Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Corruption and power abuse of the high and mighty, ,wrongful deaths in custody,tax payers money diverted from original design for personal selfish profits by the powerful ,, unemployed people sleeping in the streets,rape and physical abuse ,drug abuse among social ills .
.Education system for our children going down the gutter,the infighting among own community between liberalism and extremism., The scriptures from the holy book of their faith selectively chosen and interpretated to suit ethnophobic or misogynistic cries amongst other things.

And many of these are occuring within the community they scream so hard to be champions of..
Yet none of the topics they choose to protest or generate awareness has any thing remotely connected to the above issues..while they go around protesting building of a religious structure or that their community is being exploited by others,and to boycott this and that
..Go lah seek out some meaningful issue to voice that can really help the community they ostensibly champion.!
Meanwhile those within their own community and faith ,that they scream to represent, suffer in silence.


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