vote of no-confidence against him,” he told the New Straits Times yesterday.

“If the motion fails, Khalid is then able to serve out his term as Selangor MB until a second motion is passed or if there is a decision to dissolve the Selangor state assembly.



His Highness the Sultan of Selangor is due to berangkat overseas from August 12th to 24th.

From all the moves of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, he wants to get his wife’s appointment as Menteri Besar of Selangor as soon as possible before his highness leaves.

Without a royal consent, the state assembly could not convene, the dismssal of Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim as Menteri Besar through of vote of no confidence could not be done, and planned appointment of Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail will not happen.

Anwar had planned to get Khalid sacked by the 10th tomorrow. That way PAS has no option but to accept PKR decision to submit Wan Azizah’s name to his highness. However, Khalid has made his move.
His lawyer and lawyer, Edmond Bon has issued a letter of notification to PKR’s Disciplinary Committee Chairman.

See below:



Basically, Khalid has notified the committee that he has a counsel representing him and his lawyer have warned the former Gerakan Minister, Dato Dr Tan Kee Keong that anything you see or issue will be used against you in a court of law.

PKR will hold a press conference on this new development andreporters should ask as to under which law or quote from the party constitution is the current proceeding against Khalid being done.

Why is Anwar rushing if he is not rushing the legal process on his sodomy case but seemed to rush this process to sack Khalid?

Khalid was given a show cause letter. See below:


Khalid replied to request as to what was his offenses.


Subsequently he was requested to attend a hearing yesterday in which he was requested to answer a list of new issues:

Khalid questioned as to the sudden appearance of 4 more issues. He inform that he will not attend the hearing date set for yesterday and today but will only appear on August 15th next week.



PAS Central Commitee is supposed to meet on August 10th tomorrow but delayed the meeting twice to August 13th and now August 17th after Khalid’s hearing.

In the meanwhile, words on the grapevine are saying Khalid has requested his lawyer to file a lawsuit against The Malaysian Insider and will file a lawsuit against Dato Saifuddin Nasution and Rafizi Ramli for slanderous allegation against him on issues relating to Ecoworld, Tropicana and Bank Islam.

One will expect Dato Rashid Manaf or Ecoworld will file a similar lawsuit since he was accused of doing the payoff for Khalid’s loan with Bank Islam.

The reported amount for Khalid’s outstanding is RM67 million but as one former top executive of Bank Islam informed us, Bank Islam had a weak case since they did not apply ‘duty of care’ in disposing Khalid’s shares in Guthrie and the settlement amount could have been only RM7 million.

Mampuslah Rafizi and Saifuddin. Been reading too much ABITW but not reading the cautionary lines.

In the meanwhile, Lim Guan Eng had sued Nasruddin Hassan of PAS who refused to apologise within the 24 hours stipulated period but only gave a reply. Guan Eng has no case against Nasruddin and Nasruddin’s statement maybe naive.

However, Nasruddin did not bought into Guan Eng’s often repeated threat and it looks like it is Guan Eng have bitten the bait and got himself trap. He will be dragged into other issues.

The legal notification by Khalid’s lawyer to Dr Tan may tie PKR’s hand. Although Anwar claim to have the mandate from Pakatan Rakyat in which Lim Kit Siang signed for DAP but only Deputy President Mat Sabu signed for PAS, he cannot remove Khalid through party disciplinary process that easily.

PAS Presideent, Dato Haji Hadi Awang and Spiritual Leader Dato NIk Aziz Nik Mat have expressed support for Khalid and questioned the basis to seek removal of Khalid. PAS’s Dewan Ulamak and Dewan Syura echoed the same opinion and position.

The Erdogan’s inside PAS which support Anwar have questioned Hadi’s position but dare not question Nik Aziz. Anwar reiterate that the two Dewan’s position is not necessary because Pas has expressed agreement through Mat Sabu.

Earlier, Saifuddin loudly told PAS to stay off and claim the choice of Menteri Besar is purely PKR matter. In BN, the position of PM may be from UMNO but there is a process to seek opinion and  consensus from BN member parties in UMNO’s succession plan.

Since decision in Pakatan Rakyat is based on a consensus, Saifuddin may have over step his boundary. While DAP and PKR may be able to out vote PAS, there is the possibility of UMNO and few assemblymen from PKR and DAP voting against a vote of no confidence.

