Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Revisiting on what the late Tunku had to say and struck home as to how chillingly relevant and accurate his remarks were in describing the state of affairs in the country and the behaviour patterns of those in power .Despite his observations and remarks being made back in 1987…Its eerily relevant to the current status quo,hitting the nail right on the spot despite the fact that he dispensed this advice back in 1988.

A voice of conscience from the past

Its spooky how his remarks hit home now,to the current generation of our leaders and the state of affairs in the country..

Thereby if ever there ought to be a Voice of Conscience of UMNO,  This advice from Tunku Abd Rahman will definitely qualify ,and perhaps even reflect on the pent up sentiments of the silent marjority within the organization itself, who may be  afraid to stir up controversy and risk being labelled traitors to their own community..


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