Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia



if the blogger feels so strongly that he is defending his faith ,why hide behind a pen name? Only cowards use an assumed name to attack,malign.
.Kunta a name that for many represents the ugliness of racial discrimination..slavery/human bondage. The evil humans can do to each other..Also how unjust and perverted , racial discrimination and championing racial supremacy can be.
Ironically,the blogger’s view reflects a image that illustrate a mindset that has been enslaved or in bondage..Slave of the spiteful racial rhethoric, hate indoctrination..and in that sense, the pen name appropriately selected,since he /she is Kunta Kinte in mindset,forcibly snatched away from the ” Roots” of the true noble nature of their own people and becoming a mental slave to their masters.who had brainwashed them..

more of this bile and the true nature of the hypocrites can be seen .how race/religion is used by those without decency nor manipulate emotions..But it is for the public to decide,whether whomsoever capable of making vile statements like this is a religious or has a evil worshipping mindset.



ISA, Sedition act etc, all are means to an end. Tools or weapons used But the scariest is not the laws per se but what and how far an establishment will go to stay in power? The feeling of dread or fear of losing power of one group and relinquish it to another group , all within same nation. that they will resort to any means , treachery, deceit or even more sinister actions that may hurt innocents..desperate acts of survival are illogical and can be dangerous to innocent bystanders.That is the most alarming part to the neutral parties , caught in the middle.


modernist, progressive are like terms completely irreconciliable to the devout purist clerics of the islamic faith and is resisted at every turn when interpretation along those lines are attempted.

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