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Tun Mahathir poses a Moral Dilemma

Tun M acknowledges the wisdom of the late Tunku

The dialogue began with an intriguing statement from Tun Mahathir regarding getting independence from the British colonialist:

From 4.20 – Getting independence from British and fears of the colonialist.

5.40– TDM finally acknowledges the wisdom of the late Tunku in his governing  strategy of power-sharing among the ethnic mix that can address  the colonialist fears of one race grabbing all power and show the fears are  unfounded.

Tun admits his brashness then ,on going against the Tunku.


Tun Mahathir’s reminder on Morality and Conscience

Even before the start off the dialogue .. the Tun posed a  intriguing thought provoking

statement on very pertinent issues of good conscience and morality.

9.29- Moral Dilemma of Tun M”.Tetapi walau kita sayang,kita harus juga ambil berat tentang apa yang


941-“Kita ta boleh sayang  satu orang sampai dia bunuh orang pun kita kata OK lah!”

9.40..Tun Says, “Saya Cuma bagi contoh..ta ada kena mengena  pada apa”- then he goes on to elaborate

“Kalau kita sayang pada Isteri pun, kalau Isteri melakukan jenayah yang dasyat-kita ta boleh terima –lah pasal “Dia isteri saya.!

Sins of a  Wife,A  Moral Dilemma ?

Reflecting on the statement  the Tun made above -It is a interesting  statement with a thought provoking  Moral Dimension .

Loosely translated ..“ we may love our wives – but if the wife commit a heinous crime ,it is un-acceptable if  the husband do nothing /say nothing ,even though he knows what the wife did-just because “ She is My Wife!’

For sake of contemplation:

Lets mull on a hypothetical  situation :

(In no way is this a inference to any person/parties,overt or subtle- alive or dead.Just a hypothetical scenario for  reflecting on the Morality dimension from an  active imagination)

(On another thought ,it will make a very interesting outline for a TV movie/mini series,in the hands of a brilliant script writer)…………

Anyway ———-

A  newly appointed CEO of a huge multi-national  corporation.

An idealogical individual with all the sincere  best-intentions to do good for the company he now leads.

With the job , the CEO will have the power and  access to commandeer at his disposal the huge financial resources

to how he sees fit, for the best interest of the company but somehow , with the power at his disposal – he deviates from that path – figuring out how to by-pass the process of doing things above-board or transparently –without seeking approval from the board of directors and shareholders.

But in fact ,as it turns out , he is a reluctant accomplice to his ambitious spouse who is the real mastermind behind the plot to divert the financial assets of the corporation to their private nest-egg. .

Aided and abetted by an assortment of hand picked conspiring parties /individuals ,all helping to connive the nitty details on how to pull off the heist.

And to throw in a evil moral conundrum into the plot

An individual that has a vested interests in the share of the embezzlement pie, finds that he/she has been left out in the cold and denied ,what is deemed to be their share..Resorting to blackmail /extortion with the threat to expose the entire sinister scheme.

But in panic and vengeful spite.The threatened  spouse used her wealth and influence to have the black-mailer and potential whistle blower silenced permanently.

But the spouse has no official portfolio not authority in the company. Except having access to and the immense influence she wields onto her CEO  husband.

Managing to persuade him to go along with her scheme to embezzle and commit CBT and worst even be complicit to a murder ,a plot which He may not be privy to initially.

So, based on the Tun’s  reasoning…The immoral wrong commited by the CEO must be pointed out, no matter how it pains the one doing so..

And if the wife did indeed commited the evil act of “silencing” another.  Its an act unacceptable and unpardonable and cannot be condoned even by the husband, if in fact he has knowledge on it..

The Tun’s point : ( It will be  immoral or unconscionable for the husband to stay silent)

And finally,  the only recourse is to ensure that no more evil diabolical schemes can be done to wreak more damage on the corporation- that the CEO must be removed-

In principle –remove  the head and the rest is neutralized.

At the heart of the above Hypothetical scenario –

Its all about the issue of morality, conscience  – pervesely – if real life imitates this Hypothetical poser above-

-and there are those caught in a similar conumdrum –

This morality issue is for their conscience to  wrestle with in their psyches.

A thought provoking Moral Dilemma indeed.

As if the Tun is hinting-Do you sell your soul for money and self-interests and forget about God given values guided by conscience or cast aside the moral compass that distinguishes a human with values premised on decency  or allow the sin of greed and unscrupulous ambition to dictate your life?

