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Khairy had pledged that the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) will organize the nationwide roadshow with Shafee to “justify” the Federal Court’s February 10 decision against Anwar.

“Now that the case is over, do you expect us, as a political party, to keep quiet?” Khairy asked some 300 people, at a dialogue in Petaling Jaya, on allegations of a political conspiracy against the Opposition. “We kept quiet all these years because the matter being in court was subjudice and we didn’t want to be cited for contempt of court.”

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KJ..for all his posturing and show-offish ness of being some intellectual who actually uses his “smarts” in his political organization, where the stable  are not really reknowned for  brilliant critical thinking and problem solving – that is  if they use their minds to think at all- Eeeeer ..oh ..(analytical thoughts of good governance,that is ) since mostly have consistently transmitted  an impression most of them as  merely capable of-  using  a quarter capacity of  mind thinking ability.

But still the idea of this road show , it re-enforces the impression of KJ of being just another “chameleon” or ” Lallang” that bends with wherever the wind blows.. And that it comes from mindsets that are  pandering , rubbery, slick ,perhaps vindictive and a tiny touch of wickedness bordering on sadistic glee ?

How else to describe when KJ chose to associate himself and descend to the level of the Ahmad Shafee and the planned roadshow circus ,that just strengthens public perception from some quarters ,that it is  to gloat on and downgrade/humiliate the honor and integrity of one who has already suffered the indignity of imprisonment and now will have to suffer that indignity all over again.

It just have a sense of macabre twist to many.In good conscience and decency,nobody celebrates the misfortunes of another,no matter how what the stakes are and screams triumph at the expense of further antagonising the already frustrated or outraged sentiments of millions.

The timing for putting on the roadshow sucks!

Its just stoking the fire of those infuriated emotions and counter productive.,And whatever the intentions of the roadshow, it will have negative backlash, and seen as Gloating.

So much for KJ’s  cultivated persona of a cultured and highly educated refined intellectual . And with entrenched intrinsic values of some noble Malay gentleman. Educated with the best of western and the Malay values with wisdom and tactfulness to match..

Does KJ have his personal lines of decency that he doesn’t cross ?  How far has his goalpost shifted?

Wonder if KJ realises his past statements and stand on issues /controversies reflects back  a lot on the public perception of his character and principles as an individual. And his  stand on national contentious issues.? There seem to be  none!

Apart from rare instances, where his position is commendable.

Most times ,he has a tendency to –

take the safest neutral middle ground with bland statements , or launched into rhetorical partisan diatribe.

He seems to have absorbed a lot of characteristics from his current boss..especially in regards to the former of above sentence.

And if few years ago , many eyed him as “one  potential and pedigree to ascend all the way”

Well, it’s just as well , after few  years of KJ in the political limelight ,the traits he has and how he plays the the political field can be observed and deduced.

And  the public can form a opinion whether such individual qualities are good PM material.t




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