Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Being the chief executive of the state is a team effort. there is no way a whole state can be run by only one person.Granted, leader ship instincts and firm principles are qualities needed but it isn’t the be all..,A good CM will bring out the best from their staff.and also the collective ADUNs.It is not a one person show..
.Decisions that affect public are generally made via consensus of which will serve the best interests
.The authority and respect of the Chief Minister is of the office.and basically,integrity and a unwavering principled stance are more important than other “leadership” qualities.
Afterall, whats the point of having a CM,who may be very efficient in leading but has a sneaky streak with a tendency to abuse power and privilidges irresponsibly?
These principled integrity qualities were what PK boasted about Tan Sri Khalid’s first term,plus his gentle ,soft spoken persona that endeared him to the Selangorians..his administration successful,Not because he was a tough SOB ex-CEO.

If Kak Wan is the Chief Minister ,she will only be as good as the quality of people around her assisting her administration.. Advising.her on the affairs of the state. with each department with a respective specialists heading them or among the staff,who will know what they are doing , be it finance or public services/ infrastructure / race/religion relations etc..including politics. Her role is to facilitate a smooth admin and make decisions based on input ,not arbitrarily.. .and PK, seem to have a huge pool of brain talent from all fields.

Therefore,crucial criteria for the CM post ….incorruptible integrity,dedication to serve Selangorians and simply having the instinctive ability to recognize and implement the best interests for the state.
We do not need a military type general leadership for that..or worst ,some master political strategist.
A down to earth matronly figure,that people can relate to and trust,like Kak Wan.may turn out to be a blessing for Selangorians.
As it is now ,the fortune tellers among her detractors/critics are so sure,she cannot do the job..their crystal balls glowing with predictions of gloom and doom,citing the “..ism”s as the reason.Main one being Nepot ism…


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