Quote from the Tun : “Kita harus ingat –kawan2 kita ,saudara mara kita,mesti laku yang betul ,kalau ta betul ,kita terpaksa kata ta betul, walaupun terasa terlekat dalam dada, nak kata sesuatu pada kawan ,dan pada orang yang banyak kita dapat nikmat.” Unquote!

Translated loosely “ We must be aware that ,friends /family  should  do what is right !

And if they have done wrong ! We need to  force ourselves to point out to them  what is wrong, even though we feel distress or  heavy-hearted  to voice out to the person – especially if the person is a benefactor from where we get many “benefits.”

In a nutshell, let our conscience be our guide.


Tun gives his views on why Najib should step down..

Note : Witty Sarcasm of the Tun in carrying his point across. And the crowd seem to be reacting to his remarks as if the Tun is speaking exactly to what or who  they are thinking about.

And the audience is not exactly a partisan pro-opposition crowd. Thats food for thought on how effective Tun Mahathir’s may be on the mind sets of the ordinary populace.

Hardly remarks from a senile octogenarian!


Question and anwers sessions..

Alvin Tan rap with Azan

Clash of Morons

Imagery combined with sound can influence the mind and generate intense emotions

and this video of Alvin chanting the Azan with the ackward combination of the electronic piano music in background-

can culminate into two intensely real emotional paths of the viewer .

And how that person chooses to feel after watching may be a clue as to the average mindsets of the Malaysian muslims.

Its a choice .–Bemusement or Rage?

Pause awhile to contemplate on what public reaction may be to this video.

From Muslims and non-Muslims.

It can be a eye opener in understanding our fellow Malaysians of the Islamic faith.

Usually mindsets mostly see only what they want to see that can re-enforce their anger and will

resist thinking /considering other perspectives .

Filtering  any variation in perspective that may cause their anger to subside.

Such mind-sets tend to  cherry pick the thoughts that can amplify the outraged felt but prefer to tone down on the

thoughts and emotions of bemusement that Alvin prompted with his electronic interpretation of Azan..

In essence , the accusation of this video as dis-respectful to Islam, will hold firm -getting more to feel slighted and angry- .disregarding other points of view of it being just another silly provocative antic of a moron named Alvin,intentionally targeted at Malaysian muslims.

If the above video /imagery on a Azan “call to prayer ” is construed as an affront to Islam

and that the muslim mindset viewing it feels outraged and insulted that their noble religion is not respected,

then in likelihood , they will react in anger –

infuriated by their interpretation of what they see in the video.

But how these mindsets react is a small indication of how in-tolerant or accepting

, fellow Malaysian muslims have becomed in affairs of religion.

If there is a public out-cry protesting in  collective anger –  Be sure that  the more

radical Islamic groups will probably hijack it for their own nefarious design –

since  an issue like this  is in line with a sinister agenda of racial/religious dominance in this country.

It can offer an insight not only to the psyche of the average Malaysian muslims-

also the more extremist muslims in their midst. – and various  level of sensitivity to religious controversies.

Especially those mindsets who  sees Alvin’s  video as some un-forgivable act of malice.

and demand retribution in the form of violence.

For these mindsets are like conditioned /programmed to  react in a certain reflex instinct, when the perception of their own race/religion is being challenged.

And that , perhaps all perceived insults  to the noble Islamic faith deserves only  retribution/retaliation or only capital punishment,as violent as possible..

On another perspective,

The Azan performed by Alvin hasn’t any hint of

vulgarity or irreverent language to the Islamic faith..-prompting queries from inquisitive minds.

Which part is deemed offensive/insulting ?

Is it because the Azan is done by a non muslim?

Is it insulting just because the one doing the act is none other than the despicable Alvin?

Or is it because modern electronic keyboard is deemed offensive as musical accompaniment?

Is it allowed or is it like some heinous crime has been commited when a non muslim sings the Azan-and to

compound that , sings the Azan using modern electronic music in accompaniment?

Notoriety to rival the expletive loving -profanity expressionist-Famous Amos-from Singapore

But of course due to Alvin’s notoriety and past pattern of his nerve grating antics-the soft pornographic photos ,the Bak Kut Teh FB posting- that made his infamy.

Mainly most Malaysian muslims and non-muslims sees him as one who holds religion

in contempt  particularly the Islamic faith ” Made in Malaysia ” version.

Malaysian muslims in general already sees this Alvin Tan as a spiteful individual

( A version of Singapore’s Famous Amos who posthumously attacked Lee Kuan Yew in a vicious verbal diatribe that was overdosed with profanity.)

