Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Although it pains to to listen to Reza Aslan in describing the absurdity of the situation and using derogatory terms to label our fellow countrymen claiming ownership of the word “ALLAH”. but there are times when one cannot say anything in defence of the indefensible but agree to the logical views expressed by him.

Especially, when Reza Aslan, an acknowledged highly respected Islamic scholar and intellectual muslim,who has defended Islam successfully so many times putting many Islamophobes ,in their place..highlighting their ignorance .

But claiming slight embarassment as a muslim because of this tussle over the exclusive ownership of the word (the only Islamic community in a country in the whole Islamic world to do so)
That also has many muslim intellectuals in the Islamic world,shaking their heads in amused disbelief…
Guess, to Reza Aslan exasperation , “Ignorance” is not confined to Islamophobes only.
And his amusement reflects indeed on what he and many other intellectuals from the common Islamic faith thinks of the the detached mentality /world views of his fellow muslims in our tiny remote SE Asian nation..

And He is dead serious about the “stupid and idiocy ” oh my..


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