The implication and possibilities is wide ranging but for the time being Anwar’s game was read well by Khalid and he managed to foil Anwar’s rush to sack Khalid.

With more time available, Khalid could be calling the shot. It is a contrary view to the common believe that it is done before the end of the month and Wan Azizah will be the first woman MB and a the first sleepy woman MB.

Khalid can go for broke because his still has the card to dissolve the state assembly. This is the possibility which many are also thinking. However, it might not be the case.

Khalid looks to be in the driver seat with Anwar’s days as a free man is closing near. Without Anwar, PKR that is still unsettled with party election problem will crumble to pieces. The Erdogan inside PAS may come out to salvage PKR in which PAS grassroot tolerance with them has met its limit.

However, do not hope so much with UMNO. The grassroot do not understand what is happening and leaders at branch and division level are blur.



Khalid has 14 days to appeal the decision from the time he is officially notified of his sacking, after which the PKR leadership council would decide whether to form a special committee to hear the appeal.

In the meantime, Khalid would remain as menteri besar until he resigns or is otherwise removed from office, such as through a vote of no confidence.

‘Decision strictly on membership’

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution told reporters at the same press conference that today’s meeting dealt only with Khalid’s status as a PKR member, and not his position as menteri besar.

He said any moves to remove Khalid from office would be announced later, but said Khalid should respect the fact that he no longer has majority support and vacate his office to make way for a sucessor.

To a question, Saifuddin denied that Khalid’s dismissal was to pressure PAS not to back the Selangor MB.

Meanwhile, in response to another question, PKR central committee member Sivarasa Rasiah told reporters that a letter sent by Khalid’s lawyers today was irrelevant to today’s decision.

“It is not relevant because it does not address the core issue, which is that Khalid has defied clear orders from the party to resign as menteri besar, following the party’s decision to propose PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as menteri besar.

“We have given him the chance the respond and he responded through two letters, which have been taken into consideration.

“As Saifuddin had mentioned, we find the contents (of the letters) showed open defiance. We asked him nicely to step down and he wouldn’t step down, and that is enough (reason),” he said.

Earlier today, The Malay Mail Online reported that Khalid’s lawyers have sent PKR a letter urging the party to explain Khalid’s questions about the allegations against him.

“Our client in fact notes a litany of breaches of natural justice thus far giving rise to perception of conflict of interest and bias against our client,” the letter reportedly said.

Sivarasa added that there is no need to entertain Khalid’s request to postpone the disciplinary hearing because the grounds for his dismissal are already clear, and Khalid’s letters showed that he has no intention to answer the allegations against him.

“For us, due process has been fulfilled, natural justice has been done, he has been given the chance to answer the party’s allegations.

“And not only he did he refuse, he openly defied (the party),” he said in explaining why there is no benefit to postponing the hearing.

Khalid remains defiant

On Tuesday, the PKR disciplinary committee issued Khalid with a show-cause letter ordering him to explain his defiance of the party’s instructions to quit his post as menteri besar.
Khalid was also called to attend a disciplinary committee hearing yesterday to explain several other issues, such as Selangor’s water restructuring exercise and hikes in business licence fees.

In response, Khalid claimed that the show-cause letter was faulty and said the disciplinary board’s demands were both “unreasonable and suspicious”.

“As a party fighting for justice for all, I should also be given a real chance, not just a mirage, to answer to the allegations of my wrongdoing.

“Unfortunately, the actions of YB Datuk (Tan) and the disciplinary board up until now are highly suspect,” he said, pointing to the short notice of the hearing and asked for the meeting to be postponed to Aug 15.

The disciplinary board meeting nevertheless went ahead yesterday without Khalid’s presence.————


Will Khalid dissolve the assembly tomorrow…

Following the sacking of Abdul Khalid Ibrahim from PKR, the burning question is what’s next for the now party-less Selangor menteri besar.

Lawyer and constitution expert Syahredzan Johan said Abdul Khalid’s sacking has no bearing on his position as menteri besar as long as he continues to command majority support in the state assembly.

Therefore it is expected in the next few days, Pakatan Rakyat will move to win over its 43 state assemblypersons, including Abdul Khalid’s loyalists.

