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ban face book!?

Banning FB? Why, because it may potentially spread decadence ,and poison impressionable minds with toxic images and suggestions of debauchery living life in pursuit of orgies in Hedonistic zest and subscribing to a Nihilistic godless worldview..
FB, to ban or not to ban..that is the big important decision that is cause for sleepless nights.for those in positions of authority, who are faced with the choice on what to do….for ramifications post the critical decision , has potential to topple goverments,if mis-handled…?????
Seriously,will they(Malaysian Authorities ) ever pause to reconsider releasing statements that has the propensity to be utterly nonsensical,in reaction to this FB ban proposal ,the very first word that came to mind and got spouted was “Rubbish” ..Will respect and consideration for the average Malaysian person’s intelligence ever come into play or forever taken for granted. Sometimes,as if the silliness of them, in Authority,are encouraged, that they get the impression, the public is easily fooled, that they go overboard in their stupid antics and think that they are taken seriously, and what nonsense they fed to the public was believed. not realising people are just being polite and not wishing to be antagonistic.
…………..Yup…,to vent..,Cantonese use this phrase in polite but loud cussing..” Ding Qui Ge Fai ” something bout plugging/ stopping/going against / lungs of another, i think
.it challenge.quarrel, fight back verbally..screaming match-up and
see whose lungs are more powerful.
Hmmmm, just rambling meself , fuelled by some shots of vodka tonic in my system,,mulling the exasperation brought on by the combo of beer,booze and ludicrity of certain people’s thinking..
JUST the statement on intent alone “to ban” , is enough to ruffle sentiments of people,feeling outraged and the prospect of having their basic liberty to express opinions or vent emotions , socialize n interact in society , Totally Violated..! yet again !Dont they get it? it is not about FB the social media site but about their own incessantly vulgar and intelligence insulting antics, suffered on intelligent people who just wants to go about their daily lives,unimpeded by”big brother” morons, who always insist on doing our thinking for us, worried we cannot tell for ourselves. the right and morally wrong and the potentially destructive to civil society that will destroy our values and corrupt our thinking that we will be brainwashed by these social media entities,that we might turn into zombies manipulated by the social media sites n destroying our own country , culture n values..

All that is asked for is that, people be allowed to enjoy what little freedoms they have in life in a free society, that we can appreciate information more ,keeping up with the rest of the world as it shrinks more,with the IT age , connecting people,like never before.

Authorities shud .teach people to recognize and handle misinformation responsibly,
not ridiculously ban what may or may not be potentially offensive to society,? huh?
see how ludicrous the statement is, it is the same as the suggestion to ban just ,one social networking website among hundreds if not thousands of similar sites ,across the globe,in hundreds of languages , already online/ on internet being used by millions.of others..

Besides inviting ridicule and being perceived as narrow and shallow minded ,are there any positives at all from a ban like this on a social media site ,imposed by a purported democratic country ,such as Malaysia ? Not dictatorial iron fisted murderous regime rule of north korea , or even a “restrictive in areas,WITH STRICT guidelines and censorship “, of communist China., a society of mindsets ,not yet completely ready to be liberated or free to do or go as they please.

But in a democratic society . with little liberties like these taken for granted for years..
It ll very likely be viewed as another attempt to censor and contain freedom in expression and thinking by the paranoid in positions of authority..

do like china,ban facebook,youtube, blogspot n certain google apps /sites etc. so that weibo,baidu youku etc can thrive and earn billions of USD,since there are no alternatives to the social sites.purely economic reasons for the ban, more than a billion reasons, thats d population number, .still very easy to get FB n other banned sites in China,just need to spend money on a reliable VPN..and wherever in china, if there is internet, you are logged in.simple..n means that the sites arent banned,just not F.O.C to us
ONE NONSENSICAL IDEA AFTER ANOTHER: Netizens slam Malaysia’s plan to ban on Facebook

Full article: one-nonsensical-idea-after-another-netizens-slam-malaysias-plan-to-ban-on-facebook


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