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Ethnic Situation and Islam in Malaysia

To all Malaysian fellow citizens..especially those that have been taught and encouraged to be fearful and resentful along ethnic religious divide..

“Follow your heart and instincts on what is fair and just in our unique Malaysian society –

Sharpen your awareness to decipher whether there exist a large scale psychological manipulation of a whole ethnic community, perpetuated by the powerful elite just so the CLIQUE of the powerful and rich can stay so ,status quo unthreatened.

Follow our God given instincts to discern between ,good and bad..not follow blindly and unquestioningly if there is a sense of impropriety.pause and contemplate..

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery ,none but ourselves can free our minds,

have no fear for ethno religo diversity., embrace it gradually and whole heartedly with the passage of time..

Banish the prophets and their unending negativity,

many seem to be locked in mindsets ,and messages focused on portraying other communities to be more and more uglier as if there are no redeeming qualities. And their messages of doom and gloom. Just negativity always ,condemning, criticizing etc instead of more positivity or uplifting messages or examples of encouragement…

Say “No More” to sublime indoctrination of our children. Chart our own course and write our life account. on a clean slate,

Resist spiteful rhetoric . Embrace spiritually and morally uplifting messages.,trust our own individual instincts and judgment,

Refuse to accept rhetoric that pollutes mindsets with hate, resentment of other communities. .

For the sake of our children,cultivate the ” spirit of” and promote messages of inter community inclusiveness and focus on promoting collective OPTIMISM of one single nationalistic sense of identity. MALAYSIAN !


For those who have a surface understanding of Islam..The impression of the Faith as it is in this that

It seems to have been misused as a tool / instrument for political manuvering in Malaysia ,an excuse to preach intolerance ,a movement to rally and unite a whole ethnic community ,to incite resentment,inflame passsions or threaten violence, an excuse not to enforce laws of our constitution.,over the top melodramatization of ” non halal” contamination.,
A base of rules set, from whence any form of inter faith mutual respect will not be entertained..

All of the described, did occur,in the name of the Faith..
God’s commands are perfect, Religion is noble and virtuous , but human mindsets and bias selective interpretation to prove a point , taking scriptures out of context, using it to amplify or manipulate passions to achieve a selfish aim, or endorse intolerance or condone statements of hate mongering or violent retribution,instead of promoting compassion and acceptance or  mutual edification

But to display an arrogance of spiritual knowledge , in vanity or pride , of the Almighty’s words , makes the interpretator’s version of Religion ugly and spiteful..rather than noble and virtuous.
In Malaysia lately , it is as if , it is anything but …the version of the true noble ,compassionate religion it is supposed to be..when seems to be only negative comments or condemnation of this and that keeps surfacing .Are there no positives or goodness at all in these minds to praise in the name of the Faith?

Seems like they (religious zealots) are their own worst enemies, most times the “threat” emanating from their very own inner selves and imagination or interpretation , almost whimsically , their minds conjuring endless perceived foes to their faith ,from the absurd to the outrageous. So if indeed, the Faith or community is under siege, the campaign is by and large orchestrated by the well learned religious ” interpretators of the scriptures” leading the blitz against their own,with some mighty powerful commandeers behind the scenes



ALL enemies come from within the inner selves of the religious, so therefore if there is any jihad, there is a need to first uncover and conquer and defeat themselves,for they may well be their own worst enemies,since it is from their own thoughts is where all their enemies first manifest.
And it is alarming to see in Malaysia, politics have taken over and dominated religion , and the essence of spirituality with all that is good and noble,compassionate ,gracious etc , has mostly being pushed asunder.,


Protesting all the wrong reasons

Corruption and power abuse of the high and mighty, ,wrongful deaths in custody,tax payers money diverted from original design for personal selfish profits by the powerful ,, unemployed people sleeping in the streets,rape and physical abuse ,drug abuse among social ills .
.Education system for our children going down the gutter,the infighting among own community between liberalism and extremism., The scriptures from the holy book of their faith selectively chosen and interpretated to suit ethnophobic or misogynistic cries amongst other things.

And many of these are occuring within the community they scream so hard to be champions of..
Yet none of the topics they choose to protest or generate awareness has any thing remotely connected to the above issues..while they go around protesting building of a religious structure or that their community is being exploited by others,and to boycott this and that
..Go lah seek out some meaningful issue to voice that can really help the community they ostensibly champion.!
Meanwhile those within their own community and faith ,that they scream to represent, suffer in silence.

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