When Pakatan is confident it has the numbers to oust Abdul Khalid, Syahredzan said one option is to move a motion of no confidence against the menteri besar in the state assembly.

However, Abdul Khalid may pre-empt this by asking the Selangor sultan to dissolve the state assembly and pave the way for fresh polls.

“He can actually request for dissolution without having a vote of no confidence or any show of support by the majority,” Syahredzan told Malaysiakini.

If Abdul Khalid chooses to do this, it has to be soon as the sultan will leave for a two-week overseas trip after a function with the menteri besar tomorrow.

Syahredzan said while legally, the Selangor regent can dissolve the state assembly while the monarch is away, it is unlikely to happen.

“I would imagine when dealing with something like this, the sultan would want it to be done in person,” said Syahredzan, the former Bar Council constitutional law committee co-chairperson.

Abdul Khalid in a statement this evening said he will meet the sultan soon for “advice” but gave no hint about a possible request for dissolution.

Even if Abdul Khalid wants to dissolve the state assembly tomorrow, another constitution expert Abdul Aziz Bari commented that the sultan too has a role to play and should not simply accede to the menteri besar’s request.

“When a menteri besar is sacked (from the party), the likelihood is he has lost support.

“So the sultan, instead of acceding to the request for dissolution, should tell Khalid to go back to the House and see if he still has a majority,” he told Malaysiakini.

He added if the House decides that Abdul Khalid has lost majority support, he must then resign or the sultan should sack him from his post.

Exco members to resign?

But what if Abdul Khalid beats all odds against a well-oiled party machinery and succeeds in retaining a majority with the help of Umno and loyalists in Pakatan?

“Then Abdul Khalid can stay on as menteri besar, but bear in mind it is no longer a Pakatan Rakyat government,” said Abdul Aziz.

“All his exco members will need to resign as the government was formed through Pakatan Rakyat and Abdul Khalid will need to submit his new list of exco members (to the sultan),” he said.


Already, discussions are in the works to have Pakatan exco members quit from the government with DAP holding its central executive committee meeting tomorrow.

“We no longer recognise Khalid’s MB status. We will not cooperate with a non-Pakatan Rakyat MB,” DAP Selangor chief Tony Pua told Malaysiakini.

Syahredzan (left) said while the current Pakatan exco members have no legal obligation to resign, staying on under a party-less menteri besar would put them in an untenable situation.

He added Abdul Khalid will also be hard pressed even if he retains a majority without Pakatan’s support, as he may need to appoint a new exco lineup which may include representatives from archrival Umno.

‘Circumventing the House’

Such a scenario may see a paralysis in the Selangor state government, thus ultimately pushing the ball to the sultan and the state assembly.

In the 56-seat state assembly, PAS and DAP control 15 seats each while PKR now has 13 seats (minus Abdul Khalid’s) and Umno has 12.

The main dissenter in the move to replace Abdul Khalid is PAS and a PKR-DAP combination alone is insufficient to oust the menteri besar.

However, Syahredzan said going by the Perak constitutional crisis precedent, there is a third option where Abdul Khalid and Pakatan can avoid a state assembly vote altogether by determining their support through “extraneous” methods such as statutory declarations.

He said the Federal Court had held the new BN government in Perak in 2009 was valid despite not going through a vote of confidence in the House after a series of defections from Pakatan.

Instead of a vote in the House, the three defectors signed a statutory declaration backing BN and subsequently met the Perak sultan to express their new allegiance.

So it comes as no surprise that PKR has in recent days instructed its state assemblypersons to sign a statutory declaration to declare that they have lost confidence in Abdul Khalid.

Nonetheless, Syahredzan said the politically correct and morally right method was still to go through a vote in the state assembly.


‘Little recourse’

As for whether Abdul Khalid has any recourse to reverse his sacking, Syahredzan said the embattled menteri besar has little choice for remedy.

This is because the Societies Act has left disciplinary matters completely to political parties and has an ouster clause against bringing it to court, he said.

“For me, such an ouster clause is unconstitutional but if the courts were to go by the book, then he cannot challenge the party’s decision,” he said.

Syahredzan said Abdul Khalid will not only need to file a review over the disciplinary board decision but also challenge the constitutionality of the ouster clause.

