Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Teoh Beng Hock


How TBH died is mostly a foregone conclusion to public perception. Nonetheless. It needs to be made official and the whole truth surrounding the suspicious circumstances that ultimately lead to the brutal tragic death is revealed. In all probability, the powers that be are thinking of a means on how to deal with this nightmarish PR fiasco.

And wrap it up in a way that may bring closure and address the grievances of the late TBH’s family and general public.

Just hope it will not copy the infamous conclusion of another high profile murder trial of the foreign Mongolian woman, where after the perps were convicted and even sentenced with death penalty, only to eventually have conviction overturned after things cooled down. Generating a farcical impression overall of events that transpired.

Guess, only time can tell.

TBH’s death is where a cardinal sin was done in the rulebook of the political games they play, Slander , character assasination, racial and religious extremism ,slander,hatemongering even ,or using draconian acts etc etc is pretty much all in a days work for the games our politicians play but the line is crossed when an innocent young life with so much to live for is terminated so brutally ,indirectly a result of the politicians dirty games..It is unacceptable..politics may be a dirty game but surely not at the expense of sacrificing innocent lives who is just a small pawn in the scheme of things.Tragically deed is done,but closure in the form of accountability and truth is only cure now to bring closure to this grievous wound for the family and the public.

To be fair. PDRM should be lauded for the quick response soon as the courts made the judgment.

Give credit where credit is due.But still, the cynical public may need more convincing that they are genuinely going to investigate this matter. No fear nor favor. And not only good for the statement”reopen case” only to sit on their hands. At same token, noticed the irony. For usually MACC do the investigating of wayward cops…now tables are turned. Cops investigate potentially wayward MACC officers! Ironic



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