Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Note: I blogged this piece not to show disrespect to the memory of a greatly admired statesman,the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, with his flaws and all..evil to some, saintly to others.yet undeniably earned a place in History as a Giant among men.

Nor do i have any quarrel with this Amos’s views and sentiments of LKY . – .I get him, he is not a fan.!

But to share the sense of dismay and exasperation of just how shockingly irreverent mindsets of many among the Gen Y has become.Where it is so gratingly tragic to witness,the decorum of cherished  Asian values be damned.

And where free speech to express one’s contentious views, where it used to be the domain of convincing eloquence and creative articulation -that can be entertaining or thought provoking – in speech has been discarded and further  degraded into substituting with foul vulgar language .- And the lewd crude language is meant to insult more than to genuinely prompt thoughts and stir debate or discourse.

And after doing so, the act is seen as if it is like some badge of  honor. And the use of profanity,expletives ,vulgarity ,is something to be proud of and be boastful about..

The more disgusting and crude  it is , the more admiration it may receive.,labelling it as gumption or having the balls to speak their mind.,eff it with courtesy ,respect or decency.

And as  the video suggest ,the grievances have lost some legitimacy drowned by the use of the lewd vulgarity in the language , that distracts viewers from the main theme and assumes main focus as a source of bemusement .

Something is warped somewhere !

View on the video rant::,

A 17 year old expressing tasteless crude dissent, is either, he is an attention craving adolescent,being irreverent just for notoriety or he has being influenced by parties or exposed to literature that hated LKY listing the 1001 reasons why and the evil he did. that filled the impressionable teen with much vindictiveness and venom in his thinking.

Not even old enough to vote ,seems more like a hapless victim of exposure to only  imbalanced and damning accounts of LKY’s premiership that poisoned his teen mindset with spiteful resentment..His idealism more rooted in emotional disposition at perceived cruelty and injustices commited on many during LKY’s shift as PM.

Or perhaps he really is warped in thinking, and  genuinely hates LKY and what he feels LKY stood for.

In whichever case, it will need to merit a query as to why he feels that way to understand his grievances..

The video of his ranting ,viewed  in its entirety – all that can be seen,seems to be that  of  a immature teen trying to pass himself off as some intellectual with something smart and credible to say,but only to degrade his own discourse with obscene theatrics,interspersed with profanities and punctuated by expletives.that actually did more damage to his expressed views,which actually some had merits and premised on intelligent viewpoints..
All totally upstaged and cheapen by his own vulgarity and attitude .

Such a shame,when he could have mellowed a bit on the lewdness

and could have scored some thought provoking points ,

perhaps in a more witty albeit irreverent manner that doesn’t turn people off in disgust

and actually or begrudgingly , make himself be heard..

But as it were, the volume of his  profanities got much louder than the arguments he

presented and the validity got lost among all the cussing and swearing..


Guess there are people who don’t have  LKY in their good books.

Imagine this adolescent spewing such spite and he is hailed as a martyr of sorts??




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