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For many of us who are not aware, it is an offence to lodge a false police report. The question that arises now is this: was Datuk Zulkifli Noordin, when making a police report against Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar for statements made in the Dewan Rakyat,  guilty of making a false police report? Let us see. –

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Isn’t this Zul Nordin stepping over the head of the Speaker of the house as if the Speaker doesn’t know his job and don’t know what can or cannot be said in Parliment?
Tuan Speaker, don’t know what may be seditious meh?

Because isn’t it suppose to be the speaker’s duty to ensure MPs don’t get out of line with their statements and he will caution MPs accordingly if it happens..

And sure as heck , not the public watching a video of the YB MP’s speech – like Zul Nordin to determine what is seditious.
And he makes a police report on a video he says he watched ?
To compound that, there is a Police follow-up on the report ,as if it is treated like a petty crime being commited .

But we are talking about the lawmaking house our nation – of parliment and the nation’s lawmakers. (it just seems so ludicrous and the absurdity of it seems so clownish that if it weren’t for the seriousness of the subject matter involving members of venerated August house, one can almost chuckle in amused disbelief.)

But is making a police report, the right /normal procedure to file a complaint on what is interpreted as seditious in the contents of a MP’s speech during a Parlimentary session.,or is there supposed to be another channel ?

Because imagine if it is the norm- that is to make a police report, when a Parlimentarian is personally interpretated by an individual like Zul Nordin in this case, as being seditious..and the Police will follow up .
Then the floodgates of police reports on the behaviour of some of the MPs and what they say in the August house will explode.

Afterall, knowing and seeing so often ,the antics and the remarks often been made in Parlimentary sessions by many of the YB MPs ,and the very loose interpretation of what is seditious..

What is to prevent the public from making police reports on seditous remarks made in parliment ? What are seditious remarks are personal interpretation. Much like this instance , since Zul Nordin can do so and MPs cannot hide behind the immunity of parlimentarians if they are viewed as being seditious …

Just too bad , mischief making or being obnoxious is not a crime.Or Zul Nordin will be locked up already.
Or perhaps someone needs to make a police report that Zul Nordin has made a false police report or ..??
Somebody needs to sue this guy for something..


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