Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Sourced from The New York Times /world/asia/dog-petting-event-underlines-malaysias-culture-wars

It is so embarassing as a Malaysian  ,dis-heartening and shameful of our society in general to even allow something like this to happen.
Here is a example of a youth in a noble gesture that can indirectly be seen as building bridges and clearing negative misconceptions of his own community and faith , being villified and demonized, and so, instead of something postively encouraging which basically promotes mutual understanding among communities and also generating awareness in the muslim community about dogs and that there are acceptable ways on how the muslims can approach the noble lovable creatures , but the ugliness of the haters overwhelmingy surfaced in full force , hell bent to ensure continuation of Hatred and Ignorance .
Therefore,yet again , message being sent is of violent intimidation on even their fellow brothers/sisters for merely suggesting another interpretation,not even disagreeing.

And the victim is thereby forced to apologize to the haters,in fear of reprisals,for the sake of merely wanting to organize a event that ought to have been a positive step of goodwill among the communities in coming together from common love for the noble creature.
Yup, guess .. Extremism triumphs ! And moderates suffer in silence.

Measure this article vs the speech of moderation and stance against religious extremism that the Malaysian PM Najib Razak made in the UN and the international community gets a pretty good idea what substance and where he is coming from,

His house is in a mess and He really need to get his  own house in order before he goes around preaching to everyone else about neatness ?

Otherwise how can anyone ,domestic or international , ever take him seriously when his credibility is questionable?

Bear in mind that The New York Times is not tabloid news, They have some serious journalism going on.

Our PM need to read between the lines .


MistyClarity  commenter from Malaysian Insider.

It’s a real pity and a shame to have to come to this. In my humble opinionsyedazmi need not apologise. In just 2 hoursSyedAzmi had succeeded in uplifting the consciousness, compassion and understanding of many of his fellowbrethrens. This is something thatJAKIM andMAIS had failed to do in over a few decades.What do I as a non-muslim learned from this

a. There isn’t a single statement in the quran that said that dogs are dirty or haram. Dogs are mentioned only 3 times in the quran and none of them negative.
b. In the quran it was also mentioned that whatever a dog catches a muslim could partake of it. There was no mention or special prescription as to how the meat should be cleaned because of contamination by the dog’s saliva.

c. Hadis are not edic. It is like a commentary in other spiritual traditions which guide us and help us understand the depth and breath of what was written in the quran. There is a simple rule in this tradition and i.e. anything that is contrary to what was stated in the quran is automatically rejected as fabrications or false reporting of men.

d. Fatwa is also not an edic but an opinion. The final judgement is between each individual and his God.

And for all these understanding and for your love and compassion let me tip my hat you.

I have also learned the ugly side of name-sake muslims who not only demonstrated their total lack understanding but also in their ignorance acted in ways that had undermined and diminished the reputation and standing of islam in the eyes of many – muslims and non-muslims.

In a few days these ruffians in the name of islam had undone all the good that Syed Azmi had achieved and more.


It is more alarming to note that the ignorance or a segment of the ignorant comes in the guise of ostensibly learned scholars who claim to a moral /intellectual authorities of the faith,and it is their wisdom and interpretation that must be followed..! OR ELSE..?! Compassion is an alien concept to these closed mindsets.Threats to intimidate and even resorting to verbal attacks/insults or more scary , physical seems to be a natural recourse.
And whatever noble sincere gesture Syed Azmi had intended the event to be, it has been totally overshadowed by the ugliness of the haters.Such a shame..! Like it or not ,it reflects back on Malaysians as a society and of course on those who govern us..

long live extremism…hate and ignorance triumphs…again.!.zealots win the day
” halle…. gut wrenching …luyah..
.Poor Syed Azmi spreading goodwill is like a non halal thing to do and he is forced to apologize,under the shadow of insults,threats and intimidation..the fear of reprisal is very real..
Wish i could say to him,”hey “i ve got you covered,got your back,but then, can only lend a voice..Where are the moderates ? Suffering in silence? Where are the voices of them who govern,Cowering in their prudent silent cowardice.
Meanwhile,the ” Moral authorities or guides,many in robes, continue to insist their moral compasses,pointing to the place named the right direction/destination..Dented psyches is the fare for the journey



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