So it will be intriguing to observe what reaction will be generated.

Will the BN propaganda machine exploit this situation and spin it  into something ugly along the lines of the divisive

tactic using Religion?

Perhaps they may mull over pros  and cons of exploiting this issue into something more

And if the advantages outweigh the odds of it backfiring.

Whether the propagandist may or not  exploit this is to be determined.

Another religious themed contentious issue that needs a fire starter to ignite the religious flame.

that will  have the religious communities at each other’s nerves.

And causing much grief in the inter-ethnic/religious affairs,always a handy ploy to divert

or distract from the real plague of mis-governance

As for Alvin Tan-

Gambling people will probably lay their bets  that there will be screams for retaliation from extremist / radical groups in the most violent of ways.

To make an example of whats in store for any who dares to whimper any disrespect to Islam.

In this instance, Alvin Tan who has dared to chant the”call to prayer” Azan with a modern twist using electronic music

And if cries for retaliation indeed materialises-

then it will feel like looking forward in gleeful anticipation-knowing the antics of our

domestic religious extremist agencies like PKsa Isma etc . with their penchant for eloquent rubbish.

It will be a treat of what absolute  nonsense may be in store

-claptrap, balderdash,  hogwash,baloney, garbage,  drivel,  gunk ,

piffle, poppycock, phooey, hooey,malarkey, hokum, twaddle,

gobbledygook, fart bunkum,, crapola-

absurdity,moronic, idiotic ,exasperating-
-stupid blood-vomit inducing statements that may be spewed.
With a whole lot of nonsense to justify what retribution Alvin deserves for this outrageous act of insulting Islam.

Think it ll take Morons to know how to react to antics of another fellow moron-in-arms.

Whomsoever acquainted  with the name of Alvin Tan- and what the name represents or  associated

with- will for a fact-  be absolutely convinced that Alvin’s musical cover version  of “Azan” is not an attempt of a mindset

who discovered some sudden sense of sanctified self -awareness and love for Allah.

therefore is hinting at  his new-found sense of spirituality in Islam .

Yearning to express  that sentiment in his own modernist interpretation and musical adaptation for a call to prayer.

With gathered knowledge about Alvin Tan-it is clearly  a prank on the mindsets of Malaysian muslims ,

conceived by the dark and evil mischievous mind of Alvin Tan-

who is bent on payback for the”debt of grievance” suffered on him by the

Malaysian system.of justice and a “Made in Malaysia”  version of religious/ethnic state of affairs.-

that he was made to suffer during the public focus of his moronic behaviour in the scandals

that drove him to seek refuge in US.


The true cost of the 1MDB fiasco.

Nearly half of voters polled in a recent survey said they lacked confidence in the government’s handing of financial scandals involving Putrajaya’s strategic development fund, 1Malaysia Development Bhd, while 33% said they were unsure.

Only 18% expressed confidence in the government’s ability to handle the issue, the survey by independent pollster Merdeka Center and business radio station BFM found.

Overall, the survey revealed that younger voters were more likely to report a lack of confidence in Putrajaya’s handling of the debt-ridden fund, compared with older voters.

Those who reported having no confidence among younger voters were 57% compared with 40% among those 60 years old and above.
Meanwhile, nearly 70% of those polled – comprising mostly voters from the low income group – were unaware as to what the 1MDB controversy was all about.

The survey also revealed that 75% did not know what the role of 1MDB was supposed to be.

This figure was highest among Malay voters (at 81%), those without internet access (87%), those from households below RM3,000 a month (87%) and those who relied upon the mainstream media for their news (at 65%).

Asked who they felt was responsible for the 1MDB controversy, 52% of voters said they were unsure, while 6% said they did not know.

Of the remainder, 18% felt the prime minister was responsible, 16% said the federal government, while 5% named the 1MDB management.

The survey was conducted between March 12 and 27 this year and involved 1,011 registered voters. They comprised 60% Malays, 30% Chinese and 10% Indian in Peninsular Malaysia and were polled through telephone.

The survey found that lower income respondents were more likely to answer that they did not know when asked about the government’s handling of 1MDB, compared with those from higher income groups.

It showed that 50% among households earning less than RM1,500 per month reported uncertainty compared with 21% among those from households earning RM5,000 per month or higher.

The findings also revealed that 33% felt they were personally affected by the scandal, with this group coming mainly from upper income households, ethnic Chinese voters, and those from the private sector and business owners.

However, 36% felt they were not affected, while 31% polled said they were uncertain.

