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Interesting indeed,given that many have ascribed Kadir Jasin to be a de facto mouthpiece for TDM.
Reading his post, can’t help but feel that it is a endorsement of KJ as a alternative moderate minded leader to replace Najib.,who has rubbed TDM in all the wrong spots,
And also in light of all thats been going on in the country,the ethnic/religious spates ,the sedition blitz etc etc add nausea. God only knows ,what path Najib wants to go and take the country..? That has even got the ole man concerned enough to send out warning?

One have to admit begrudgingly from amongst the sorely lacking or dearth of intellectual talent within the UMNO stable. KJ isn’t among the ranks.He has done some shrewd PR to endear his image to the public.

In the realm of wishful thinking and terms of preference over names like anwar, azmin, rafizi , zaid hamidi, ,mukhriz , hisham and even najib..that we fancy imagining as PM. Think Rafizi and KJ are evenly positioned and ranked highest.,by virtue of how they have managed to present their images/persona to the public as simply “smart capable dudes”.

The personification of the UMNO stereotype will be like Muyhidin.whose aura simply oozes malay ethno-centrism with that perpetual sneer/frown and consistency in statements that reflect his so very “Malay first” mindset..that , KJ and few others in UMNO.don’t seem to fit in that mould..KJ has a image that has a certain appeal to it.,which can be exploited to his advantage,if milked right.
And the grand ole man TDM himself, maybe sensed consolidate all within UMNO,the smart and the dumb, ignorant or well informed..he is going to need all the help he can muster to send a message to Najib and put a stop to where Najib wants to go and take the country along, esp his pro US stance among many other things that Najib did that has rubbed him the wrong way..most know how TDM feels about the west ,particularly the US.
So his personal feelings on KJ may be set aside for time being.,for there is also the consideration of what may be in the best interests of Mukhriz.


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