He speculated that the PKR disciplinary board may have sacked Abdul Khalid today to prevent him from obtaining an injunction order to stop his sacking.

However, PKR has given Abdul Khalid 14 days to appeal his sacking.- mk



How much UMNO willing to pay for some PAS and PKR assemblymen…

Khalid Ibrahim has been sacked. I count myself among the earliest who advocated this action. It is the right decision. Now, its time to brace ourselves for the possibilites. 

Ironically Khalid is also the person who can stabilize Selangor politics. After accepting the sacking, he goes before HRH the Sultan of Selangor and proposes the name of the person whom PR has endorsed. The person is most likely to come from PKR. If he does this, things go back to normalcy.

But Khalid can also be Khalid the Destroyer. He has been shamed. He wants revenge. Let the bones turn white, never the eyes says the Malay saying.

I have written a number of articles on the Khalid Ibrahim issue. I wrote my first article on the issue on the 31st of July. I gave a few possibilities. 

(1) If Khalid has moral values, he ought to tender his resignation. He did not and thus I am able to conclude that Khalid has no moral scruples. You may disagree with this. But this is my political opinion.

(2) The house can convene and moves a motion of no confidence. By doing that he holds PKR at ransom- because Khalid shows he does not have the interests of the party in his heart. Tan Sri Mat Taib or Mat Tyson said it most appropriately- Khalid thinks the MB post is an heirloom belonging to him.

(3) The party could sack him. Indeed I mentioned this several times in the articles I wrote.

The lawyers will look at the issue from a purely legalistic angle. They will say, Khalid is technically still the MB as he can only be removed by a vote of no confidence. This means all the parties in the House will convene and decide how it will be. I shall steer away from discussing the legalistic issues. 

Let us look as the political possibilities.

Khalid is an independent now. This means PKR has 13 seats. DAP has 15 seats and PA has 15 seats. UMNO has 12. Unless PAS has no sense of propriety, it will accept Khalid Ibrahim as member and may want to suggest that he remains as MB. 

If PAS does this, it has no sense of camaraderie and loyalty among brother parties. I hope PAS has a sense of fealty. I really hope so because nowadays it’s difficult to reason with people who claim to have divine authority. PKR and DAP especially are secular heathens!

To do that PAS has to secure the support of DAP and PKR. I think it will not be possible to get support from PKR since it is PKR who sacked him in the first place.

I don’t think Khalid can get support from DAP since Khalid has gone on record to say that all this while DAP has been against his agenda to apply Islamic whatever. 

This is a new twist from Khalid and is the unkindest cut. It’s also the deepest cut since DAP has been supportive of him and through its support, Khalid went on to become MB.Khalid has dishonoured himself.

So where he will go? He can go to UMNO and that swells UMNO’s number to 13. What will UMNO do?

UMNO will advise Khalid not to go and see the Sultan first. 

No hurry Tan Sri- make Anwar squirm. Now, my colleagues in the DAP, Segambut and PJ Utara have different definitions of squirm. I shall not elaborate.


Don’t rush Tan Sri- Not until UMNO can negotiate with some PAS and even PR assemblymen. Pay them to abandon their respective parties. Buy 10 from PAS and another 10 from PKR, UMNO with Khalid will be 33 seats strong. DAP remains at 15, PKR less 10 will have 3 and PAS less 10 will have 5. UMNO/BN has 33 while the 3 partners of PR have 23.

Is UMMO willing to buy 10 each from PAS and PKR? Pay the 20 prospects RM10 million each, UMNO spends only RM200 million. Didn’t Khalid accumulate more than RM3 billion? Heck pay each of them RM25 million, UMNO will spend only RM500 million. All can be reimbursed from the cash reserves our dear Khalid Ibrahim has accumulated!

If they are wiling because they are after Selangor and perhaps have the additional motivation to present Selangor to Najib since its Najib who lost Selangor, getting Selangor at all cost is the overriding objective.

This is possible because Khalid Ibrahim made it so. So Khalid in his last throes can be both a saviour and destroyer. 

If he is just vengeful and does not want to go to bed with UMNO, we are going to the hustings. – Mohd.Ariff Sabri bin Hj. Abdul Aziz.@sakmongkol AK47


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