Merdeka Center’s programme director Ibrahim Suffian (pic) said the survey’s findings on the lack of awareness about 1MDB was due to the issue’s complex nature, as well as the lack of coverage in the mainstream media.

“Malaysian political history is awash with past instances of alleged financial scandals over which a considerable amount of public funds were committed towards their rehabilitation.



A personal opinion: 

Not until recently when Tun Mahathir assumed the mantle leading the charge of the onslaught of the 1MDB opaque management and highly dubious dealings – that ,finally, the Malaysian public across all political affiliations has started to take the allegations seriously.

Up to then ,only the opposition has been taking swipes at the 1MDB fund for years,but were mainly brushed off as another gimmicky tactic to discredit the Najib administration.

And PM  Najib has gone to the extent of suing lawmakers from the opposition for defamation ,namely Tony Pua -on their criticism and allegations of impropriety in the management of the 1MDB fund.

see : najib-subject-to-criticism-as-cabinet-member-says-lawmaker-over-defamation

A counter productive and ill advised measure for the PM but intriguing for the general public.Who knows what else can be dredged up and what testimonies will come forward to present more validity to the allegations of dubious dealings.

If this defamation suit holds water,it ll mean Najib will have to jointly or in a separate suit -go after TDM for defaming him as well -since the Tun is doing far more damage to Najib’s competency ,credibility and reputation than Tony Pua can ever hoped for.

And in the same light ,sue also Rafizi and the other MPs and hundreds of Malaysians who have been heavily critical of the facts in 1MDB and have made their criticism known via social media…

TDM might just make a great material witness for the 1MDB issue-,who knows what other incriminating details he is holding close to his chest,or if he is agreeable,a witness to vouch for the validity of the 1MDB criticism..

And it doesn’t seem he is going to silence himself anytime soon on his damning criticism –

Only thing Najib can sue Tony is for the remark that nobody dares to stand up to the PM in UMNO/BN.

Guess TDM proved the inaccuracy of the remark.! So perhaps thats the only erroneous point Tony can apologize for and stand corrected !
But as for the 1MDB details.Tony must stand his ground defending the veracity of the criticisms.
Truth hurts PM Najib, but this bitter medicine must be dispensed and swallowed for the well being of the nation.

In the meantime ,the Malaysian public across the political divide  has finally sat up and taken notice of the less than stellar performance of the Najib administration.The current PM has to be the most scandal  tainted and controversial ridden premier in Malaysia’s UMNO/BN 60 year run of the country..

Even before his ascension to the top post ,he already carried the baggage of a mystifying murder mystery of a Mongolian lady (Altantuya),who was blown to smithereens with C4 explosives after being shot in the head- by assassins  who just happened to be Special Branch policemen on the then Defence Minister Najib’s  security detail .

Not a very auspicious start to a leader of an entire nation with such aspersions hanging over his head.

A grisly murder that stumped the public -for it was never established what the motives were and who in fact commisioned the deed.And the imagination of the public on the PM’s  invovlement was allowed to exarcebate. No credible attempts were made to pacify the public and win back their confidence on the sinister insinuations.

In between the murder aspersions and the current mis-management of the 1MDB fund -there has been numerous controversies and scandals -religious controversies , ethnic frictions,,cover ups of corruption ,broken promises to the people  and over zealous abuse of law enforcement (cow-gate and TBH , sedition act, off timing imposition of GST etc etc) that just doesn’t augur well for the credibility of a strong firm and skilled manager of a country’s affairs.

On the contrary ,it serves to re-enforce public perception of an inept administration who can’t tell the right hand from the left-

Clueless ,disoriented , by and large mostly lacking of substance in the quality  of the ministers -if there are words to associate to the Najib administration.

And now if there is anything that may rally public opinion against this current administration ,it might be the collective dis taste on how the 1MDB fund is seen to be mis-used and beneficial to no one but selective individuals and is draining the country’s financial resources that can be diverted to so much productive usage to alleviate hardships or enrich the lower to middle classes. Creating jobs ,business opportunities ,entrepreneurial courses.,development of nation’s infrastructure,or park the billions somewhere credible ,advised by local economist /financial consultants -acknowledged by all as transparent and earning interests/forex on the side.

Even some die hard UMNO pa ciks mak ciks in the kampungs know about 1MDB and that it is not a good thing for the country.Goes without saying the urban dwellers who know much more.

It is just a matter of time until the tie -in to the current goverment administration and  competence or lack of- leadership will click in these mindsets.,if it hasn’t happen already.

