Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia


How does a person’s preferred way of life affect you and the rest of society?

This is about everything. This is about  that voice inside our heads that criticises people for being ‘different’ from us.

We speak highly about freedom and human rights. We march on the streets fighting for freedom and human rights. We protest against draconian acts that limit our freedom and human rights. Yet we voluntarily limit our own freedom and human rights by means of social norms.

Have we turned into a nation of hypocrites?

If we believe in freedom of speech and freedom of expression and freedom to do whatever we desire as a civilised human being, why don’t we believe in freedom of religion, freedom of sexuality and freedom from social norms?

A writer in his recent article said what Malaysia needed most was a leader who had high morals and integrity. I say stop being a hypocrite. What we need the most are people with high morals and integrity – people who are not hypocrites.

Everything begins with us – the people. It begins with us fighting hypocrisy with diplomacy. Learning not to stick our noses at matters that don’t concern us and starting to question matters that do. Learning to respect and understand that everyone has a equal right to live as they wish so long as it does not harm others in our society.

Perhaps when we have become a people of integrity, it wouldn’t be so hypocritical of us to demand for a leader with high morals and integrity.

Sourced :Full article freemalaysiatoday/a-nation-of-hypocrites/


Well ,suppose the upside is ,relief can be felt that ,unlike in Saudi where the the blogger Raif Badawi was jailed and sentenced to 1,000 lashes for merely speaking his mind about his society,on what else? Insulting Islam! When he was just pointing out his country’s imperfections and harshness on religious rule of law.and subtly critical of the Rulers excesses in their double standard lifestyles.
And that is the worrying part here,in our country- is that,if some of our local mullahs have their way,they will love a version of a Saudi-like brutal dictatorial rule ( but of course they get to be the dictators) on morality ,social behaviour based on -in a nut shell , LGBT -phobic” miso-gynistic,chanvinistic tendencies.
Not to mention the “perceptual narrowing” of the apponted moral police,that sees only one set of values in their idea of morality.Anything else is detestable or abhorrent to them ,frowned upon -according to them riding on their self vaunted high horse of saintly values..Amd that is the core essence of hypocrisy!



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