Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Its very significant that Tun M joins the chorus of condemnation and disenchantment  of our PM with sooo much baggage in scandalous issues.that he has got to be the most scandal tainted PM in Malaysia’s history.

Under his watch as premier,scandals just follow him around like a magnet, one after another ..All  are familiar with the Mongolian lady scandal,or the  scandal of Teoh Beng Hock’s demise under horrific and tragic mysterious circumstances-

Even post GE 13 ,from thin air he uttered a scandalous remark, and of course  the scandalous  election outcome still fresh and sore in minds of many Malaysians

.Of course now ,as Tony Pua puts it “The mother of the mother of financial scandals ”  .1MDB and the private jet and what else will Rafizi and co dig up,only time can tell..

The 1MDB scandal,which opposition MPs like Tony Pua -Rafizi has been  barking and growling over  so ferociously for so long,,to try to get the attention and to warn  -that all is not right with it, only to be labelled rabble rousers with a political motive.

And usually the UMNO/BN  come up with some 1MDB Tango moves to deflect controversy and thats that!

But now all Tun M has to do is just  Yelp like a little Terrier and it actually can balance the 1MDB condenming voices from all sides.

Tun M’s voice on the matter is highly significant because it gives  legitimacy to the financial scandal as something Malaysians really need to worry about and thus-Really and for sure  is not an opposition ploy or political manuevre. .

And hopefully ,the Tun’s grave concerns over the 1MDB consequences- might help to jolt/shake the loyal supporters over at UMNO who are still blindfolded with patronage,,

Shake/Jolt /Kick them awake from their slumber and slap them out of their Denial mindsets  into realising and accepting that the nation  may face financial insecurity,if they don’t react and do the un-avoidable

Sacrifice of one for the collective good and continued survival of many.Or they will be the ones expendable and offered to the sacrificial  altar..


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