Especially when Tun M has lent his voice to create awareness among those that has always been firmly entrenched in UMNO as the champion of their interests..

The battle for hearts and minds and public perception across the political /ethnic divide of the common citizenry  now has Najib;s faction on the vulnerable defensive.

1MDB may be the Achilles heel that weakens and eventually leads to the unravelling or worst ,demise of  the current administration and especially the current person in charge.


Are we hypocrites?


How does a person’s preferred way of life affect you and the rest of society?

This is about everything. This is about  that voice inside our heads that criticises people for being ‘different’ from us.

We speak highly about freedom and human rights. We march on the streets fighting for freedom and human rights. We protest against draconian acts that limit our freedom and human rights. Yet we voluntarily limit our own freedom and human rights by means of social norms.

Have we turned into a nation of hypocrites?

If we believe in freedom of speech and freedom of expression and freedom to do whatever we desire as a civilised human being, why don’t we believe in freedom of religion, freedom of sexuality and freedom from social norms?

A writer in his recent article said what Malaysia needed most was a leader who had high morals and integrity. I say stop being a hypocrite. What we need the most are people with high morals and integrity – people who are not hypocrites.

Everything begins with us – the people. It begins with us fighting hypocrisy with diplomacy. Learning not to stick our noses at matters that don’t concern us and starting to question matters that do. Learning to respect and understand that everyone has a equal right to live as they wish so long as it does not harm others in our society.

Perhaps when we have become a people of integrity, it wouldn’t be so hypocritical of us to demand for a leader with high morals and integrity.

Sourced :Full article freemalaysiatoday/a-nation-of-hypocrites/


Well ,suppose the upside is ,relief can be felt that ,unlike in Saudi where the the blogger Raif Badawi was jailed and sentenced to 1,000 lashes for merely speaking his mind about his society,on what else? Insulting Islam! When he was just pointing out his country’s imperfections and harshness on religious rule of law.and subtly critical of the Rulers excesses in their double standard lifestyles.
And that is the worrying part here,in our country- is that,if some of our local mullahs have their way,they will love a version of a Saudi-like brutal dictatorial rule ( but of course they get to be the dictators) on morality ,social behaviour based on -in a nut shell , LGBT -phobic” miso-gynistic,chanvinistic tendencies.
Not to mention the “perceptual narrowing” of the apponted moral police,that sees only one set of values in their idea of morality.Anything else is detestable or abhorrent to them ,frowned upon -according to them riding on their self vaunted high horse of saintly values..Amd that is the core essence of hypocrisy!


The more corrupt the state

einstein quotethe more corrupt the states

Kick them in the nuts,if necessary,to jolt them out of their denial.

Its very significant that Tun M joins the chorus of condemnation and disenchantment  of our PM with sooo much baggage in scandalous issues.that he has got to be the most scandal tainted PM in Malaysia’s history.

Under his watch as premier,scandals just follow him around like a magnet, one after another ..All  are familiar with the Mongolian lady scandal,or the  scandal of Teoh Beng Hock’s demise under horrific and tragic mysterious circumstances-

Even post GE 13 ,from thin air he uttered a scandalous remark, and of course  the scandalous  election outcome still fresh and sore in minds of many Malaysians

.Of course now ,as Tony Pua puts it “The mother of the mother of financial scandals ”  .1MDB and the private jet and what else will Rafizi and co dig up,only time can tell..

The 1MDB scandal,which opposition MPs like Tony Pua -Rafizi has been  barking and growling over  so ferociously for so long,,to try to get the attention and to warn  -that all is not right with it, only to be labelled rabble rousers with a political motive.

And usually the UMNO/BN  come up with some 1MDB Tango moves to deflect controversy and thats that!

But now all Tun M has to do is just  Yelp like a little Terrier and it actually can balance the 1MDB condenming voices from all sides.

Tun M’s voice on the matter is highly significant because it gives  legitimacy to the financial scandal as something Malaysians really need to worry about and thus-Really and for sure  is not an opposition ploy or political manuevre. .

And hopefully ,the Tun’s grave concerns over the 1MDB consequences- might help to jolt/shake the loyal supporters over at UMNO who are still blindfolded with patronage,,

Shake/Jolt /Kick them awake from their slumber and slap them out of their Denial mindsets  into realising and accepting that the nation  may face financial insecurity,if they don’t react and do the un-avoidable

Sacrifice of one for the collective good and continued survival of many.Or they will be the ones expendable and offered to the sacrificial  altar..

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