Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Just because vernacular schools are not a common thing in many countries is all the more reason it ought to be maintained, for it is truly uniquely Malaysian . and the cross cultural multi ethnic religious composition that we have.
Why abolish a good thing, Tweak it to accomodate a more Malaysian emphasis.The vernacular schools system seem to be successful to a degree in producing quality students, why not use it as a template for national schools?
..It isn’t the language being taught that is the problem, but the psyche of the students who attend vernacular schools.
.And it really isn’t that difficult to instill patriotism ,love for the country and the national language in impressionable young minds..If vernacular schools can be made successful and uniquely Malaysian,who knows, perhaps we may even have other countries copying us and adopting the vernacular school system .
But the problem is the resentment of the marjority community in coming to terms with vernacular schools and acknowledging it may be a educational system that works ,and of the resistance in accepting and acknowledging it as a Malaysian concept..
Still it is encouraging that there are those who see further ahead in the best interests of their children in ensuring they have a good grounding to a well balanced and informed views that formative education can their kids grow up in the progressing world that waits for no community..



Not this time,remember the incident when school kids were made to have meals in the toilet because the sensitivities of the marjority must be respected?

What about respecting the dignity or in this instance the freedom to have a bit of festivity of the minorities?

How different is this from that kind of thinking?

By all means, stay away,alcohol is taboo to the devout, we get and respect that but stop trying to impose your views on the Nons and interfere with how they choose to live.

Meantime cheers ,yam seng and bottoms up to PAS




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