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The Malaysian InsiderUM takes disciplinary …

Will the ruling Goverment ever realise that it is precisely high handedness such as this punitive action of the student, plays right into the the opposition claims of the Goverment’s power abuse and that the higher learning institutions in the country are nothing more than places of brainwashing of the best and brightest young minds in our universities..If anything, the very clear message is that the goverment will do anything in the “suppression of discord / discontent ” . for it is not tolerated, .
Another message is that the country is , anything but , a functioning democracy.
Perhaps they can quiet the vocal voices,but they just increase the intensity of the outrage of the silent marjority more convinced and determined that the current ruling dictatorial Goverment must be voted out..Restless hearts and minds are not easily quelled.Their underestimating the sentiments of the citizens or public perception will be their undoing..All the opposition has to do is to observe in glee as the rulng coalition consistently trip themselves or jump into inextricable self created quagmire of public disapproval and occasionally reminds all, ” SEE , What we said , were we right or were we right ?
In this instance, making an example of a student, who merely seems to be championing freedom of speech and thought ,in a nutshell, is just counter productive in the long run.
So,like it or not , both a Professor and now a Student leader of UM have been made into targets of persecution by the shamocratic gomen and their shamocracy system.
.That is the real damaging public perception of our Goverment now..

And what can be said of the Chancellor..

It is either her job or her principles ,if she has any,, something has to give..,guess being pragmatic is what this Rohana chose..If she allow the students to proceed, kiss her comfy lucrative and dignified position goodbye…As long as our national institutions of higher learning and academia don’t cut off the umbilical of Goverment influence..then there will never be independence of political thought stemming from there.
Guess it shows that the attempts of indoctrination starts from ” the baby sarung to the kubur” .
.Or this Rohana is indeed a stooge,planted to ensure the institution does not stray from the prime objectives of indoctrinating our brightest young minds into subservient slave mindsets to serve Big Brother
. IF so, she failed miserably. Judging from the reaction of the Students,it is uplifting to observe that it is not easy to tamper with their minds,or that it achieved a reversed effect of the main design.
.Can’t help but wonder, besides those who were present, how many more of these young minds are amidst the next up and coming generation who have exactly the same sentiments and perspectives as those students who broke the barriers,forcibly pushing the University gate open,a potent symbol of what our young generation will eventually achieve.
If the ruling Goverment still choose to ignore what the students are expressing,it is to their own peril..!


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