Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Well the KKK is not really  known for reciting prayers and giving all glory and credit to the christian God or the name of Jesus before they lynch , hang or burn their victims.,except for the  horrifying sacrilege act of using the symbol of the cross to lash their victims.

Unlike the religious extremist who live ,breathe their frenzied cleansing rampages, in the name of their almighty and the faith,

Never failing to invoke the name of Allah .. Screaming with full fanatical  conviction of their God’s greatness before they mete out their brand of  barbaric justice, ascribing all credit and glory and the believe that it is His demand that they are obligated do so or it is a  sacred commandment  in which  to defend the faith and their holy crusade on the infidels,in the name of Islam.

And doubt that any moderates from the faith will denounce them and say that their brand of religiousity is not very Islamic and that they misrepresent muslims..

They may disassociate and distance themselves but can the same be observed of the Faith.,in renouncement, unlikely, except perhaps present a view of these radicals as being a violent segment,that is on a divergent stream from that of the  mainstream marjority adherents of Islam .






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