Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Mention the word Bar Council,and what comes to mind are lawyers whose specialties and livelihood is from interpretating and arguing the laws in our courts,a component of the judicial branch , besides the executive and legislative. upon which the country is founded.

The Bar Council in effect represents the voices of the legal fraternity in Malaysia,the specialist of Malaysian laws,The lawyers we go to for help because they know the laws of the land inside and out.,more familiar with the Laws than many of our legislators or lawmakers.
For the council to voice protest against the sedition act, there must really be something seriously wrong with the sedition act that threatens the foundation of our society premised on just and fair constitutional laws.

In a way , the Bar Council’s protest is like the conscience of the Judiciary speaking out against the sedition act. because it goes against ,  the spirit of our laws and  justice and concept of basic freedoms that upholds and defend the democratic system and principles  that Malaysians have chosen to be governed by..

A crude analogy will be akin to .

The Doctor’s Diagnosis telling the patient that the medication they are using is worsening their condition but the patient is insisting the doctors  are wrong,stubbornly refusing to change the self -prescribed medication ,despite being told its bad for their health..


It is a good feeling to know that Malaysians are not alone in the frustrations and sentiments over the oppresive sedition act. The world is paying attention especially the legal fraternity among Commonwealth nations , and following developments,calling for end to the perceived abuse of power….



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