Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

The 5 blind men and the elephant anecdote is a popular analogy used by many as a philosophical view on the 5 major religions and of the whole Truth .  Islam, Christianity,Judaism ,, Hinduism and Buddhism.
Each blind man ,who doesn’t know what an elephant looks like, asked to touch a specific limited part of the elephant and then to describe what the animal looks like to them.

After doing so, they will have 5 differing descriptions based on the area where they felt the elephant.

Imagine their narrative when each respectively  touched the trunk, leg, tail, body and ears.

But each insisting their version is the real one and all others are wrong,passionately defending their versions because they touched and felt it that had convincingly formed an indelible image in their minds.,therefore any differing account must be wrong.!

And so they bicker amongst each other,on the shape of the creature.each as adamant as the next but in reality,noone is wrong and not entirely right either,but just that they each possess merely a part of whole truth.
If only,they can drop their ego-centric stubbornness and pride that deters them to compare notes,and piece all their versions together…
Then the whole Truth emerges.but Alas…the absolute conviction of each, results in ignorant arrogance in denying each other’s versions!

Different paths that lead to one singular ultimate Truth- of what is the Real Shape of the Elephant ..

PS..can be applied to politics/politicians as well,esp the ego-centric part.Just swap the analogy to “Religion” with “Efficiency in Goverment”.

Other Thots


Such is the reaction of a primitive mindset that perceives an imaginary threat,that triggers the primitive part of his brain to interfere with rational thinking,.Erasing analytical intelligence.Physically causing “ narrow mindedness”,
No matter how illogical and seemingly moronic his statement seems,, his brain will have a problem processing it as it is,when it is in such a “narrow” state . And thereby only capable of predictable knee jerk responses of sowing the politics of fear.,in defensive reaction to the imaginary threat/foes that only exist in his mind


If going along this reasoning , then why is our PM condemming IS on their brutality,murdering,beheading ? Aren’t they also defending the faith?
High profile personalities regardless of what affiliation ,must be responsible or made accountable to the public.,in the statements they make.,because it will be broadcasted to the general public.They cannot just shoot from the hips.causing grief and damaging psyches..And the ruling establishment must also make it very clear,that right is Right ,wrong is Wrong.Its either Black or White ,and no Grey areas..when it comes to statements that impact sensitivities of the communities.

Then again, hypothetically speaking, if some DAP politician, or more thought provoking, a public Christian figure,makes the statement along the veins of Perkasa, of  burning the Islamic Holy book .,then seriously doubt our dear minister Nancy will also make  the “defending his faith” remark. And more importantly ,what will the public reaction and consequence be  ?


if the blogger feels so strongly that he is defending his faith ,why hide behind a pen name? Only cowards use an assumed name to attack,malign.
.Kunta a name that for many represents the ugliness of racial discrimination..slavery/human bondage. The evil humans can do to each other..Also how unjust and perverted , racial discrimination and championing racial supremacy can be.
Ironically,the blogger’s view reflects a image that illustrate a mindset that has been enslaved or in bondage..Slave of the spiteful racial rhethoric, hate indoctrination..and in that sense, the pen name appropriately selected,since he /she is Kunta Kinte in mindset,forcibly snatched away from the ” Roots” of the true noble nature of their own people and becoming a mental slave to their masters.who had brainwashed them..


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